1. E

    This keeps me awake at night - why?

    With the 700s the ANC mic seems to be under the plate but what the hack is going on here? I have never seen anything like that, how is that possible and why are they doing that? looks crazy. There must be a good reason behind this. these are the quiet comfort 25 I think:
  2. kdoof

    Bose Sport Earbuds

    I've been using for the last four years the Soundsport Wireless, and then the Soundsport Frees; the first earned my loyalty thanks to their durability and fairly neutral, open sound signature with a really good handle of timbre -- the latter reinforced it thanks to their even cleaner...
  3. OscSop

    File Format - FLAC 24/192 vs DSD64 vs MQA

    Apologies if this has been asked before. I have been reading so much about this and have basically come full circle and still have no idea as to an answer. There may not be an answer and may be down to personal preference, but even so, I'm going to ask! I have been listening to some FLAC...
  4. N

    QC 35 - Low volume

    I recently sold my Sony 1000 M3s as whilst they sounded good (after some EQ tweaks) and had excellent Noise Cancelling, I found them uncomfortable and more specifically they cooked my ears. The QC35s *mk iis) are so comfortable, the sound out of the box is pretty decent but my one bug-bear is...
  5. scottfillmer

    Headphone Bundle ATH-M70x, M50x, M50xBT, AirPods, Bose Soundsport Free

    I am trying to clean house a little to make room for other things. I reduced the price of all of these to sell all 5 pair of these as a bundle. They are all in very good condition, lightly used. The M50xBT have probably less than an hour of use on them. All the pads on the over ear headphones...
  6. scottfillmer

    FS Bose 700 Silver NC Headphones LNIB $325 Shipped

    I tried these out for a month and decided they just weren’t what I needed in my collection and I was literally 4 days over the return date on Amazon. I can provide the Amazon receipt if need be, they were purchased on August 15th for $399. They are basically in new condition. I used them maybe a...
  7. rantng

    Amazon Echo Buds - Knowles Dual BA Wireless Earbuds w/Bose Active Noise Reduction

    Amazon Echo Buds $129.99 Immersive sound – Premium speaker drivers deliver crisp, dynamic audio. Bose Active Noise Reduction Technology and sealed in-ear design limits background noise. Hands-free with Alexa – Echo Buds work with the Alexa app to stream music, play Audible audiobooks, make...
  8. DekoniAudio

    Dekoni Audio - Expanded “Choice” Selection

    Dear Dekoni fans, did you find our universal Nuggets to have a curiously soft and smooth leather? Have your heard reviews from the thousands of happy Sony WH1000XM2 and WH1000XM3 owners who upgraded to Choice Suede pads? Well, we of Dekoni Audio have heard your praise and preferences, your...
  9. Geruvah

    I'd rather have the Bose Soundsport over the Westone wireless...

    Before you light those torches and sharpen those pitchforks, hear me out. I have the W40. The sound on these are AMAZING. At least when I used the cable. But I kept getting tired of apple's lightning-to-3.5mm adapter failing for whatever reason (went through a few of them. Thankfully, Apple's...
  10. simtom

    Bose QuietComfort 35 II still a good choice?

    Hello all, I'm a long time Bose QuietComfort 15 user and was wondering if it's still a good choice to upgrade to the 35 II? Where I live it's currently on sale (€299 vs €379) and it's tempting to buy it. I've been following the noise cancellation headphones space sporadically but I understand...
  11. S


    Hi! So are the Bose QuietComfort 35 headphones isolated well? I mean if I listen to music in really high volumes(like max level or close to max) will the people standing close to me be able to hear the music? I mean like if someone is right next to me will they be able to hear it and how much...
  12. waytoodeep03

    Bluetooth headphones with the widest soundstage?

    I am looking for closed back cans since ill use these at work. What bluetooth cans with the widest soundstage?
  13. ag18

    Bose QC3 QuietComfort on-ear ANC

    Bose QC3 QuietComfort active noise cancelling on-ear headphones. New earpads. Complete with cable w/ mic and remote, battery, charger, airline adapter, case.
  14. Windforce0511

    Bose QC25 vs Marshall Monitor?

    I have Marshall monitor and possibility upgrade to Bose QC 25. Should I 'upgrade'? What about sound quality?
  15. S

    A though choice between 2 headphones

    Hi guys! My name is Eric and have a hearing loss for about 70 decibels on both my ears. So, I wear hearing aids on both sides, like this: (But the microphone inside the ear is a little bit 'bigger' than on the picture, but still in the ear) For a long time I have been looking for a good...
  16. Noobeh

    *** [SOLD] *** Bose QC35 - Good Condition - No box/Headphones only

    When I use a wireless headset, I always gravitate towards my Sony MDR-1000X, so these don't get used very much. Condition: Good condition Some small chips on edge of (right) ear cup (mostly) - less than 1mm in size One thin mark near edge of right ear cup - approx. 3mm in length These...
  17. webreaper

    Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

    Hi all, Haven't posted much as I've been pretty happy with the Senn IE80s over the last couple of years. But I'm getting a bit fed up with having to replace the cable every 8-12 months. The IE80s are fantastic sound-wise, and I have custom-moulded sleeves which give a wonderful fit and great...
  18. jmalvar919

    FS: BOSE QC35 brand new condition

    Selling my BOSE QC35 in Black only had them for about 1 months & used once on a trip to Europe, selling because I don’t enjoy the pressure from the Noise Cancellation don’t like the sensation. I purchased them from Best Buy and is passed the return policy. Includes everything I never used the...
  19. FarleyCZ

    Awkward situation about Bose QC35

    Hi all, this will be a very unusual story. My work requires a lot of relally long car drives. Usually in a group, so there is a lot of time I spend just sitting, looking from a window. I was happy about having SE215 plugged in my ears, but my colleagues could overshout it's isolation quite...
  20. eliben85

    Summer cleanup bose QC35 RHA T20i B&O H7 Master and dynamics MH40

    Head-fiers, it's time I make some room on my desk :) i've got for sale: Bose QC35- Bought a few weeks ago and barely used (don't like the NC at all, got myself a pair of senns PXC-550 instead) comes with a warranty, all accessories etc. Selling for 275 Euros - SOLD RHA T20i Black edition- still...
  21. Share2Care

    Very Small in Size, High in Quality & Sound - Upgrade Speakers & Sub Help Please!

    Good Evening Ladies & Gents, I do hope this finds you all well? :) I currently have a BOSE 2.1 Companion 5 desktop speaker and sub setup. It is at the end of ife and after 11 years it has done BOSE proud and the sound quality has not been poor either. To move on, I would dream of a smaller...
  22. Iuke

    What Headphone should I buy? €150

    Hi I'm looking to buy a heaphone but I really don't know were to start looking since their is so much to choose from. Right now I use the AKG 518LE (on-ear headphone) and to be fair it's fairly decent. The sound is ok and it's quite tight on the ears but it did what it had to do for €45. The...
  23. Technohawk

    Bose QC35 vs Beyer DT 770 Pro 32 ohms

    Hey folks.   I got a DT 770 Pro 32 ohms here with me for over an year but wanted to go wireless. It seems these Bose headphones are the most recommended ever.   Comfort wise, I'd imagine a tie. DT 770 are super comfy but one of Bose's main selling points seems to be that as well.   What...
  24. [No title]

    [No title]

  25. Ionme

    Selecting computer speakers

    I've been stalking the forums for quite some time now, but I think now is time for me to post something. Warning: I am a guy who persuits the perfect sound but also total noobie to the audiophile community, and a very limited spender.    I want to turn my PC to a budget friendly sound...