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Looking for new headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by allnothing, Apr 10, 2011.
  1. AllNothing
    Hi everybody
    I'd like to listen music on my laptop while I'm using it, but I really can't decide with all of these good headphones available
    Here are the criteria:
    1: over the ear
    2: open or closed? I don't know the difference. But I don't care about sound leakage. so you teach me =)
    3: I listen rock, hard rock, heavy metal, but also quieter music like Simon & Garfunkel
    4: i like headphones with a "full" and warm sound: good amount of bass and treble, and not mid-scooped
    5: foldable. I travel a lot and this is essential.
    6: no amp needed for the headphones to sound good. as I said before, I travel a lot.
    7: good design. I think that Grados look too much basic, bare. 
    8: price range: max 100 € (yes I live in europe) but I can go up to 150 € (which is around 200 $)
    Looking around I found these that fit the criteria, even though they're more on the low-budget side. (I raised my budget limit as my resarch went on)
    Grado SR 60 (reviews say these sound really good, the only thing that concerns me is design and not very portable)
    Audio Technica FC700
    Ultrasone Zino
    Beyedrynamic DTX300p
    Sennheiser HD 448
    Sennheiser PX 200 II
    Skullcandy Aviator ( I really like the white model, but everyone says that Skullcandy isn't an audiophile brand so that concerns me)
    If you have better suggestions, please tell me.
    Thanks in advance, and sorry for my crappy english (it's not my first language)

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