Have $500 to spend, help me pick!!
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New Head-Fier
Mar 13, 2013
Hey guys,

I've been a longtime observer, first time poster.
I currently have a Audioengine D1 and a pair of their A2's for my office.
I wanted to get some good cans so I can listen to stuff at a more moderate volume without bothering my neighbors at work.

I have a $500 Credit at guitar center so I can get anything they have, it's just limited to their site.
So here's what they got, if you can give me your top 2 choices I would really appreciate it.
And for what it's worth I will be picking up a Schiit amp pretty soon.

Sennheiser 650's
Sony MRR-7520
AKG Q701
AKG K267
Beyer's DT880
Shure SRH940

I listen to everything except country and hiphop.
I lean towards flat and neutral.

Help me out. Don't everyone vote on the 650's at once.
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Too bad they don't have Hifiman.. I'd say the 650's, then pick up a Bottlehead Crack.
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Why the need for this second thread?

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