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Jan 12, 2020
Dec 12, 2006
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Researcher, lecturer, statistical consultant

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100+ Head-Fier, Male, from Switzerland

chi2 was last seen:
Jan 12, 2020
  • About

    Researcher, lecturer, statistical consultant
    Applied statistics
    Headphone Inventory:
    AKG K1000
    AKG K812
    Audeze LCD 2 (early V1)
    Audeze LCD XC
    Audeze Sine Cipher
    AudioTechnica W3000ANV
    AudioTechnica W5000
    AudioTechnica W1000X
    AudioTechnica W1000
    Beyer Dynamic T1 (G1&2)
    Beyer Dynamic T5P (G1)
    Beyer Dynamic T90
    Beyer Dynamic DT880 PE
    Beyer Dynamic DT990 PE
    Beyer Dynamic T70p (pro headband spring)
    Beyer Dynamic DT1350
    Beyer Dynamic Cust. One
    B&O H6 (G1 & 2)
    B&W P7
    B&W P5 (G1 & 2)
    Focal Utopia
    Focal Stellia
    Focal Elegia
    Focal Elear
    Focal Spirit Professional
    Grado HP1000 (2)
    Grado RS-1
    Grado SR-225
    Grado SR-200
    Hifiman HE1000 V1
    Hifiman HE6
    Hifiman HE5LE
    Hifiman HE560V2
    Jecklin Float (4)
    Koss ESP950 (Stax/Vesper)
    Koss PortaPro (2)
    Meze 99 Classic
    Meze 99 Neo
    Sennheiser HE90 (2)
    Sennheiser HE60
    Sennheiser HD800 SDR
    Sennheiser HD650 (2)
    Sennheiser HD600 (2)
    Sennheiser HD580 Jubilee
    Sennheiser HD580 (3)
    Sennheiser HD250 II
    Sennheiser HD250
    Sennheiser HD560 II (2)
    Sennheiser HD540 Gold
    Sennheiser HD540
    Sennheiser HD25 (3)
    Sennheiser Amperior (3)
    Shure SRH1840
    Shure SRH1540
    Shure SRH940
    Sonoma M1
    Sony MDR-CD3000 (2)
    Stax SR-Omega
    Stax SR-009
    Stax SR-007 (3)
    Stax SR-007 MKII
    Stax 4070 (2)
    Stax SR-L700
    Stax SR-507
    Stax SR-404 Ltd.
    Stax SR-404 (2)
    Stax SR-X MK3 Pro (2)
    Stax Lambda Signature
    Stax Lambda Pro (3)
    Stax Lambda
    Stax Lambda Nova Sign.
    Stax Gamma Pro (2)
    Stax Gamma (2)
    Stax Sigma 404
    Stax Sigma
    Stax SR-003 (cust. molds)
    Stax SR-X MK3 (2)
    Stax SR-5 Gold
    Stax SR-3
    ZMF Auteur Silkwood
    ZMF Eikon Zebrano
    ZMF Atticus Camphor

    Audeze LCD-2 Rev2
    AKG K872
    Sony MDR-R10
    B&zW P9

    AKG K3003
    Audeze iSINE 20 cipher
    CA Andromeda Ni
    CA Andromeda S
    CA Lyra II
    Etymotic ER4SR
    Etymotic ER4S (2)
    Etymotic ER4P (2)
    Fitear TG334
    Inear Prophile 8
    Inear SD2
    Jays QJays V2
    Jays QJays
    Jerry Harvey Audio JH13
    Sennheiser IE800
    Shure SE 846
    Sony IER-Z1R
    Sony EX1000
    Stax SR-002 (cust. molds)
    Stax SR-001 MK2 (cust. molds)
    Ultimate Ears UE900 (2)
    Ultimate Ears UE700 (2)
    Ultimate Ears TF10P cust.
    Westone W4R
    Westone W2
    Westone W20
    Westone W3
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    BHSE (RK50, HE90 out)
    Aristaeus (HE90 out)
    Stax SRM-717
    Stax SRM-007t2
    Stax SRM-1 Professional
    Stax SRM-212
    Stax SRM-002
    Stax SRM-001
    Stax SRD-7 MKII
    Sennheiser HEV90
    Sennheiser HEV70
    YBM Beta22/Sigma22 (4ch)
    Meier Concerto
    Schiit Molnir
    MD THX AAA 789
    Leckerton UHA 6
    HeadAmp Pico Power
    HeadAmp Pico Slim
    Source Inventory:
    CA Azur C840
    Okto DAC8 Stereo
    Topping DX7S
    Astell&Kern AK120
    Chord Mojo
    Dragonfly Red
    Shanling M0
    Technics SL-1200 MKII (AKG P8ES, Shure V15Vmr, Coral MC-88 DX)
    Music Preferences:
    Jazz, esp. female vocalists, Chamber Jazz, Acoustic Covers, Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Classical, Alternative, Rock


    Sonic bliss is in the ear of the beholder
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