Good cans that don't leak sound
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New Head-Fier
Apr 11, 2011
Hello. I want to buy a set of headphones, because the ones i have now started buzzing and it's annoying.
My budget is around 80-90$. They would be plugged in my PC soundcard, a Creative Audigy 4 non-Pro.
I don't want them to leak sound, because i have a roommate and i like cranking up the volume. So open cans are no good.
I listen to rock, metal and classic music mostly. So bass is not essential, don't like house/trance/whatever it's called now.
I also want them to be somewhat accurate at how they sound. I'm a guitar player, so sometimes i record myself playing using the pc, to add all sorts of vsts.
I was looking at Sennheiser HD448, i can get them quite cheap here, but some reviewers say the cable is flimsy, and i really don't like how they look.
Any suggestions are appreciated.

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