Sennheiser hd448 vs Sony MDR XB700
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Jun 6, 2011
Hey! I got a hundred bucks and I've narrowed down my choices of headphones to these two as I like electronic, indie/alternative rock, and dubstep(I am definitely a bass lover but I also like musical balance). I believe that a thread was posted before comparing these and a few other headphones but the people digressed and didn't come to a conclusion. I am seriously considering one of these two and input would be nice. Thanks in advance! 
P.S. If there are any other good headphones that beat these and suit my situation then that's ok too but I'd prefer to stick to these two.
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I love my 448s, but they're not a good option for a bass lover. You'll find yourself screwing with the EQ to give it more oomph.  I believe one of the other HD4xx models might be a better option, I just can't remember which one, but they're supposed to have stronger bass than the 448.
That said, I'd stay away from the Sony, which might be the opposite extreme. I'm sure there are better options out there.
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Of those 2 I think the XB700 is a solid choice.  Pretty nicely balanced despite the name.  While they are going to give you more oomph than the Senns, they really aren't going to rattle your head or anything. 
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I'm not a bass fanatic or anything, but I definitely want to hear the bass clearly but also in balance with the other aspects of the music. I've basically ruled out the XB700 because they supposedly do not have as great sound quality as the 448's. Now, I've heard that the 280 pros or w.e are in contest with the 448 and I'm trying to decide between those two now.
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I don't wish to complicate your life, but I think ATH-M50s can be had for that price on ebay. That might be a better option than the 448s.
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Phiaton MS400 fit your bill. I just got mine, I was looking at the HD448 and some others, also a bass lover (my main listening is dubstep, trip hop, classical, experimental/electronic, hip hop, some house, downtempo, classic rock, funk rock, reggae) who wanted more detailed and balanced sound, while still getting rich bass that wasn't overpowering or eschewing the rest of the phones' signature, and I absolutely adore my MS400s right out of the box. They're like $160 on Amazon, $180 if you get the black ones. Definitely recommend, especially if you want something portable and *very* stylish.
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wow that sounds like it would be perfect for me, I listen to alot of the same stuff, but theyre out of my price range sadly. I tried finding ATH M-50s for that price but failed and could you explain why theyre better? Also, since I'm debating between the 280 and the 448 which do you think is better?
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I haven't owned the 448, although it's been on my list for a while so hopefully it will be soon.  I have owned the HD280 Pro and currently own the XB700.  Personally think the Sony beats the 280 Pro handily.  The Senn's have stronger bass, but that's where it ends for me.  I think the Sony's win out in all other categories. 
That doesn't say that I didn't like the 280 Pro though.  I owned them for nearly 3 years and listened to them a lot!!  And just as a note, they clamp every bit as hard as the HFI780....sadly. 


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