Sennheiser HD 448 question on Ohms
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May 11, 2011
Hi guys,
I have just joined this forum after buying a HD 448 together with a Asus Xonar DG audio card for my pc. In the asus xonar audio center program it gives 3 options for headsets with
VOIP mode (<32ohms), Pro gamer mode (32-64ohms) and finally Exciter mode (>64ohms).
My question is would I be able to use the last setting in conjunction with my headphones even though they are only rated at 32 ohms? I have tried all three settings and I find 'Exciter mode' to be quite a bit louder than the other two and I may want to use that for gaming etc. However I am worried it may damage the headphones.
Any advice given would be really appreciated and sorry if the question is a bit stupid lol I am a total noob with all this audio stuff

Thanks in advance
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Nah, you'll never be able to damage the headphones without blowing your eardrums out first.  It should be fine in "Exciter" mode, though I have no clue what it does other than raising the volume.  Does it explain the mode in the manual, by any chance?
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Thanks for the response and nope the manual just states how to install the card and connections guide etc. Im just slighlty worried about damaging the headphones because they are the first headphones I have bought that are over £10 lol. They do sound really good although I have only been listening to youtube videos so far.
So you suggest it is okay for me to use that setting with my headphones without worrying about damage?

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