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Help with new cans ~£50

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by cu chulainn, Aug 12, 2011.
  1. Cu Chulainn
    I'm on the lookout for a new set of 'phones for gaming and music use. I have a budget of approximately £50 and don't want to go much over it.
    Suggestions I received so far include the Shure SHR240s, JVC HA-RX700s, and the Sennheisers HD448s.
    Are there any others I should be looking at, and what are the pros and cons of each?
    If you have any questions feel free to ask :)
    Thanks in advance,
  2. c64
    I take it you are in uk then if so then the best cans for £50 ish are creative aurvana live (they are denon d1001) Goldring dr150 Goldring ns1000 absolutely nothing else comes close at this price.
  3. Cu Chulainn
    Ok, what are the main differences between them and what makes them better than the previous suggestions? :)
    I have no idea what differentiates headphones from another or what I should be looking for.
  4. LugBug1
  5. c64

    I currently own Goldring NS1000 Goldring DR150 I have sold on after owning sennhesier HD555 / sennheiser HD 595 / Grado Sr60i
    The Goldrings (£50 delivered on play) are very well liked in the UK the Ns1000 especially are giant killers many people rating them above £130 ish cans and dare I say even much more expensive ones, they sound at their best through an e5 amp don't know why but they really match sonically with the e5, they have great mids treble and punchy impactful tight bass, but also sound good with the inbuilt Noise cancelling too.Added to this they have a detachable cable and very short you'll need an extension or longer straight in lead.The cable entry is narrower than normal so bare that in mind when getting a new cable.The problem was and I don't know if this is still the case that there were a batch of dodgy ones going around but I think that is sorted now but even so still a semi gamble /hassle of sending back.
    The Goldring DR150 (£39-99-£45 delivered petertyson etc sites) are open cans with a detachable cable only this time the entry is not recessed so any cable will fit they are open cans so leak more than the NS 1000.
    Again they have great mids highs and bass don't need an amp but will benefit from one even the E5.They just aren't as good as Ns1000 on any level in my opinion but maybe i just prefer closed sound to more airy open but are certainly better than sennhesier HD555 and sennheiser HD 595 and Grado sr60i all of which I have owned.
    This guy prefers the DR150 to the Grado allesandro ms1 http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/564540/ultra-disappointed-with-alessandro-ms-1-update-purchased-goldring-dr150-vast-improvement
    The creative aurvana live share the same drivers etc as the denon d1001 as they are made in the same factory I believe or whatever, but anyway it's pretty well established that they are more or less re badged denon d1001 which in their own right are very well respected budget cans I personally haven't tried them but plenty of people really liking them and a bargain for £55.
    After about 2.5 years my goldring dr150 headband developed cracks and eventually broke BUT this happens on most plastic build cans including senns obviously dependant on how careful you are with them and I simply wasn't often falling asleep with them on and doing god knows what strain on them after they come off.
    The ns1000 also can develop cracks But because of the design some strong masking tape in the right place and you are good to go again.
    No idea on the creatives but most of these including senns have plastic parts screwed together at the stress point of the headbands which results in possible cracking leading to breaking over time.
    Overall though I'll take the lesser build quality with much better sound any day at these prices though.
    The Sennheiser hd518 at £60 is quite frankly a horrendous alternative The 3 I have mentioned will urinate on them from a great height of this I have no doubt.
    I really don't think there is anything in this price bracket if buying new out there what so ever that is anywhere near these three let alone better than.
    Posssibly the Superflux range of headphones but not too sure about that is a gamble and they often need modding.
  6. Cu Chulainn
    Im currently using onboard - if I was to go for the Goldrings, as they do get some great reviews, would I need a soundcard/ external amp to get the best from them?
  7. LugBug1
    The goldrings are great value headphones I own the NS1000's, though they do have a tendancy to be a little bright sounding. All depends on what sound you are after. If you do go Goldring then the D150's are going for 39.99 free delivery from superfi on amazon, I've bought from them before with no problems.
    The impedance on the Goldrings is 32 ohms which means that they can be driven very easily so you can plug straight into you computer, though ofcourse all headphones sound better out of a good amp.
    I'd say that you can't go wrong with the d150's for the price, incredible value. 
  8. c64
    Only amp i'd recommend is the fiio e5 £10-£15 anything else wont be needed for budget cans.
    The ns1000 sound amazing through the e5 amp with the onboard noise cancelling turned off.

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