Good closed back headphones
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Apr 28, 2011
As much as I love open back headphones such as the Grados, I was wondering what some good closed back headphones are. The more I look, the more it seems as though most headphones are open. I am looking for some good sounding closed back headphones that would be suitable for any types of music seeing as I listen to every type. My price range is about $100-150.
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Up until a couple of weeks ago, I was in the same circumstance as you, wanting closed back headphones-same price range, about $100 to $150. I am a first time hp owner (literally no experience with cans) and really have/had no way/place to audition any. So, I did a lot of reading and finally decided on a list of 10 or so cans. Some of the ones I looked at were the Shure 440/840, Sennheiser hd448/HD 25-1II, Audio Technica ATH A700/m50, the Equation Audio RP-21, Ultrasone HFI 580/700, Beyerdynamics DT770 Pro and the AKG K271MKII.

I never had a chance to audition any of these. The only hp I did listen to for a couple of hours was my sons Sony (a noise cancelling can that he uses for gaming), I think all of the ones I listed are closed and most of them, except maybe a couple of them can be found for your price range.

I chose, sight/sound unseen/unheard the Shure 840's. Couldn't be happier. Listening to them (Patricia Barber's "Modern Cool" cd on laptop) as I type. As you can see, I researched a lot of different manufacturers and settled on the sound signature I was looking for (from all my reading).

Hoping that the list I posted will help you narrow down your search somewhat, although, there are more out there that I did not really look into (Denon D1001s being one).

Good luck.

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I've got a pair of the HD 428's right now, and if the 448's are anything similar, which from what I've heard they are, they're a great pair of headphones, although they're neutral, so don't expect a lot of bass. The Shure 440's are very good as well, but I've heard that the highs can be a little sharp sometimes.
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If you don't mind me asking, why are you specifically looking for closed headphones?  The reason I ask is that it may be important to include certain qualities of the headphones, such as how well they isolate background noise or how much sound might bleed into your surroundings.  Is comfort an issue?  What environments will you be listening to these headphones in?  Also, what do you like about your Grados, as certain characteristics that you enjoy about them might not translate well on some closed-back cans?

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