1. ricola_pak

    Sony MDR-CD380

    I've actually had a pair of these from before (see link): http://reviews.cnet.com/Sony_MDR_CD3...4.html?tag=dir I put them on now, and compared to the pair of AKG K240Studio I got yesterday, I still like the Sony's sound a lot. Are these Sony headphones supposed to sound bad to...
  2. Aaron94

    Looking for new home listening headphone!

    Hey guys, recently Ive been looking for another new headphone that I can use while sitting at my desk enjoying my music, as well as some light gaming. In the past months Ive really grown away from my LP2s bloated bass, and my Zoros clamping pressure, both have begun to fatigue my ears after...
  3. dakanao

    What are some of the best maximum $80 over-ear headphones that don't leak much?

    My maximum budget is $80, and I want some crisp and clear neutral sounding over-ear comfortable headphone with not TOO much bass, but still quite a lot of bass. They also shouldn't leak a lot. I want to have them on my head for 2 hours, and they shouldn't hurt my ears or head. I own a AKG K540...
  4. njents

    AKG 240M or AKG 240DF

    Hello fellow sound lovers.  I am looking for a set of headphones that makes music sound as the artist intended with no coloration or change from the headphones.  I found these akg's on other forums as a fairly good priced find for what I am looking for.  I plan on using these for listening to...
  5. Sebazk

    Headphones for pink floyd

    'm lookin for some good headphones to listen to Pink Floyd. now i listen to them with my grado iGi and i like it. it could be better, but it's fine. I made the mistake of buying the ath m50 and i didn't liked them (the singer seems to be behind a curtain or something) and now im...
  6. Hifi Man

    Does the HD25-1 ii have less treble than the amperior?

    My problem with the amperior is it made all the black metal I listen to sound like butt because the treble was too strong and veiled a lot of other things. So I returned them and got the AKG K240. I'm just curious to know, would the HD-25 be better than the amperior for black metal and death...
  7. Hifi Man

    Isolating headphones for post rock, shoegaze, and post punk, under 200 dollars?

    I find my AKG K240 headphones don't block out any outside noise, which becomes frustrating throughout the day, because there's people working on the house next door, there's trains coming by, there's people mowing their lawns etc. I feel like I can hear every detail of sound BESIDES MY MUSIC...
  8. MrPhilicorda

    Recommendations for vintage open-back monitoring headphones

    My current home-studio set up consists of Yamaha HS50M monitors, AKG K240 headphones and a Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 recording interface. I would like to get a second pair of headphones that would partly be a complement to the K240's for monitoring purposes but also for casual music listening.  ...
  9. Hifi Man

    Having a big dilemma in finding headphones. Don't know which ones to get.

    I'm having a problem with what I think are the so called "Scooped mids" in my AKG K240 headphones. They lack detail in some areas like fast and loud music. Things tend to sound distant, like I was in the back of the audience listening to a rock concert. I have to EQ the treble up and it still...
  10. BakaPhoenix

    Analytical Headphone under 100$

    Hi! I'm searching for a headphone with a sound signature like my brainwavz b2(crisp highs, mids not recessed, higly detailed, with fast bass, i don't mind some bass rumble but they don't have to me overwhelming). I saw the offer of the hm5 at 99,50 from mp4nation but in the hm5 thread the...
  11. pentaquine

    headphone sensitivity question

    I am comparing the sensitivity of two headphones, the AKG K240s, 55 ohms, 91 dB/V, and the Beyerdynamic DT 770 pro, 32 ohms, 96 dB/mW. Both specs are from official websites, and I noticed the unit is different (dB/V vs. dB/mW).   So I converted the AKG number using  91 dB -...
  12. P

    Which headphones should I buy ?

    Hi everyone!   Im pretty new in here, I didnt find any similar topic, so I started a new one.   Please help me to choose headphones with the following criteria:   * Will be used for making music, and for listeting music from PC * Probably will be used with a Roland UA-22 or similar...
  13. wes1099

    AKGs with good soundstage?

    I have a tight budget of $70 and I was wondering if anyone knew of any AKGs with good soundstage, because i really like AKG for their durability and warranties, but i need something with good soundstage and a solid bass would be nice too. I listen to many electronic genres such as dubstep, and i...
  14. uOpt

    About to order Shure SRH1540, want to double-check my line of thinking?

    I want to try another set of closed headphones.  The best I owned so far are the Shure 840s. The major weakness in them for me is that there isn't enough bass and turning up the bass in the EQ leaves a bass that isn't precise enough to find out what's going on.  I say "the best I owned" because...
  15. kontakteeee

    need Headphones Brand

    I have this excelents Headphones but i don´t know the brand, does someone know ? the fq response is almost flat and they have a kind of red plastic inside.   http://imageshack.com/a/img841/3036/20iv.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img838/904/lac6.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img837/4967/uasa.jpg...
  16. starbux48

    Takstar HI 2050 Open headphones any good? Looking below $100

    Reviews on Amazon.com look very good for cans selling under $60.  I prefer Open-Air(Back) cans, will run mostly off my computer output.  Enjoyed Senn 518s before, AKG K240 and MKII's, Beyer DT660's.  Loved the Beyers to death but unable right now to afford them.  Takstars look a lot like the...
  17. DivineCurrent

    AKG K240 Monitors: Great deal on Ebay!

    Hey, I'm not the one selling these, just thought that I should let people know about this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/AKG-K240M-Circumaural-Stereo-Headphones-/171398468097?pt=US_DJ_Monitoring_Headphones&hash=item27e8251201 For $60, definitely a steal!
  18. thegen

    Looking for a new pair of headphones!

    I've been a happy owner of the Sennheiser Momentums (over-ear) for a while now. But I'd like something new. I mostly use them for Spotify and games, so I need something with accurate bass, nothing boomy but then again nothing cold. I've had the AKG K240, K271, K701, Audio-Technica ATH-M50 along...
  19. Coolmeadow Kid

    Information for a newbie on tube rolling. 12AU7/EEC82 to be specific

    I hope someone can help me.  I bought a Bravo V2 amp, and while the stock tube is ok for listening to the TV with a wireless transmitter/receiver, it doesn't cut it when listening to music.  I'm using a new set of AKG K240s.  I would like something with better and clearer bass as the stock tube...
  20. bonfirehay

    Beats Pro - The Headphones Used To Mix In Every Major Studio.

     Are they allowed to say things like this?     http://www.beatsbydre.com/headphones/pro/beats-pro.html
  21. fante7

    Best headphones for progressive rock?

    Here's to all of you prog-heads out there: which headphones do you prefer for progressive rock in general?
  22. DisCHORDDubstep

    AKG K240 Studio Review

    Just got a pair of akg k240 studios, and I'm going to do an in depth look at them. I will assess build, comfort, looks, sound, and features. Build: Looking at them, I see no real build issues. High quality plastic, a ring of metal around the outside of the driver cover, and more high quality...
  23. kramer5150

    AKG K240 S/M/DF Appreciation Thread

    Love my K240s. An $80 headphone should not be this much fun. Great can for modding and a good recable candidate. Post pics & comments if you feel the love!! The Myung-Man... in the house!! Garrett
  24. ScarJacx

    Headphones for electronic music?

    Ok, so I need some headphones for electronic music production. For stuff like EDM. I was looking at the akg k240 studio and the shure srh1540. Are those good choices? My budget is $525 or anywhere below. Anything that can really reach basically all tones but within reason. More bass but it...
  25. findcount

    AKG K240Studio or K240Mk2 - can a laptop power it ?.......any better choices ?

    hi, the AKG K240Studio and K240Mk2 has the below specs.............     Sensitivity headphones 104 dB SPL/V Max. Input Power 200 mW Rated Impedance 55 Ohms       i plan to use it with a laptop for movies/music...........i know it won't sound that good but will i at least get...