Headed to college, looking for good headphones
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juice lee

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Jun 18, 2011
I'm new to these forums, but a buddy of mine visits this site every day and referred me here. I am about to go to college and want some headphones. The max I want to spend is $150, but preferably want to spend around $100 (or less
- Music. I don't need 100% perfect sound replication or anything. I don't compose music or do any studio work at all. I just want to listen to indie, techno, rock, and alternative music for entertainment.  I usually listen to music for 2-3 hours a day and appreciate good sound. I just want the music to sound "good" and real. My current headphones ($5 airplane headphones) sound extremely fake.
- Games. I own a PS3 and play computer games. I probably will only play 3-5 hours a week, but I still want to play games with these headphones.
- TV / Movies. I watch movies often and if possible, would like to feel immersed in the action.
I tried on a pair of Bose AE headphones in Target and was wowed by the quality. But a few quick searches online showed me that they aren't really that great.
I also learned about the difference between closed / open headphones. How much sound leakage would occur in open headphones? Would I disturb a room mate if I was using the headphones (at medium volume) in the same room?
Any recommendations would greatly be appreciated. Thanks!!
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No problem, I'll give you some suggestions anyway:
AKG K240 studio
Grado SR60i
Sennheiser HD448, HD555, HD518
Shure SRH440
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well, prior to the college where more people live in one room and in case you wont get tolerant roommates, i highly advise beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro / 80 Ohm
They arent that expensive, i love their sound (yeah it's bassy because of closed design) but you wont annoy another people while listening to the music and noise in college wont drive you crazy.
I enjoyed my time with these beyers, i loved listening to the piano concertos on these.
I am also basshead (but i wont admit it to myself :D) and these headphones are bassy. but sound isnd muffled with bas, there is just more bass.
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Try looking into the ultrasone hfi-580. Im a grado fan but needed sealed cans and got these. They are bassy but tolerable since bass is really tight. They can be had for ~150.

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