Sennheiser HD448 vs Audio-Technica ATH-M50
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Apr 18, 2011
hey guys im new here at headfi and i was just wondering....
i presently own an HD448 of Sennheiser. the highs are a bit harsh for me, the mids are okay and the bass isnt well defined, at all. the thing that sets me back here with these headphones are the highs and the lows. i just cant listen 2 hours straight without feeling that my ears are being tortured by sound or something.
ive recently been looking for an alternative right now and from the reviews ive seen online, ive really been leaning towards the ATH-M50. can anyone please give me an honest suggestion? (from experience based on the title of this thread).
(i live in the philippines which means amazon cant ship here, i bought the HD448's at a retail shop for around $100 and the M50's are selling here for around $200, and based on this, is the extra 100 dollars really worth it? are they 2 times better than the HD448's?)
thanks :D
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Try to find the M50's cheaper.  I can think of a few other headphones I'd rather have for $200 than the M50's.  
I liked the M50's though.  They have a smidge too much bass IMO, but that's easily EQ'ed out.  Other than that, they have a nice warm, smooth presentation.
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I have them both hd448's and m50's..
My m50's arrived yesterday and from the first track i listen out of the box i realised that the 448's are no match for m50's.
I felt like until now i was listening to music with a homosapiens pair of headphones.
Same day i gave my 448's to my sister and i will never going to use them again...
O.k i respect sennheiser which is a top headphone manufacturer but 448's lacks performance comparing to m50's.
I listen mostly to techno/trance etc... and these headphones are totally awesome for these genres and a good all arounder ..
Listening to ''i will always love you'' from whitney houston was like i was sitting right next to her,completely amazing emotion!!!!
They are more sensitive than 448,meaning that you won't have to crank the volume up like with the 448's so as to achieve your listening level...
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I'm going to echo Optimus on this one. I too got the Senn 448 and like them well enough - until I upgraded to the ATH M50. There's really no comparison for me - the M50 are in another level. I still use the 448 for some non-music purposes (watching video on my laptop, for example), but they've definitely become my backup pair that can be tossed around with impunity.
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I honestly think it just depends on your personal preference. I had both the HD448s and the M50s and i actually prefer the HD448s. I thought they had a very natural sound and didn't sound heavy on the treble and bass (scooped sound in my opinion) like the M50s. However, I was using both of these unamped straight out of my ipod and I am guessing i might have felt differently about the M50s if I had a decent amplifier. I did return both of these, but the only reason i returned the HD448s was because it was lacking in bass.
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i really cant find any M50's here below $200 on retail, but even though, $200 for the M50 is really worth it?

Tax/shipping etc included? Heck yeah. It's only relatively 'less worth it' because geographically some people in the world can get them much cheaper.
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You can contact Johnny Air Cargo for shipping to the Philippines from Amazon. It will save you some :)

You dont seem to be familiar with our local headfi forum over there at headphiles :) We love our M50's over there

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