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On-Ear headphones for Indie Folk/Acoustic music from an iPod Classic?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jeanvaljean, Dec 14, 2012.
  1. jeanvaljean
    Hello! For those who just want a quick rundown, refer below. Otherwise, here's my situation: I'm definitely not an audiophile or anything, but I do enjoy my music. I am in need of an upgrade from my Sennheiser hd 201's, which are okay, but the cups are uncomfortable and the high's(I think) are not very clear as some of my FLAC songs are a bit distorted and lacking when hitting the mids and highs, and the soundstage is not very present for me. I have some viable options, and my budget is somewhere in the ~$50 range, as I am planning on upgrading again in the near future. 
    I listen from an iPod Classic 5.5 generation with no amp, just the sound jack. 
    So here's a rundown: 
    Source: iPod Classic 5.5 w/o amp
    Price Range: $50-$60
    Music: Mostly Indie Folk/Acoustic (think Bon Iver and Lord Huron) with Indie Rock
    Options: Koss dj100, JVC HARX700/900, Philips CitiScape Downtown (only cos they're on sale on bensoutlet for $40!)
    Amp: If needed for my iPod, but otherwise I don't think so... 
    I'm sorry if I'm missing any information! This is my first post and being here is quite intimidating for me haha, but I'm open to any suggestions at all, and I appreciate any/all feedback! Thanks so much [​IMG]
  2. polyricocalde
    I've been with the same problem. I read a lot of the post on this forum. They say that the Koss dj100, the Beyerdynamics dt770, the sennheiser hd600 (open headphones) and of course the Grados (Also open). I guess for the price the koss dj100 are the best choice. I bought an E11 amp, some guys said it was good when plugged to the dj100s. I wanted Grados, but the problem is they are open, so it's not a good choice if you are going to listen to music in public, they leak sound a lot but based on what i've read the sr60i, sr80i, etc. Are the better choice for indie, rock, folk and jazz. I guees I would never know, for now. Hahaha. Tomorrow I'm buying the dj100, after testing them I'll tell you if work with that kind of music, which I like too. Hoping this could be useful. 
  3. jeanvaljean
    I've pretty much settled on the dj100 myself, but it would definitely be good to hear first-hand experience from someone who has similar musical taste to me. I'll be looking forward to your opinion, and I hope the purchase goes through smoothly! I know for the dj100 it takes a while to burn them in, but I would like to know how they sound out of the box too. 
  4. polyricocalde
    That's going to be imposible. I went to the store and they said they sold the last pair the past year. I'm in Argentina and it's difficult to find a lot of good headphones. So i'm sorry. Anyways i'm still looking for a decent pair. If i purchase one i'll give you my opinion. I listen to folk, indie and some classic rock. Bob dylan, Nick Drake, Bon iver, Grizzly bear, Elliott Smith, Sparklehorse and The Beatles. I listen to another bands too, the ones i mentioned are the ones i've been listening this months. Hope i could help you if i find a decent pair of headphones. :D
  5. kobetastic
    I listen to a lot of indie acoustic folk. I would not recommend the dj100s. They are quite uncomfortable(driver touches my ear, extremely warm) . I would go for a pair of open cans of you can especially for the type of music you into.
  6. polyricocalde
    Thanks, the only problem is the sound leakage, i travel in subway and walk a lot in the street. In buenos aires downtown which is very noisy, and also in quieter places. I was really curious about the grado's sr60i, but people say they don't sound well outdoors. Anyways thanks.
  7. polyricocalde
    Sorry, i thought i was in one tread i open searching for headphones. My bad.
  8. polyricocalde
    Hey, i just bought a pair of Denon's hp700. I saw a few reviews and very good feedback about them. I think they are underrated. Anyways, after burning them a few hours what I can say it's that are the best pair of cans i've ever had. Right now i'm listening to bon iver, and it's fantastic how many things you could listen. You can listen to each one of all the instruments. I really can't define them properly because english it's not my mother lenguaje. They are inexpensive and portable. You should give them a try. Hope this helps. Saludos!

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