1. bluejamesbond

    ahhh...snapped my hd428, which one to get next?????

    Hey everybody, Hope yall are doing swell. And if you are wondering I am doing fine other than my headphones snapped recently   So, I did have a the hd428, which I thought were nice. Awesome noise cancellation/isolation and great comfort. I thought they were a bit thin on the bass...
  2. funkl3

    Closed headphones for rock

    I'm looking to buy some over the ear closed headphones for mainly rock music. I have a budget of around $100-150 but wouldn't mind only spending around $75. I recently purchased a pair of Sennheiser HD448's after reading all the rave reviews, but the bass is lacking pretty badly with them. I...
  3. sennheiserhd485

    Need help with closed headphone

    Hi, I need to know what the very best sounding, closed, 32 ohm, balanced, nuetral sounding full size headphone is that I can get for under $150. I am powering it with a Zune 120. I need the recommendations to be the very best sounding for the price. Thanks alot!
  4. violeta88

    Compared: PX200-II, HD238, HD448 and HD595

    NOTE: I have made some edits to the original post as I have discovered that I was wearing the HD595s in a suboptimal position. Sennheiser has come out with a huge amount of new models of headphones in the last year. This review will cover Sennheiser’s new PX200-II, HD238 and HD448 models, and...
  5. UnD

    Sennheiser 448 vs 438 vs 428

    Since i've searched and searched, and i haven't found this kind of topic, i'd like to know your opinions about those 3 kind of cans. I got another post in which im searching good headphones to buy, and well, i'd like you to help me and other people and compare those 3 headphones If...
  6. RipRapRob

    Help me find an alternative to the VESC's my teenage daugther wants me to buy for her

    Please help me here:   My teenage daughter have just turned 17 and wanted me to give her new head phones for her iPhone for her birthday. On her wishlist she had written WESC.   Having never heard about those before, I dead a little research and as far as I can tell, WESC is more about...
  7. kimmiboy2

    Sennheiser HD448 vs Grado Sr60

    Hey guys..   After some pretty thorough research for headphones under 100$ i've found that the Sennheiser HD448 and Grado SR60 are some of the greatest headphones out there. Now it's all about picking one of them, which I find to be extremely difficult !    Recently i was in a store...
  8. Scatman92

    Looking for a mid range headphone for around 100

    I've been browsing through the site for a while now and everything, almost everything i've read is the AD700's are the way to go, but maybe with my particular interests, a better suiting headphone might be appropriate.    Currently i'm using a Sennheiser HD212 Pro, love it but they get...
  9. Willzyx

    Looking for around-the-ear headphones below 100€

    Hey there,   I'm looking for new headphones I'd mainly use at home for gaming (all kinds of things and genres) and music (mostly rock and electronic stuff). I really only want around-the-ear headphones because I'm used to them and they're so comfortable to wear during longer sessions of use...
  10. KettyKrueger

    Lack of power causing distortion?

    Hi all, Just got my Sennheiser HD448's. Still burning them in but there appears to be a lot of distortion on them. In fact, all my earphones and headphones suffer from this to a certain degree. Also, doesn't seem to be my source, it happened on all my previous iPhones, currently using the 4...
  11. XxAlterWavexX

    Sennheiser HD 448 vs 438?

    So guys, I've finally narrowed it down to these two for my portable listening needs. Here, the situation is very tricky. You see, I would rather buy the Senn's HD 438 (I've heard these are better for rock, which is what I intend to listen to) and there's more punch in the bass, but if I decide...
  12. noneother

    HD 448 or ATH-M50

    Anyone who has tried both got an opinion on which one to choose between the two?   I'm not interested in another other headphones, only these two...
  13. XxAlterWavexX

    Sennheiser HD448 vs Equation RP-21? Please help!

    Hello, as you can probably tell, I'm new to this forum I'm just desperately in need for assistance in a matter... Which of these two headphones should I get? I'm probably buying either of these in a few days and I really have no clue which is best... They'll be driven out of an iPhone btw...
  14. andtobis


    I was looking for a good pair of headphones that you could buy from futureshop.  I have a gift card there so thats why i need to buy them from there.  My budget is 400 or less. Main thing is for them to look decent, and perform well.  I like lots of bass, and my main two headphones were the...
  15. curiousmuffin

    $100 recommendation- key factors: isolation, comfort, balance.

    hello, i'm looking to get a headphone for daytime listening since it's so noisy in my neighborhood even with the windows closed... :( nothing too expensive- just around $100,  although i could spend a bit more if the value is right. main features that i'm needing is isolation, comfort, and...
  16. ufotofu

    Which closed cans are most likely to satisfy my needs?

    A few points for consideration:   I like my Grado SR80s, but I need a set to listen to in bed while my wife snoozes next to me.   The Grados are a tad bit harsh on the top even with the EF2 tube amp. I'd like something with a bigger soundstage (wider and deeper), as well as better...
  17. gPope

    Got me a new NuForce Icon HDP

    Greetings all,   Two weeks ago, I purchased a new Icon HDP.  I am very pleased with the sound playing powered speakers fed by its analog RCA outputs.  However, when I plug in my headphones, I have to raise the volume knob to the max to even get them to play at comfortable listening levels...
  18. stiles11

    Just got some Sennheiser HD 448s, how can I change the ear pads?

    Hey I'm real new to quality headphones (quality for me being anything above 50$ lol) and i just purchased some Sennheiser HD 448s.  They sound great, but I wish I could change the material on the ear pads to something a bit more cushy and comfortable. I have seen on other topics that people...
  19. SpartiK1S

    What Sennheisers are the best, and why

    So I don't want to buy the like, 600$ sennheiser, but I want the best headphones. Which one/s are they? I've listened to the HD 448s, and the HD 555 for about 3 minutes (I posted a question about that if you could help), and I am wondering what the best model is. I know they say a whole bunch of...
  20. BRAM

    Advice for amp

    Hi, I'm planning on buying an amp for my Sennheiser HD448's, but I have a few questions: - Sennheiser H448's aren't really high-end headphones, is it worth buying an amp for them? - If it is worth buying an amp, can someone recommend me an amp that will do the trick? (I'm not going to...
  21. Tb311

    New Sennheiser HD 448.

    Just saw that senn released their new low cost HD 4x8 series and I was wondering if anyone has tried them? I have my HD650 but I kinda wanted to try a closed headphone and these look pretty decent for $100.
  22. JorgeC


    Hi All,   Just a quick post to announce we finally received our shipment of Sennheiser HD448 headphones. Hooray!    We completely fulfilled our long list of HeadRoom back-orders for this can (thanks for the kind patience everyone!) and we now have plenty in-stock to handle all comers...
  23. Sennheiser HD448 Around the Ear Headphones

    Sennheiser HD448 Around the Ear Headphones

    The HD 448 is part of a series of boldly designed headphones to be an extension of consumers lifestyles.