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Whats the headphone with the closest sound to the Sennheiser Momentum, but with bigger soundstage?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by clairyvic, Feb 12, 2014.
  1. clairyvic
    Whats the headphone with the closest sound to the Sennheiser Momentum, but with a bigger soundstage? Thanks in advance! :)
  2. zazex
    open or closed?
  3. jamieuk147
  4. smallmany
    a used LCD 2
  5. c64
    Goldring dr150
  6. zazex
    Closed  headphones by their nature aren't going to have a large soundstage.
    With that said, IMO & IME the Momentum's have a medium soundstage as far as closed headphones go.
    If you're looking for a somewhat larger soundstage, I recommend you listen to the AKG 550's,
    NAD HP50's, Sony MDR 7520's, Beyerdynamic DT770's, and Yamaha MT 220's.  
    If you're looking for a significantly larger soundstage, look at open headphones.
    BTW > the amp, source, file type and recording all affect the perception of soundstage.

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