1. adrenc94

    Need recommendation

    Hi there, please help me out with some recommendation for my home set up.   Rig: Laptop > Foobar 2000(Will be playing mostly FLAC and 320kbps MP3) > Schiit Modi & Magni > Headphone Usage: Music & Gaming(FPS) Genre: Non audiophile collection of :P consisting of the following : Rock...
  2. penmarker

    Impression: Rock Jaw Kommand - hybrid IEM with ebony wood housing.

    When Rockbob posted the “Name our latest soon to be released product from ROCK JAW” thread for the Kontrol replacement, I took the first chance I get to enter. Several agonising days of waiting until the closing date, and finally the announcement, I was greeted by a PM from Rockbob himself...
  3. Fungus

    Best recommendation for budget closed full size over the ear headphones under $25

    Must be extremely durable (must last for many years), preferably with detachable cable, easily driven straight from laptop, very comfortable and similar in performance to:  Akg 501 Goldring dr150 Superlux hd668b . Akg k240 Fostex t50rp
  4. clairyvic

    Whats the headphone with the closest sound to the Sennheiser Momentum, but with bigger soundstage?

    Whats the headphone with the closest sound to the Sennheiser Momentum, but with a bigger soundstage? Thanks in advance! :)
  5. swt61

    Goldring DR150 first impressions

    Got these in the mail today from Mantra Audio in the U.K. Didn't expect them so quickly, it only took about 6 days to ship fron England to Texas. The first thing i noticed was the size of the headphones, they're smaller than the pictures make them look. Not small, but not as big as Senn. 6...
  6. blacknile

    Ultra disappointed with Alessandro MS-1. [UPDATE: purchased Goldring DR150, vast improvement]

    Hi,   I listen to rock/jazz/classical/folk on flac using foobar2000/wasapi. My collection includes poorly mastered hyper-compressed rock/jazz recordings (think about the Stooges-Raw Power or anyone of the early Blue Note RVG remasters) as well as audiophile classical/acoustic recordings -...
  7. dubblewubble

    Already done research, would like opinions on ~$125 Over Ear Open-backed Headphones.

    Hey guys! This is my first post. I am 20, male, in college, and have never owned a nice pair of over ear headphones so I assume I'm in for quite a treat.   Stats: I listen to math rock, country, electronic dance music, classic rock, basically everything but rap. I don't like roaring bass...
  8. Asr

    2007 Awards for Headphones and Amps

    With only a few more days in 2007 left, I thought I'd put my audio experience acquired over the past year to some use to share what I think are the best of the best for headphone hi-fi. Not all these products came out in 2007 but all are still available on the market. These are, of course, my...
  9. mimafogeus

    Looking for a portable, sturdy pair of headphones

    Hey,   Hopefully, this is the right place to post such requests.   I'm looking for a pair of on-the-go headphones. I'd consider over-the-ear or in-ear, although the second category usually (from what I've seen) comes with a thin, thin, not-so-sturdy cable. here's what I'm looking for in...
  10. ajtakacs

    Best over-ear headphones for $100 or less? Heres what Im looking for.

    Hello all, I hate to bring up another one of *these* threads, Ive seen plenty of them in my search for the correct answer. Im looking for the best (in your personal opinion) set of headphones for under $100 that fit my tastes. I'm a broke college student but I would spend more if I could, and I...
  11. streetdragon

    Goldring Dr150 + Hippo Cricri amp or Sennheiser HD558 + Hippo box amp

    I'm planning to upgrade to this from my Senn HD202, i've been at the shop multiple times, hered grados, shures, bayer dynamics, and a few more. eventually i narrowed it down to these 2 I wll be listening to mostly Electronic music, likely techno, house, trance, bit of dubstep , lots of drum...
  12. jeskinner

    Need upgrade advice!

    Hello guys. I'm looking to upgrade from my first set of audiophile cans (Grado SR60i) and I'm not sure what to get. I like the sound of the Grados, but I don't have much to compare them to. While I want good accurate sound, I wouldn't mind if my new pair had a little more low-end punch than the...
  13. ddashk

    Goldring DR150 or Sennheiser HD428

    hi i have had some audio techica ath-sj5s for years now and never had the money to upgrade. i got a voucher for and the goldring and senn. are both about £40 (voucher amount).   is there a clear winner?   i know they are open and closed cans but that wont matter.   i...
  14. tracylynn MkII

    Best home listening experience...

    ...up to £250? (Up to $400 really)   I currently own 2 fotm's (Goldring 150's and Superlux 662B), fine, one open, one closed, and I thought they were great. Recently however, I have started becoming more critical of my music and might just focus on one particular instrument through an entire...
  15. lemon2

    Upgrade from Goldring DR150s?

    Hello, I just got the Goldring DR150s.   Is there anything less than £70 ($115) that is better than these headphones?   I will use them for gaming, classical music, jazz, rock and more modern music.
  16. lemon2

    Goldring DR150 vs NS1000

    Hello   I just got the Goldring DR150s, and the sound quality is good.   However the Goldring NS1000s have lots of extra features, like a detacheable cable, active noise reduction and closed-cups (I want closed ones)   Is the sound quality of the NS1000s equal or better to that of...
  17. lemon2

    Fiio amp for HD 595s or Goldring DR150s?

    Hello   Following other discussions on these forums I am getting the Senn HD 595s and the Goldring DR150s. (I'm only keeping one of them long-term)   I will mostly use these big cans with my PC, but if I were to use them with my Galaxy S2 would a Fiio amp improve SQ?   I really...
  18. Cu Chulainn

    Help with new cans ~£50

    Hey,   I'm on the lookout for a new set of 'phones for gaming and music use. I have a budget of approximately £50 and don't want to go much over it.   Suggestions I received so far include the Shure SHR240s, JVC HA-RX700s, and the Sennheisers HD448s.   Are there any others I should...
  19. FinalJenemba

    What to upgrade to from Koss UR-40's?

    Need some advice on my next headphones, I'm not all that knowledgeable when it comes to good headphones so forgive the newbness.    I have a pair of UR-40's that I have been using for the past few years that are starting to fall apart.  I always liked them but didn't learn that they are...
  20. Centauri

    BD DTX 710s? Any reviews/opinions?

    After scouring for reviews and finding none, I snagged a pair about a week ago on the seemingly high level of faith in BD's lower end stuff. I've been rocking them for a few days and have been quite pleased. Though I'm not sure how 5 years of HD-202s and eh150s (same thing, I'm quite sure) may...
  21. ConfidentInJune

    Solid, Cheap (on-Ear?) Headphones

    Hello :) Having breezed through several pairs (and when I say breezed through, I mean irreparably broken) of portapros, I am looking to move onwards and upwards. Any recommendations for good, sturdy headphones? Over or on ear, I don't mind. (Music: I listen to all sorts, but not Mahler or...
  22. habaman

    This is not a new topic but...i need help choosing

    Hello people sorry for the double...i tried to delete the first on but i couldn't. the first post didn't get any attention, eccept from Armaegis(thank u for the reply) so i tought i'd post here.Be gentle im a total noob.    Being a googloholic, i've been googling myself to death these past...
  23. tracylynn MkII

    Entry into headphones

    First things first, I'm really sorry if this isn't in the right section, and if so, could the mods please move it?   Well now that's out of the way, I should first say that I've been lurking the forums for a few days now, and have gained a little bit of knowledge about some of the tech...
  24. westikle

    new to the forums with a couple questions

    first let me introduce myself (wes) and say that this forum is one of the busiest i've seen. currently 400+ viewing this one alone. wow.   anyway i'm in the market for a set of headphones and looking to spend around 100 dollars.  please don't be sorry about my wallet.  reason being, i've...
  25. Beyerfan70

    Sometimes cans suprise you....Philips SHP5400!

    You know what its like,sometimes a relatively cheap phone will come along,get ignored by everyone and no one ever knows how great they are. Enter the new-ish SHP4500 from philips Oh my goodness these open cans are quite a revelation I picked these up today for £20 because primarily i liked...