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BD DTX 710s? Any reviews/opinions?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by centauri, Nov 28, 2010.
  1. Centauri
    After scouring for reviews and finding none, I snagged a pair about a week ago on the seemingly high level of faith in BD's lower end stuff. I've been rocking them for a few days and have been quite pleased. Though I'm not sure how 5 years of HD-202s and eh150s (same thing, I'm quite sure) may have warped my judgement.
    So... Not trusting my own opinions (seeing as I'm a bottom scraper in the headphone world) but wanting to make sure I'm wearing something good... Are there any opinions out there on these 710s aside from mine?
  2. beenie
    Same here I need more info. What do you personally think of them ? also comparisons to other models.
    I am thinking of one of these :
    Sennheiser HD415
    Sennheiser HD435
    Goldring DR150
    JVC HA-RX700
    Any suggestions
  3. desktophifi
    Why not write your own review? it would be useful. 
  4. Centauri
    Because I'm not one of the initiated. :p
    I did wind up returning them for one thing in particular;
    The headphones themselves aren't anywhere near as heavy as they look and aren't snug fitters, at least not on my oval head. The cable outclasses the things in the sense that it is very thick and rather heavy, so much so that its weight does pull on the phones since the cable only feeds in through the left.
    It's just kind of a pain in the ass. Maybe somebody with a more round shaped head wont notice the cable weight wrestling with the fit as much as I did.
    Other than that, I thought they sounded superb. They really illustrated to me what 'muddy bass' is relative to the Sennheisers, which I now realize have it.
  5. TentativeTitle
    I just wrote a hefty bit of text, and then accidentally hit something to navigate away from the page. [​IMG]

    Anyway, I guess I'll do shorter impressions... 

    I love these babies, I really do. I fixed the above fit problem (which was minor for me in the first place) by angling the headband 120 degrees to my head instead of having it sit such that it would be perpendicular. Bass response is present but there's no real thump. Not what one might call 'fun' bass. I'm a bassist, so I'm really talking about the bass guitar here. One complaint on that level is that dirtier (but not quite distorted) tones lose quite a bit of detail here. However, the overall detail is good, it's lacking compared to $300 'phones, but it's more than you'll expect out of $60 cans. Perhaps the best thing about them is that they lend themselves to heavy EQ'ing. You can boost freqs by 12-15 db (with high bit-rate files, 320 or flac of course) and still hear yucky sounds/distortion. The soundstage is similarly malleable: wear them tight by adjusting the band/angling etc. and you'll get a nearly closed-headphone sound, but wear them loose and the soundstage becomes quite wide. In the 2 weeks I've had them, I've listened to a bunch of classical (orchestral stuff, piano solo) and far too much Jrock (discographies of Asian Kung-fu Generation, Bump of Chicken, Last Alliance, Nico Touches the Walls, Galileo Galilei, etc.) and both sound great.  Highly recommend these as a budget/backup/beginner set. 

    Note: I feel the need to elucidate what I said about the bass tone thing..  
    This issue is incredibly nitpicky; I'm talking about detail on a level that I can't even hear come out 'correctly' in the Sennheiser HD 800s. 

  6. wijnands
    And since is the first thread to pop up if you search for the 710 I'm going to add my $0.02.
    I was impressed... very impressed in fact. OK, over here we pay a little more in euros than you guys pay in dollars, street price of these is around 75 euros.
    It's a very, very open design, you can easily hear people talking next to you.
    Janine jansen's 4 seasons. Quite easy to get caught up in it. I can hear some subtelties in winter that normally do not show up in this price range.
    Diana Krall's east of the sun, west of the moon from Live in Paris. Here they show a slight inclination to warmth. I can hear the whistling in the second round of applause but barely.
    I compared these to a DT 660. That's a different class but I can imagine plenty of people willing to sacrifce a bit of performance for a huge price dfference. The 710 sure beats the panties of just about anything Sennheiser makes in this pricerange
  7. MrTechAgent
    Reviving a old thread , I got a 710 and modded it , Mini-XLR 3-Pin , the design was not meant to be modded but I went ahead anyway
    The result is fantastic , I'll be using them in the Gym , they sound awesome for the money !
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