1. sakageshinga

    Skullcandy Roc Nation Aviator vs. Sennheiser HD 448

    Hi guys,   I currently have the Aviator from Skullcandy.  It sounds pretty good with 320kb mp3 and lossless files, with good fidelity & acceptable bass.  However, anything lower than 192kb or has bad compression will sound a bit harsh.   An alternative I'm looking at is the Sennheiser HD...
  2. koolkat

    Modding my Sennheiser HD438?

    Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to remove the Chrome spokes, spraypaint them and them put them back on? Also, is there a way to mod the headphones to make it sound better?  I probably shouldn't have made a new thread just for this but I didn't want to hijack/necro...
  3. drummerboy91

    Need advice on headphones.

    Hey y'all,   I'm new to the headphone business so I was just wondering if anyone could give me some tips. I'm looking for over-the-ear/around-the-ear headphones for an all around purpose. Right now I'm using Sony MDR-NC7 headphones and I really want to upgrade (these things kill my ears)...
  4. juice lee

    Headed to college, looking for good headphones

    I'm new to these forums, but a buddy of mine visits this site every day and referred me here. I am about to go to college and want some headphones. The max I want to spend is $150, but preferably want to spend around $100 (or less ).   Uses: - Music. I don't need 100% perfect sound...
  5. SennheiserHD

    The Basshead's buyers guide!

    Hello fellow bassheads! At long last it is finished! As a service to my head-fi community (which I love so much) I decided I’m going to write a review of every headphone I own. I only buy headphones under 200 dollars, so this is really only a 200 and under comparison. I will try and expand it...
  6. CLYJ

    Upgrade from Sennheiser HD438, 448, Price range ~$200

    Hi, am looking to upgrade from my Sennheiser HD 448s.  I have previously listened to the HD 438s and really like the sound of them (esp the mids and vocals) but would like to get something better around the price range of $200.  I have looked at the Denon Ah-d1100s which I didn't like, am...
  7. ralphch

    Best headphones for open-environment office use

    I'm looking for some great headphones to use in an open-office environment, with the most important characteristics being: - Price under $150 US. - Relatively portable (not gigantic). - Comfortable to wear over prolonged periods of time. - High audio fidelity with good, but not...
  8. SamRichards123

    Need Help Finding Small Over ear headphones? Similar To Beats Solo?

    Can anyone help? I do not like beats at all. They are just over priced and your just paying for the little 'B' on the side.   Are there any headphones that sound and look as good as Solos at a cheaper price? around £30-50   I know that they will not sound as good as solos as they are...
  9. chrisdgh

    Sennheiser hd448 vs Sony MDR XB700

    Hey! I got a hundred bucks and I've narrowed down my choices of headphones to these two as I like electronic, indie/alternative rock, and dubstep(I am definitely a bass lover but I also like musical balance). I believe that a thread was posted before comparing these and a few other headphones...
  10. greyongrey

    Choosing Headphones, Sony vs Audio Technica

    Hey all,   I'm a total newb here, and I apologize for posting to head-fi without much contribution.  I know there are lots of reviews out there of these different headphones, but I wanted more information about these phones in relation to each other (the ones I've listed at the bottom).  I...
  11. viraj108

    Just how good is the ATH M50 for 100?

    K so I'm seriously considering getting these headphones for $100 off ebay as I've seen some of those "authorized dealers" take about 100 for them... I've heard only good about these, but no one has really elaborated as to why(at least none that I've seen maybe I should look more)... but yah im...
  12. DCofficehack

    A newbie's first impressions of his fresh out of the box DBA-02s

    Three words: Oh, my God.   Mind you, my point of comparison is a set of much loved and oft worn Senn HD 448s.  But these blow them out of the water. Why? Mainly on the trebel: I've been sampling Beethoven cello sonatas and the Late String Quarters and am hearing them essentially for the...
  13. csquar3d

    Complete newb. Help?

    Hey guys, I am an utter noob when it comes to audio. But, I want to get into it because I loooovveee my music, and I love it loud. I have an appreciation for how it sounds too. I want to get a decent pair of headphones. Around $150 (Australian). I currently own a pair of SteeleSeries Siberia...
  14. wildcat46734

    Good closed back headphones

    As much as I love open back headphones such as the Grados, I was wondering what some good closed back headphones are. The more I look, the more it seems as though most headphones are open. I am looking for some good sounding closed back headphones that would be suitable for any types of music...
  15. labbu63

    First Set of Cans

    Hi there this is my first post since i needed help choosing head phones. I was looking for a pair of cans that are over the ear and closed like the Sennheiser HD 448. Needed some suggestions to help choose. So far i have seen the 448s and like them but are there any other headphones that are...
  16. Yaz258

    Sennheiser HD 448 question on Ohms

    Hi guys,   I have just joined this forum after buying a HD 448 together with a Asus Xonar DG audio card for my pc. In the asus xonar audio center program it gives 3 options for headsets with VOIP mode (<32ohms), Pro gamer mode (32-64ohms) and finally Exciter mode (>64ohms).   My...
  17. n4ru

    Trance Headphones - How should I begin/step up?

  18. meppadua

    Need headphones with a short cable

    Headphones with either a short cable or a coiled cord for ipod nano with camera 16gb portable and for macbook pro 2011 version and collapsable.   my price range is $125   i was looking at the sennheiser px 200-II.   any other suggestions?   can be over or on-ear headphones.  ...
  19. touchrespwn

    Amazing Cans Under $100

    Hey, Head-Fi peeps I am recently looking for a pair of headphones that cost less than $100 that has great some quality and is really durable. I really don't care about looks. Thanks! Samuel
  20. dmartinba313

    Sennheiser HD448 vs Audio-Technica ATH-M50

    hey guys im new here at headfi and i was just wondering....   i presently own an HD448 of Sennheiser. the highs are a bit harsh for me, the mids are okay and the bass isnt well defined, at all. the thing that sets me back here with these headphones are the highs and the lows. i just cant...
  21. Refia

    Good headphone under $150~200

    Hey,   I was wondering what a good headphone would be for under $150-200 or so...mostly I listen to ambient/instrumental music and need a headphone that can pick out all the tiny details in a track. I don't mind if they're open or closed but do not want TOO much sound leakage if they are...
  22. Karuto

    Headphones for a Gamer

    Hello there, guys! I am looking to buy some new headphones for my sessions as I will apparently will not always be always to use my home theater for a few months and still want that great sound. I review a lot of games for a site that are typically action-oriented so superb quality is a must. I...
  23. AllNothing

    Looking for new headphones

    Hi everybody I'd like to listen music on my laptop while I'm using it, but I really can't decide with all of these good headphones available   Here are the criteria: 1: over the ear 2: open or closed? I don't know the difference. But I don't care about sound leakage. so you teach me =)...
  24. Freddie589

    Need to buy within the hour budget £60

    Ok i NEED to order a new pair of headphones this morning my budget is £60 but i can go a bit higher if needed and so far all i have seen are senn hd515, senn hd448 But i cannot decide on which ones! Any suggestions would be nice please! The headphones will mainly be used for lissening to...
  25. iulianx

    Good cans that don't leak sound

    Hello. I want to buy a set of headphones, because the ones i have now started buzzing and it's annoying. My budget is around 80-90$. They would be plugged in my PC soundcard, a Creative Audigy 4 non-Pro. I don't want them to leak sound, because i have a roommate and i like cranking up the...