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Upgrade from Goldring DR150s?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by lemon2, Aug 23, 2011.
  1. lemon2
    Hello, I just got the Goldring DR150s.
    Is there anything less than £70 ($115) that is better than these headphones?
    I will use them for gaming, classical music, jazz, rock and more modern music.
  2. jupitreas
    The Goldring DR150 is already considered one of the best budget deals out there since it offers quality far exceeding its price. I think the only alternative that you can consider is the Superlux range of headphones, of which the HD668B is usually considered to be the best (it has a sound signature that mimics the Beyerdynamic DT990). I used to have the Goldrings and I auditioned the Superlux and really, it is a matter of taste with regards to sound signature. The DR150, while a fairly balanced can, is nevertheless somewhat lean on bass and hot on upper mids and treble, somewhat similar to Grado headphones. The Superlux are far more analytical, balanced and intentionally professional cans. I think the Goldring sounds more fun than the Superlux, personally. Whether you prefer a 'fun' experience or a more analytical/dry approach is up to you.
  3. CFabian
    I can think of a few older AKGs (and other vintage headphones) that are better for the price, assuming you can provide suitable amplification. Otherwise I'd recommend sticking with the Goldrings for now.
  4. lemon2
    The Superlux HD668B looks very strange. I don't think I could get something that looks like that.
    Ideally I'd like to avoid getting headphones that require amping.
    My problem with the Goldrings is that they don't sound miles better than the cheap Platronics headset that I upgraded from. The Goldrings are definitely warmer though.
  5. blacknile
    What are your sources? music, amplifier, dac etc.
    I've owned a pair of Goldring Dr150 for a while now. They are exceptional for the price imho. My pair is definitely not warm though. I would call them detailed and fast.

  6. jupitreas
    Have you burned in the Goldrings? They are known to settle down a little bit after some burn in, with the highs in particular becoming less harsh and sibilant. If that doesn't help, perhaps it is the sound signature of the DR150 that is not up your alley. 

  7. lemon2
    I am playing them out of my computer, no amplifier. Just the onboard sound of a P67-GD65 motherboard.
    I have been considering a sound card such as the Xonar DG.
    Perhaps these just sound warm in comparison to my previous headphones.
    No they are not burned in yet.
    When I got them, I was hoping for something with more bass, and more soundstage.
    But I don't want really bass-heavy headphones at all.
    It's not that I'm dissatified with the DR150s, it's just that they don't seem to be a big step up from my previous (entry-level) headphones.
  8. mattering
    NEED BURN IN TIME :D ... Honestly, when i get some headphones, i ALWAYS get disappointed about it at first but then after it burns in, it becomes soooo much better :p.
  9. lemon2


    Yes, I will be burning them in and expecting to hear an improvement.
    I'm just planning my next upgrade really. I originally had a big audio budget but it got eaten by graphics card purchases.
  10. mattering
    Ahhh i know how that feels :p. Was gonna buy a pair of headphones last year but then...BAM spent my money on a new computer rig XD
  11. blacknile

    Soundstage is quite small, yes I agree. Although not as small as on my (past) Alessandro MS-1 and Audio-Technica M50. However IMHO the bass is very nice. I have my Goldrings on right now. Listening to "St Germain - Tourist". The bass is literally rattling my head. It's quite dry but deep at the same time...
  12. lemon2
    From reading around some more the DR150s do seem to be very very hard to beat in their price category.
    Although I understand that the Goldring NS 1000 may be an improvement?
    If there is no good upgrade in this price range, then I could just save. £150 or £200? It is hard to decide how long I should wait before upgrading.
    It may be a good couple of years before I can get something like a HD 600 + Amp, as graphics card upgrades are always my priority.
  13. c64
    get yourself an e5 amp and yes the ns1000 p all over the dr150 but only when  paired with an e5 amp
  14. blacknile

    I have not heard the NS1000, which is an active noise cancelling headphone. These designs are usually worse than normal headphones at the same price range though, because compromises have to be made to keep the costs low.
    I own a pair of Beyerdynamic DT880 which are an improvement in many ways, but not as huge as the price difference (they cost ~£200) would lead you to think. 

  15. lemon2

    Yes I ordered an E5 yesterday, before I even saw your post.
    I'm hoping that they will help my RE0s as well.
    The NS1000s are double the price of the DR150s (£80 vs £40) but I would be willing to get them if I manage to sell my DR150s.
    Blacknile's quote below me seems to make sense though:
    It feels a bit strange buying headphones with active noise cancelling if I don't even want the feature.

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