1. DustinBroke

    Compairing two headphones only

    I was wondering about this but out of the two headphones which is the best overall?  The Sony MDR-XB300 or the Koss UR40? I just don't know which one will overall sound better out of the two also which will last longer.
  2. kkfan

    Breaking in headphones

    Hi all! Some say breaking in headphones is a real science while others claim it is merely the process of the listener getting used to the sound signature. If it is a real science, then I would think the listener should be able to listen once, break in the headphones while NOT using them, and...
  3. housecat

    Can I do better, unamped, than Koss UR40 around the same price?

    I've had my UR40s since 2011 and I love them. I'm a Koss 60ohm fanboy. I've had a positive experience with Koss since I got my first pair in the 80s or early 90s. Just wondering what else is out there. I've tried a few other things (see sig) but never found anything unamped for this price that...
  4. astroid

    Sennheiser HD228 initial thought

    Ok got these last night and have burnt them in over night, been listening for 4 hrs so far today , heres what i think.... The build is very good, hard plastic and all connections look solid, i think they will take a beating in your bag, they DONT fold just in case you thought they were PX200...
  5. MacDEF

    Koss UR40

    My curiousity got the best of me, so I finally broke down and bought a pair of the Koss UR40 (via the web). The UR20 and UR30 are OK, but are very boomy and don't have a great tonal balance. The description of the UR40 makes them appear to be a closed headphone that uses drivers similar to the...
  6. Kameleon

    Just ordered UR40s...what to expect?

    So I just added the Koss UR40s to my selection of headphone paraphernalia - even though I have all the bases covered between HF-1, DT770 and my selection of portables, I bought them anyway. I've been wanting to try these for a while now, as I absolutely love the sound signature of the KSC-75 and...
  7. jaycee1


    I'll write up a full review later, but these circumaural open headphones are just UNBELIEVABLE!   A recent pair of on ear headphones had impressed me with their sound quality, but were a major letdown in terms of comfort (lack thereof). Therefore, I began a search for potentially great...
  8. ixnine

    Help with $30 or less ultra headphones

    Hi all,   I am looking for headphones that aren't too costly, so I've gathered a bit of information from this forum.   Panasonic HTF600-S Incipio F38 Superlux HD681 Koss KSC75   I think these four are popular for their price to quality ratio.   About what I want in a...
  9. Balgheet

    High Value Headphones

    There are literally thousands of choices in terms of what headphones to buy. If it's your first time buying high quality headphones; it can be a tough decision. So I'm asking all of you Head-Fi'ers out there, what headphones do you think give the most bang for their buck?   Please only list...
  10. spacemanspliff

    Have a neck issue. Need a light weight open can.

    Looking to upgrade my trusty SR 850s. I have been almost killed 6 times now and although I am a tank in most respects, I still have issues with heavier headphones over long periods of time.    What modes should I consider? I am thinking maybe the FA-011, Beyer 880. Something with a bit of...
  11. Hyudryu

    Need help finding good headphones under 100$ Clarity Matters

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a good pair of headphones for listening to music at home. I found a Pioneer HDJ500 headphone that looks good, but some people say the quality isn't that good. What I want is crystal clear mids and highs, and decent amount of bass and under 100$ if possible. It's hard...
  12. Th3rd3y3

    made a nice discovery when I merged koss ur40 and jvc harx700

    I almost always use my samson sr850s and was a little disappointed with my jvcs. So I gutted the jvcs and replaced the stock drivers with the drivers from my broken ur40s. All I can say is awesome. Much better than either pair before. They are a little bass heavy, but I havent messed with any...
  13. willitblend

    Worst headphones you've ever bought

    whats the worst pair you've spent your money on?
  14. HPuser9083

    Would it be worth it, or even possible, to swap out the drivers on a pair of V150s with the drivers from a pair of dead UR-40s?

    Just had the thought come to my head of possibly swapping out the stock drivers on my current V150s with the UR-40s whose plug bit the dust a while back, and wondering if it would really be worth the trouble, or even possible to do so? Not considering doing so until a little while after the...
  15. silent90

    Portables (AKG K420\30\50) vs non-portables (UR40?) - sound quality.

    Hello.   I am going to buy a new headphones and I couldn't find any response to my questions.   I am considering a headphones like AKG K420 (\ K430) \ K450. It's a portable and small model. Does the small size has an impact on sound quality? What is the quality in comparison to full-size...
  16. Siva108

    What's the best out of these?

    Hey guys.   So I'm in the market for some new gear to upgrade the stock earphones in my Sansa Fuze (which are incredible since I haven't really sampled any high end gear).   My options are:   Sennheiser HD201   Sennheiser HD202   Sennheiser HD205 MK-II    Sennheiser...
  17. NimbleTurtle

    Your Top 3 Favorite Headphones in Appearance

    Topic.    1. Grado SR325is 2. Sennheiser HD 598  3. ATH-W3000 (Limited Edition)    In no particular order. 
  18. CrystalT

    Fast, bright headphones with exceptional instrument separation for ~$100?

    I have a pair of SoundMAGIC ES18 which is great for quite a few of my genres of music, but find that it performs poorly with Power and Progressive Metal. I'm looking for full-sized, circumaural headphones, preferably open ones that are fast so they don't get overwhelmed by faster, and busier...
  19. mektarus

    UR40: The forgotten Koss 60 ohm headphone?

    With all the (deserved) buzz about the KSC75's there has also been a lot of talk about the other Koss 60 ohm headphones, namely the: KSC35, Portapro, Sportapro, Portapro 2 and even a little chatter about the KTX Pro1. But in the myriad of threads about these little gems there is one headphone...
  20. halehaler

    Best Crap Headphones (Under £50/$80)

    Hello, I am looking for some general purpose headphones for all types on music and games, not looking to spend too much.   Any suggestions?  
  21. Pessimistic

    $60 or less headphones

    So, I purchased the JVC HARX900 headphones, and while I found their sound to be satisfying, they were too big for my small build, so they gave me head and neck pain... I also can't use them on the bus because they're huge... I'm in the process of returning them...   I'm looking for...
  22. FinalJenemba

    Similar to the AD700's but more comfortable?

    Easy question.  I got some AD700's, and they sound amazing for gaming, but I just cant get comfortable in them.  I love the headband, but the pads are just too big and hot.  I have tried a few padding mods and they just arent really working for me, any ideas?  I really like my UR-40's from a...
  23. beeeatsme

    Filling a Specific Headphone Need

    I've found myself in a bit of a pickle.   I just started a new job where I'm wearing headphones and listening to music/podcasts for 8.5 hours at a time with 5-10 minute breaks thrown in every once and a while.  My job also requires me to listen for (sometimes quiet) announcements over PA...
  24. FinalJenemba

    What to upgrade to from Koss UR-40's?

    Need some advice on my next headphones, I'm not all that knowledgeable when it comes to good headphones so forgive the newbness.    I have a pair of UR-40's that I have been using for the past few years that are starting to fall apart.  I always liked them but didn't learn that they are...