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Best over-ear headphones for $100 or less? Heres what Im looking for.

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by ajtakacs, Sep 3, 2012.
  1. ajtakacs
    Hello all, I hate to bring up another one of *these* threads, Ive seen plenty of them in my search for the correct answer. Im looking for the best (in your personal opinion) set of headphones for under $100 that fit my tastes. I'm a broke college student but I would spend more if I could, and I dont have the time to learn all of the necessary info in order to make a well informed decision so I was hoping you guy could help me out. Heres a little bit about me and what Im looking for-
    I play trombone guitar, concertina, mandolin, and too many other instruments to list. I build custom guitars. I know my fair share on pro-audio, recording, live audio, ect. but im pretty clueless when it comes to headphones and personal listening. Heres what is important for me to have in a set of headphones:
    Sound definition and tonal clarity are number one. Im willing to sacrifice in some other categories for sound definition, but I dont want to dedicate myself COMPLETELY to sound definition. Bass response should be tight and controlled, but I sure Im describing the *perfect headphones* here so although bass response is indeed important and I want to have a level of decent bass, sound definition and clarity is still #1 and Im willing to sacrifice in other categories for it. 
    I plan to wear these headphones for hours on end while studying so the must fit/cup COMPLETELY over the ear . These headphones must be comfy for hours on end. 
    This isnt too important, but it would be a definite plus if the headphones had a nice cable (though the cable can be upgraded so its not a HUGE deal). 
    Durability is also important. Another side note: Im indifferent between portable headphones and home-use headphones. I care more about sound quality. Also, I will be running these exclusively through my computer (samsung series 7 chronos) and I do NOT plan to be using an amp. I know that an amp would improve sound quality, but I just dont plan to use one.
    I began doing research of my own but soon realized that I was in WAY over my head. Thanks in advance for your help. -Alex
  2. 7nationarmy
    If you demand clarity so much, the Brainwavz HM5 is a really great choice. Neutral, clear, detailed sound. Bass quantity might be lacking for some people, but the quality satisfies. The comfort is great, but for people with bigger head size will find the clamping force might be too much. You can find some reviews online (and the Fischer Audio FA-003, which is exactly the same as the HM5).
  3. machoboy
    How does the bass on the HM5/003 compare to the SRH840? If anyone has experience with both
  4. headphone man07
    we meet again malveaux (sorry, had to say that) however I was gonna recommend the hm5 and the k271 mkIIs which I will be buying within the next week (I'm so excited, my first audiophile headphones!!![​IMG]) how about v-moda LP, I know they're bassy but eq on a computer can change that if you want? Also are you considering open headphones? if so, try grado sr-60i and buy some l-cush pads. Best of luck
  5. jmsaxon69
    Shure SRH440, pretty much everything you are asking for....I own a pair and think they are a great value apparently HeadRoom.com thinks so too! Big plus is you can pop over to Best Buy and pick up a pair.
  6. gelocks
    I also used SRH840 earpads on the 440s for better comfort, sound was a tiny bit affected though.
  7. Zenesis
    *didn't realize this was a dead post
  8. jmsaxon69
    Haha! Me either! Oh well.....
  9. untranslated
    I bought 2 Samson 850SR's. For like $70 ( i live in africa so yeah this is very cheap. AGK240's are about 190$ here. So yeah, amazing clarity and super light. Only problem with them is the bass isnt quite deep/loud enough at under 40HZ. But then i dont listen to trance or dubstep much so it doesnt really bother me. Also they havnt been burned in yet. Only got them 2 days ago. Anyway, i went shopping with my gf for a pair that has enough bass for her, she eventually decided that the Samsons where the best because of the clarity. Best headphones i could find at so cheap
  10. Jeff Graw
    Just picked up a Panasonic SE-A 1000. I've been listening for all of 30 minutes, and so far first impressions are out of this world. Kind of AKG 701-like -- imaging is like a beam from one ear to the next out into infinity. For a cheap heaphone, it responds very nicely to my realiser (haven't even measured them yet, just used an HD-800 preset). Despite the somewhat treble heavy signature they are incredibly forgiving. Very lightweight, and comfortable. They can be worn in bed without getting in the way. I've never seen a longer stock cord, which is good, potentially, but a replaceable cord would have been nice. Only other complaint is that the earpad material feels a bit cheap. 
    At under $100 this headphone is seriously overperforming. You're getting $300-400 worth of sound. This must be the best value headphone today. Get them while they last!

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