Shure srh940-Rookie with questions. -aimed preferably to current or recent owners of these.
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Jan 22, 2014
Mid to High end Headphone experience (listed by value):
  Koss Pro4AA
<A few that aren't worth mentioning>
  V-Moda m-80
  Audio Technica ath-m50
  Beats Pro... I did not pay full price for these so hold your hate.  A best buy employee bought these for me.
  V-Moda m-100
  Shure srh940- Purchased new, and received yesterday.
I have a question regarding the 940's, and people who are experienced with them.  I would say that it is obvious that I am not very experienced with headphones that actually have a bit of a sound stage.  Also, I would say up until now the m50's where the best I've had for imaging.  
My question is in regards to the comparison of the Right and Left drivers.  To me the Left side is much brighter and open.  The Right side almost gives me the sensation that my ear is about to start ringing.  It's almost like the left cup is open and the right is closed.  The instruments are still separated.  Again, I am not sure, pun, if this is just my lack of experience showing or..?  I actually did a speaker test, with an actual speaker(pun).  It was kind of like, on the left side, the speaker was facing frontward (beside me<left> and same direction).  On the right side the speaker sounded somewhat like she was facing the opposing direction(beside me<right> and opposite direction).
Is this normal or is it an error?  I really like the sound of these cans even with the slight bass recession.  But I would like to have a fully functional pair if mine are not, and I can still return them for an exchange.  Also, these were purchased new from a dealer that buys directly from Shure, but the seal tape wasn't over the flap of the box, nor was it torn.  It was somewhat wrinkled out of the way, but there was no evidence of it being pulled from the flap.  Everything in the box was in seemingly new condition.  There were no scuffs on the carrying case or on the cans themselves.  
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