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What to upgrade to from Koss UR-40's?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by finaljenemba, Jul 24, 2011.
  1. FinalJenemba
    Need some advice on my next headphones, I'm not all that knowledgeable when it comes to good headphones so forgive the newbness. [​IMG]
    I have a pair of UR-40's that I have been using for the past few years that are starting to fall apart.  I always liked them but didn't learn that they are actually quite good for how cheap they are until recently.  My finding them was entirely an accident, we were getting rid of them at work and I got them cheap.  Now that they are falling apart I feel like it might be a good time to upgrade, but I'm not sure what I can get for ~$100 or under that would really be a good upgrade?  I tired a pair of the Philips "Stretch" headphones because I liked the build quality but they don't sound as good as the UR-40's to me, should they?
    I do listen to music on them, but my main use for them is watching movies and playing games at night.  Sound leaking is irrelevant as I only use them at home, I have some etymotics for travel, but as I watch lots of movies on them long use comfort is crucial.
  2. BotByte
    The stretch are horrible, the build quality is really bad
    Since you like movies and games, I would center around a headphone that would deliver the best out of that and then you can also listen to music.
    Go for some ATH-AD700
    they are mostly used for gaming, but are excellent at movies and are pretty good with music. The build is good, comfort is off the scale, very easy to drive so no amp and open because it can be.
    Ad500 are better looking and almost the same minus some clarity and soundstage but you won't notice the difference. Your choice.
  3. FinalJenemba
    Thanks BotByte, I think you just sold me on those.  Would they be better than the Sennheiser HD555's?
  4. jupitreas
    Another can that you can consider is the Goldring DR150... They used to be FOTM here a few years ago and their sound can generally be described as a (much) more refined UR-40. They have slightly less bass than the UR-40 but otherwise, their sound signature is very similar, just more refined.
    Best of all, you can get them really cheap off of ebay.
  5. BotByte


    In a way
    The Ath-ad700 and HD555 differ at music
    But at movies and game, the AD series can't be beat easily
    The soundstage is what you want. I can listen to a game on my AD500 and all of a sudden a door slams shut. I take my headphones off and check my place. Nothing. Yeah, that was the game and I thought I hear it in my house. That's what the soundstage on the AD series can do.
    And as always, afford the most you can because you won't need an amp.
  6. tdockweiler
    Too bad you just missed the Wal-Mart online sale for the AD500. They had them for $30 and the AD300 for $35.
    The AD500 was sold out, but the AD300 I managed to get. I actually prefer the AD300 for music over the AD700. AD700 might sound slightly more clear, but it seems to have a very slight recession in the mids somewhere.
    Still not bad though. The soundstage on the AD700 is massive compared to the AD300 though. Somehow the AD300 feels as if it has more bass than the AD700. It's more comfortable too for those with a smaller head.
    If Wal-Mart ever has another Ad500 for $30 sale, I'll be getting a pair.
  7. FinalJenemba
    Thanks, been doing a lot of research on the AD700, and it looks like a great option.  The only thing that has me concerned is the lack of bass.  Wouldn't the lack of base be a detriment for games and especially movies?  How would the bass on the AD700's compare to my UR-40's? I don't feel like they have much base, I deff wouldn't want something with less.
    Would the Sony MDR-XB700 be a better option for my situation?  I don't want to have to get an amp but ill be plugging either directly into my X-fi 5.1 Pro USB or my MacBook Air.  Not sure about the overall all sound of the Sony's though.
    Thanks for the help!  Wish I could hear these in person, but not sure where to go for that, all BB has on display are Beats and Bose.. [​IMG]
  8. tdockweiler
    The AD700 is definitely going to have a lot less bass than the UR-40. Isn't the UR-40 close to being bass heavy? I could have sworn I read that somewhere.
    For me, I'm not a fan of the treble on the AD700 and they're a bit awkward to wear if you have a small head. Just not all that comfortable and are kind of loose.
    For competitive gaming, less bass is a good thing. I myself prefer something that's open, a clear sound and something with a lot of detail. The AD700 is better for movies/games, but less so for music IMO.
    Depends on the genres of course. I think the mids on them are bothersome for me than it's light bass.
    Do you absolutely need an open headphone? If not, you could also look into the KRK KNS-6400 for gaming/movies. It's one of the rare closed headphones I could actually suggest due to it's good soundstage.
    Guitar Center has them for $99 if you have one in your area. Most others under $100 are not that good for gaming and movies. There's a few. The AKG K240 Studio is nice, but requires a good amp.
    You can also check this thread out:
  9. FinalJenemba
    Interesting, I think I need to rethink the AT's then.  I def dont think the UR40s are too bassy at all.  I might take a harder look at the Sony's, im not an Audiophile, so def looking for something more in the "fun" department.
    And no I dont need an open, if anything I would prefer closed.
  10. FinalJenemba
    Ok, I'm going to be ordering some headphones today.  I decided against the AD700's, I need some base.  Im really leaning towards the XB700's, I'm a little worried the bass on those might overpower everything, I like hard base but I don't want it to overpower the rest of the music/movie/game.  The only other thing I'm looking at would be a $100-$150 Sennheiser, like the 595's or similar.  But it seems like everything good around that price range is criticized for having crappy base, wich is why I'm leaning towards the Sony's.
    Any last minute advice?  Im open to anything, would prefer under $130.  No amp, but will be xfi driven, will rarely if ever use with a portable player.
    Edit:  Just reading a recent thread from someone looking for basically the same thing as me.  H ewas recommended the ATH-M50 and the Ultrasone 580's.  Those look pretty sweet so ill add those to the mix.  Are they comfortable?
  11. FinalJenemba
    Ok, last call to give me advice on XB700 vs ATH-M50 vs Ultrasone 580. Any takers? [​IMG]
  12. FinalJenemba
    Well i went with the M50's.  Got from Amazon so I can return easy if I don't like em. Thanks

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