1. MrPickle

    Astro MixAmp vs Stereo Receiver 7.1?

    I play a lot of video games on my TV with this setup:   JVC HARX900 Sony STR-DE135 2 Channel Receiver   I'm not sure if, even though my Xbox is capable of producing 5.1, that my two channel receiver can deliver it too. I have seen a large amount of people using the Astro MixAmp, but...
  2. ray97

    JVC: for bass heads

    Which one should i buy,very confused.Bass is the main requisite.....   JVC HA-RX900 OR JVC HA-M5X
  3. LaPierre

    JVC HA-RX900 Open Mod + More.

    I'm a proud owner of the budget cans, JVC HA-RX900 and I'd like to tell you the story of how I took the simply 'a little better than average' in it's price range headphone and made it (in my opinion) drastically better. At first I was reading this lovely thread by...
  4. Jim McC

    Does anyone own the JVC RX700 and RX900?

    If so, can anyone confirm that the RX900 has larger and deeper cups, on the inside? I definitely want the one with more ear space. Which one would be better for movies? Thanks.
  5. jeanvaljean

    On-Ear headphones for Indie Folk/Acoustic music from an iPod Classic?

    Hello! For those who just want a quick rundown, refer below. Otherwise, here's my situation: I'm definitely not an audiophile or anything, but I do enjoy my music. I am in need of an upgrade from my Sennheiser hd 201's, which are okay, but the cups are uncomfortable and the high's(I think) are...
  6. dakanao

    What are some of the best maximum $80 over-ear headphones that don't leak much?

    My maximum budget is $80, and I want some crisp and clear neutral sounding over-ear comfortable headphone with not TOO much bass, but still quite a lot of bass. They also shouldn't leak a lot. I want to have them on my head for 2 hours, and they shouldn't hurt my ears or head. I own a AKG K540...
  7. dutchgenius

    Help finding a full size headphone for my cranky ears

    This might be a wild goose chase, but I am trying to find a decent set of headphones that will not kill my sensitive ears or raging OCD.  Here is what I am looking for:   Price - preferably under $100, I know this is tight but I can probably stretch it to $150 if it is my only option Size...
  8. lacedcurtains

    [NOOB] JVC HA-RX900 Questions

    Hello Head-fi, I am quite new to using headphones and I haven't explored the world of audio that much, so excuse my dumb-ness.   I am going to build a new computer soon for mostly gaming (music when I'm doing homework, youtube, occasional movies), and I decided to pick out a pair of...
  9. ron13

    JVC HA-RX900 or JVC HA-RX700 Help please!

    Hi everyone! I am completely new to head-fi...just found out about this. I am not an audiophile but I'd like to get some good headphones that go over the ear surrounding it. I was looking for something cheap under 75. After reading some of the articles and such, I was set to buy JVC ha-rx900...
  10. bartzy

    Can a modded JVC RX900 sound more accurate, like CAL! ?

    Hello!   I have a JVC HA-RX900 and a CAL!.    I like the RX900 very much. Nice bass, much more comfortable to wear than the CAL and they seem much more durable. The thing is, the sound in the RX900 is very "warm" compared to the CAL.   Do the mods to the RX900 make the sound more accurate...
  11. Mack-attack

    need help choosing between 2 value cans

    hey guys, So i built another budget pc for my gaming room and was going to get another set of cans . I currently have the jvc ha-rx700. I think there a nice set and have had them for a few years. Im looking at the ha-rx900 or the superlux hd 681 evo. I currentyl have an asus xonar dg with built...
  12. Dustwulf

    Amp for TT setup

    I'm putting together my vinyl setup at the moment, I picked up a SL-1200mk2 with a Shure M97xe cart. I'm going to be listening with my DT880 600ohms and I was wondering if I could get some recommendations on a amp. I was thinking of maybe finding a used Valhalla or Asgard. I don't have too much...
  13. ReDDs3D

    Ready to get some low/mid-fi portable iem's or over the ear's......which ones??? ( < $100)

    So I'm working my way up the audiophile ladder and I got enough funds to get another pair. I'm not ready to dish out lots of money just yet on head gear :) but I'm getting there.   I'm basically looking for PORTABLE head gear, whether it be iem's or over the head (I prefer these since I...
  14. mbeno13

    Best Xbox 360 Gaming Headphones

  15. ChocolateFinger

    Sick of buying headphones

    So over the past few months I have tried out a number of headphones, all failing on me.   The SR850's - Hated the pads, sock mod fixed this somewhat but the pads kept coming off, leather headband broke after a few months, I hated everything about these other then the sound quality.   The...
  16. Outlaw21k

    Newbie looking for solid advice.

    I work in a moderately loud company. I have a small budget, but I have a NOONTEC Zorro headset and a FiiO E6 amp in my Amazon cart. I am looking for a total of nothing more than $120 total for both (Present,y just under $100).    My question is, are these good together? And is it a good buy...
  17. mrtramplefoot

    Trying to decide which headphone HD681+Fiio E6 or other ~$60 headphone?

    So I'm redoing my pc and decided I'm going to get a xonar dgx and I've wanted some decent over ear headphones for a while.  After looking for a bit I had narrowed it down to rx900's, HD681's, or sr850's.  For the price ~$33 I figured I'd go with the 681's and was looking at the e6 to go with...
  18. jdogw

    New headphones

    My last headphones broke and I am now looking for a new pair. I have found a lot of nice looking headphones out there but I'm having a hard time choosing. Can any of you guys recommend me a pair of headphones that are circumaural, comfortable, have good bass and under $65? No beats, skullcandy...
  19. impes

    Need advice on which headphones to get.

    Hello! I decided a little while back that I wanted to get a new pair of headphones, preferably Over-ear. I have a budget of 100-150 dollars. I'm looking for something that is good for listening to music, and gaming also. I mainly listen to Dubstep/French house and a little bit of Drum and Bass...
  20. theCanadian

    Considering new DURABLE headphones.

    I have a pair of JVC RX700's I've owned for 4 years that I sleep in every night. Aside from some pad wear, they're in like new condition. This is the kind of durability I'm looking for. Wondering if I should step up to the RX900, just replace the RX700 pads, or go with another option. The...
  21. fairlycrass

    Closed headphone recommendations, under $50.

    Looking for some advice on closed headphones.  My wife and I share a home office (3 feet apart), and I need something to drown out the little, distracting noises, so I would like something that is sealed well.  I listen to just about anything, music-wise, and appreciate decent sound.  I have...
  22. Dmytro

    Creative Aurvana Live! vs JVC HA-RX-900

    Hello I need <100$ closed headphones with good soundstage, better then Sony MDR-XD400 what I have already have. What I should to buy Creative Aurvana Live! or JVC HA-RX-900?
  23. Nitro78

    Audio Technica Ath-m30 VS. JVC Harx-700/900

    Hi guys, Im stuck between these headphones- the m30 or harx700/900. I will be using these headphones on a flight, so I'd need the headphone that has isolation, great sound, and comfort. Some music genres I listen to (Top being the genre I listen to most): -Trance (Hard, Progressive...
  24. Onemoar

    replace RP-HF600's

    I bought some RP-HF600's a few months ago and they are starting to display the signs of a worn driver (distortion on the highs lack of bass What panasonic !buildquality) I have about 60 bucks to spend I was thinking of getting a pair of HARX 900's I owned the 700's before was wondering one have...
  25. bumaaka

    Balanced sounding, bass leaning headphones on a budget?

        Hello guys, another noob, wannabe audiophile here, wanting to purchase a good, solid entry level headphone. My budget is 100 dollars or less. I mainly listen to hip hop and some punk, alternative, and electronic music. I want a headphone with a balanced sound but is good for hip hop. I don't...