1. Quaresma

    Which Sennheiser HD 4x9 series is right for me?

    Hi.   I'm currently using a Sennheiser HD 205-II.    I want to upgrade to a 400 series.   I was thinking about the 439, because it's a tad bassier than the 449. 449 should have better clarity, but I also want the headphone to be "fun", so I think the "neutral sound" of the 449 may be...


    Ok look, I'm 15 and I'm in 10th grade. It might just be me but I honestly think I'm the only teen on here! (prove me wrong )  Am I the only friggin teenager that cares about sound???? PLEASE!! A loooong time ago (when I was around 11 or 12) I saved up some money and bought myself a pair of...
  3. Kujo

    Help me choose from these 4 headphones

    I am a first time headphone buyer and I've been doing a lot of research. I'm looking for a neutral pair of headphones and I prefer mids and highs over bass because I listen to mostly rock, ska, metal, alt, etc. I've narrowed it down to these four in my price range,   Sony MDR 7506 - I'm...
  4. orelv

    best over the ear for around 80$

    I had hd448 that got broken :\ I currently have in ear vsonic gr07 and I like the sound but I still have lack of bass, especialy the low range. on ebay the shipping for my country is around 40$ for most of the items. so my budget is around 100$ and I would like to get recommendation for 60...
  5. Zephead

    Portable quandary

    Hi all,   I'm looking to buy a new portable player soon and would appreciate some advice.   Most important factors are, storage space, build quality and sound quality with ease of use coming in very close behind. I'd also prefer something with a decent size screen for navigation (i.e 2.5" or...
  6. OneTwoMark

    Which £50 pair to buy? AKG K451 vs Sennheiser HD 448

    I've been looking over some headphones for around £50 for a while now, and i've ended up narrowing it down to the AKG K451 and Senn's HD 448. But i can't make my mind up between the two, seeing mixed reviews between them, although the AKG has got better feedback. I'm confused to whether the...
  7. AudioAficionado

    Sennheiser HD448 VS. Sennheiser Momentum?

    Hello all! I am a fellow Head-Fier looking forward to getting a relatively major upgrade on my over-ear headphones. I currently have the Sennheiser HD448, but I am looking into the Momentum. A person mentioned that the earcups for the Momentum are quite small, so if anyone has BOTH of these...
  8. ShinReine

    Recommend me headphones (yes I've read the stickies, but...)

    Hi peeps. Been reading through the forums, and I need help on what to get. My Monster Turbine Coppers are broken, standard cable-wiggle-for-sound issue. I don't mind paying for good headphones, but I don't want to pay for too much either. Problem is, I live in the Philippines, so I don't have...
  9. bogdanius

    Grado SR60i or Sennheiser HD448

    Yes I've googled, I looked at the reviews for both models, even found similar topics on head-fi but none of them answer mine question fully. So to start my priority order is 1. sound quality 2. comfort 3. stability 4. if I'm able to wear them at public (not talking about sound isolation...
  10. bogdanius

    HD 448 or ATH-M50

    uum yea here I thought I was settled on HD448 when I just encountered ath-m50 and started to doubt....again so here's my last question about what to pick ( I hope) for a while so to be short in facts: - I'm not that in bass heavy music, so if bass is clean, that's probably all what I need...
  11. DCofficehack

    A long term review of Sennheiser HD 448

    After a long absence I've returned to this forum to research IEMs, and I am once again impressed by the large amount of help offered to newbies. I want to "pay it forward" by offering some reflections on the headphones that I bought in January 2010 after doing extensive research on this thread...
  12. saychelsea

    Shure SRH 440 or Sony MDR V6 or Sennheiser HD 448

    I have been looking around quite a bit for a pair of closed, circumaural and passive noise isolating headphones. I have never used full size headphones before, so I am eager to get a new pair. After reading numerous reviews and watching videos I narrowed my options down to three -   1. Shure...
  13. 5370H55V

    SECOND set of headphones: HD448?

    A bit about myself: I have the HFI-580 as my first pair of headphones, and while I enjoy the V-shaped frequency response, I'm looking to see what other sound signatures have to offer. So for my second pair I'm looking for either closed or semi-open phones with an emphasized midrange, for under...
  14. Cheffy

    Need new headphones- ATH-M50, HD-448, HD-280 Pro, Sony MDR V6

    I am looking for a new pair of headphones to listen to music at work etc. I am no audiophile, but really want a good set of closed-set headphones for under $125 and I am placing comfort high on my list as I will be wearing them for hours at a time. Sound isolation is important as I work in an...
  15. CF100

    Bose AE2 vs Sennheiser HD 448 for Running on Treadmill

    I run 3-5 times per week on my treadmill for 1-2 miles.  I sweat moderately.   I love listening to religious music and am wanting to upgrade from simple sony sport headphones to Bose AE2 vs Sennheiser HD 448   Bose AE2  lightweight, won't bother running   Sennheiser HD 448...
  16. dmartinba313

    Sennheiser HD448 vs Audio-Technica ATH-M50

    hey guys im new here at headfi and i was just wondering....   i presently own an HD448 of Sennheiser. the highs are a bit harsh for me, the mids are okay and the bass isnt well defined, at all. the thing that sets me back here with these headphones are the highs and the lows. i just cant...
  17. Yaz258

    Sennheiser HD 448 question on Ohms

    Hi guys,   I have just joined this forum after buying a HD 448 together with a Asus Xonar DG audio card for my pc. In the asus xonar audio center program it gives 3 options for headsets with VOIP mode (<32ohms), Pro gamer mode (32-64ohms) and finally Exciter mode (>64ohms).   My...
  18. chrisdgh

    Sennheiser hd448 vs Sony MDR XB700

    Hey! I got a hundred bucks and I've narrowed down my choices of headphones to these two as I like electronic, indie/alternative rock, and dubstep(I am definitely a bass lover but I also like musical balance). I believe that a thread was posted before comparing these and a few other headphones...
  19. Psychohitler

    Sennheiser HD448, Shure SRH440 Or......

    Hello ladies and gents i was just wondering which of the two is better in terms of noise isolation, portability and well sound quality... im not a bass head but because i'd like to use em on the move, i'd like sth with a little more bass in em... not like tablespoon of salt but like a gentle...
  20. matt789

    Sennheiser HD448 vs AKG Acoustics K-240

    ok their both around the same price witch one would be better for techno/dance/electronic music?
  21. sherrybearlove

    Sennheiser HD 448 or Audio-Technica ATH M50?

    I'm far from being an audiophile seeing as I've been using stock apple earphones for the past 2 years now. However, I feel like it's about time I actually buy headphones that make music sound /good/. All I'm using these headphones for is gaming and just casual listening (whether I'm running, on...
  22. mouba3

    Need Help & Opinion ( of Owners & Users ) of the Sennheiser HD428 - HD438 and HD448 ..... Thanks in advance

    sup fellas, i want your professional help and opinion cause I’m a newbie to the headphones world I want to get a sennheiser headphone but don't know if i should go for the HD 428 or 438 or 448 ( now i have the skull candy hesh NBA)  I have read a lot of helpful review and analysis here, I need...
  23. indraroop

    Would the Sennheiser HD448 and B&W P5 benefit from an amp (Source: iPod Classic)?

    I have an iPod classic and use either a HD448 or a P5 to listen to it. I was wondering if an amp would improve the experience any. Also, is a Schiit Asgard overkill for the iPod :-)?
  24. fernando98

    Should I keep the Senn HD 448 or get refund?

    Hi, I've recently got the Sennheiser HD 448 since I was looking for some quality headphones. I bought them on fnac at 88€ but they have "disappointed" me, I think I was expecting a better quality for that price. Anyway, I have 15 days to decide if I keep them or get refund. I'm not spending...
  25. iCxLegion

    Amp for Sennheiser HD 448

    Hello all. I reccently bought a pair of HD 448's. I'm going to be using an iPod Touch 4G and the iPod Nano 6G, and I was wondering, should I buy an amp? And if so, which one? My budget is 0-100 dollars.