1. AmericaHiFi

    AmericaHiFi - Goldring Turntable Cartridges

    Hello Head-Fi Members! AmericaHiFi has the opportunity to sell another classic brand, Goldring Cartridges by Armour Home Electronics in the UK. We would like some initial feedback so that we can do this right! We trust the Head-Fi Community and through yourselves we have been successful with...
  2. lemon2

    Upgrade from Goldring DR150s?

    Hello, I just got the Goldring DR150s.   Is there anything less than £70 ($115) that is better than these headphones?   I will use them for gaming, classical music, jazz, rock and more modern music.
  3. milkb0at

    British Headphones? No. British Hi-Fi? Yes.

    Us Brits are awash with great, great hi-fi manufacturers. We have a decent music business (good musicians and bands, lots of decent pro studios) and loads of audiophiles.   So where are the British headphone manufacturers? We can make headphones amps, but not the headphones themselves, it...
  4. Ringoko

    Around-Ear headphones for mp3 player?

    I'm looking for a pair of closed, circumaural headphones for use with my ipod touch. I'd prefer to spend between £50-£100. (For anyone not in the UK, god knows what that translates to in your money. If it helps, the Sennheiser HD280pro, Creative Aurvana, and Sony MDR-NC60 all seem to fall...
  5. joemunkey

    Best headphones for £60?

    Im new to this site so hi everyone :)   Right so recently i delved into the world of headphones for my first time (im 14) and purchased a pair of Goldring dr100s, i have thoroughly enjoyed using them so much so that i would like to upgrade :)   I dont mind how they look or if they leak...
  6. Olimoronio

    Best place in the US to buy Goldrings DR150?

    Aggggggrrrr! That should read: Superlux HD668B     Would a mod be so kind and delete this thread.     Thanks
  7. Catharsis

    Goldring DR150 vs. Grado

    Just wondering, how many of you have heard and appreciated the Goldring DR150? Some time ago I was recommended the DR150 as a full size circumaural solution to Grado at a great price. I paid $120 for my DR150 at a local retailer and sold my SR60 and SR225 in a heartbeat awhile later. The...
  8. MarcusP

    Getting a gift for my sister

    Hey guys, I'm looking for 2 types of headphones. One for me and the other one I'm buying for my sister. I have a Denon AH-D501 right now, pretty awesome but the cushion presses on my ear and I wear spectacles. So after a while it gets pretty uncomfortable. But anyway, my uncle is taking over...
  9. Artsenna

    Goldring DR100

    Hi, am new to headphones and this forum. Was considering the HD595/HD555 and came across the Goldring. I have not tried the DR150 but from what I hv read in the 'official thread' thought i would share some comments about the DR100. The physical difference. DR100 - £40, Mylar diaphragm, sponge...
  10. windyapple

    Looking for my first set of high quality headphones, preferably around $50

    I'm not a true audiophile (obviously).  However, I have a really deep appreciation for music and beautiful, quality sound in general.  It excites me to hear even the little nuances that make a piece of music what it is.  I know I'm not alone in this.   The only listening devices I've ever...
  11. Raines

    Goldring DR150 vs Grado SR80i vs Alessandro MS1-i vs Audio Technica MH50...:)

    Hi guys:D   This is my first post here:D     I have been reading almost every post about these phones and now i would like some opinioes:D       First the basics:D   I have this system:   Arcam alpha 8 amp Marantz CD 63 MK-II KI signature B&W 603 speakers   Mp3...
  12. SunRay95

    Full size Ipod upgrades

    Hey guys   this is my first post on this forum so please bear with me, I am looking for a full size headphone upgrade for use mostly with ipod touch but will also will be used with my laptop and with a denon avr 2805 with integrated headphone amp. I will be listening to them primarily at...