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Solid, Cheap (on-Ear?) Headphones

  1. ConfidentInJune
    Hello :)
    Having breezed through several pairs (and when I say breezed through, I mean irreparably broken) of portapros, I am looking to move onwards and upwards.
    Any recommendations for good, sturdy headphones? Over or on ear, I don't mind. (Music: I listen to all sorts, but not Mahler or Jazz. I only really remove my headphones when I go to bed.)
    My budget is pretty tiny - <100 (~£50) is the most I can afford, really. (Very slightly flexible if they're really wonderful).
    Any and all recommendations welcome. 
    (Has anyone had the Alessandro MS1s shipped from the US to the UK? What are shipping costs like? Are they good enough to justify spending $100+ on?)
    Thank you.
  2. DaBomb77766
    I'd recommend checking out the Superlux 668B.  I've seen a ton of incredibly positive reviews comparing them with headphones that cost many times as much, and they're only ~$40.
  3. Nagasaki_Kid
    you might want to find more info on the goldring dr150. It's supposely sort of grado like in sound but cheaper over there than importing from here. assuming you likethe portapro's sound signature
  4. ConfidentInJune
    Wow, replies already.
    I forgot to mention that I'm horribly shallow, so how they look is important to me. (I like the look of the portapros and the MS1s, sort of goes without saying.) And if I ever actually make it to the point of purchase, I'll be wearing these out and about (and I have a tiny head) so overly-huge headphones aren't great for me.
    Thanks again, sorry for being so picky!
    (Superlux 668B definitely look interesting!)
  5. ConfidentInJune
    I think I'm fast falling in love with the M1s.
    Would they be utterly useless for commuting, work, etc.? (Do they leak THAT much? I wouldn't say portapros leaked too badly - are M1s better/worse?)
  6. Infoseeker

    I would say Fostex T50rp as the best value then  the Superlux or Audio-Technica ES7(if you can find real used ones) for looks.
  7. FearSC549
    Something that looks pretty decent that sounds good....I don't think Superlux 668B is a good choice LOL (I like the looks of it but I think to others, you'll look luke a freak with that big cans out in public). I think the Koss DJ 100(needs a cheap portable amp~cMoy or E5) and M50(might be over your budget) will fit. 

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