1. kramer5150

    Pioneer SE-A1000, anyone have these?

    Just curious how you like them?  They've been around for a while I think, and I don't see too many HF comments on them, they certainly don't appear to have ever had any FOTM hype.   I was at my local Frys and they were on sale for $65.  Tylls measurements look pretty good for a can in this...
  2. webhappy

    These are OK headphones, but you'll definitely want to upgrade

    The SE-A1000 were my first nice pair of headphones. I got them for ~$80 and was amazed at the audio quality when I first got them. There are two main issues: first, the build quality is not that high. There was some squeaking when I moved my head. Second, it was extremely fatiguing to listen to...
  3. THAIS

    Looking for the best deal up to $50 - $60 ... (Headphones)

    Hello everybody.   First, I want to say that I am happy that I am part of this exciting forum. Second - my English in not perfect, so - excuse me if there is something not understandable. Third, I hope that my topic is with correct title and that it's in the right place.   Now I'll say a...
  4. caprimulgus


    The Deals Thread was closed because people couldn't follow the rules! PLEASE FOLLOW THESE RULES (SO THIS THREAD DOESN'T GET SHUT DOWN TOO!): 1. Affiliate links, eg: Links to Amazon or other sites with your affiliate ID inserted are not permitted. It is a ban-able offence (as is spam...
  5. Belial88

    Pioneer SE-A1000 vs Takstar 2050 vs Superlux 668B/681/EVO/SR850?

    Just curious how these 3 compare. 3 open, $50 or less headphones that seem to dominate the sub-$100 category (if open is okay for you, plenty of good closed ones out there I'm not going into, but sound leakage is fine with me). The Superluxes are usually around $30-40, so even cheaper...
  6. sureshot1234

    help deciding on pc sound card

    looking to get a new sound card ( got a new motherboard doesnt have pci old sound card was pci)  i am currently trying to choose between 2 sound cards and wondering which one i should get. will be used with my Pioneer SE-A1000 headphones mabye something better in the future with a higher...
  7. lofthanza

    Do high-end headphones sound more speaker-like than lower-end headphones?

    I have had my ATH-M50s for six months, and my Beyerdynamic DT-1350 for a month. They both sound great! Anyway, I am thinking of moving ahead to a high-end headphone (the sennheiser hd700). In my upgrade, I am searching for something closer to the big sound produced by speakers. My question is...
  8. Jim McC

    Open or Closed cans for movies ?

    Is either one better for movies?   Do movies require a large soundstage, like open cans provide?   Thanks.
  9. yepimonfire

    Does anyone wear fullsize headphones out in public?

    I've been considering doing this simply because no matter how good IEM's can sound, they're no match for fullsize cans. 
  10. spacemanspliff

    Have a neck issue. Need a light weight open can.

    Looking to upgrade my trusty SR 850s. I have been almost killed 6 times now and although I am a tank in most respects, I still have issues with heavier headphones over long periods of time.    What modes should I consider? I am thinking maybe the FA-011, Beyer 880. Something with a bit of...
  11. ajtakacs

    Best over-ear headphones for $100 or less? Heres what Im looking for.

    Hello all, I hate to bring up another one of *these* threads, Ive seen plenty of them in my search for the correct answer. Im looking for the best (in your personal opinion) set of headphones for under $100 that fit my tastes. I'm a broke college student but I would spend more if I could, and I...
  12. daniel521

    Are Pioneer headphones good?

    I haven't heard much about them, what can you tell me about them?
  13. Gurb

    Yet another "help needed" thread... HD518 vs DTX910 vs SE-A1000

    Hi everyone,   I'm new on this forum and I'm here for some advice. Though I enjoy my music, I'm not that much of an audiophile. My cheap-ass Philips SHP8500's gave me all the "oh my goodness, I'm hearing things I never heard before" moments I could wish for. So why am I here? Well, a friend...
  14. Flumphy

    Deciding on a gaming headphone - Hi 2050, SE-A1000, ... - (Competitive FPS)

    Hi,   I want to buy another headphone for gaming. Right now I have the Superlux 668B. So far I'm thinking about these two:   SE-A1000  Takstar Hi 2050 DT 770 ? DT 990 PRO ?    Which is the best for competitive fps gaming (footstep listening and positioning)? And are there other good...
  15. kage

    Which one: Pioneer SE-A1000 or Sennheiser HD558

    I want to buy either the Pioneer SE-A1000 or Sennheiser HD558. I will be using my Pioneer VSX-1120 receiver's headphone jack to power them and I have no plans to buy a headphone amp. The primarily use of the new headphones would be for watching movies and playing Xbox 360 games. Out of the...
  16. HerkFE

    Gaming & Music & Movie watching down to 3 headphones which is best?

    So I use an Astro Mixamp and want a new set of headphones since I am sick of the Astro A40's and their mediocre sound quality.    I am currently looking to spend under $100 for these and probably buy the zalman clip mic for my gaming.   Here are the 3 I am interested in.   Pioneer...
  17. DjAmTraX

    Amazon deal on Pioneer SE-A1000 (top of the line) $79

    I read good things about this. Being Pioneer top of the line so it should be decent right. Is it worth the $79?
  18. Detach50

    yup, yup, yup, It's another "Which headphones should i buy" thread

      Hello everyone, my name is Detach.   I’ve been floating around the Head-Fi boards for about a year now.  I started here with headphones, because at the time it was the most affordable way for me to get the quality sound I wanted.  I did my research and eventually went with some Shure...
  19. Flumphy

    Upgrading from motherboard sound, Also: competitive FPS gaming

    Hi all,    I want to upgrade from my stock motherboard sound. Im looking to keep it low budget, but I think the sound can get much better than stock motherboard sound.   Motherboard: Asus M5A78L-M/USB3 Headphone gaming: Superlux HD 668B Headphone music: Fischer Audio FA-003 Other sources...
  20. Me x3

    Pioneer Se-A1000 vs Takstar Hi-2050 (Open Headphones)

    I'm re-making this comparisson to make it more useful for people looking for budget open headphones. What to expect from each one and how do they compare in terms of sound quality?   The setup used is pretty simple: Laptop (foobar2000) >> Fiio E07K Andes Dac/Amp >> Takstar HI-2050 Laptop...
  21. SubConcussive

    Good pair of headphones for USD $50-$100 range?

    I'm too stupid to even know where to start.  Quality is key, but I enjoy lots of bass as well. Typing this up quickly, will give any additional info needed.
  22. pichu

    Pioneer SE-A1000 (Sennheiser HD 650 for $45?)

    The Pioneer SE A1000. Most likely not heard of from most people here. The thing about that fact, is that its a sad fact. A very sad fact indeed. When it comes to a phone under $100. You are most likely thinking. ew. There cant possibly be anything good under $100.   Or youre thinking. I...
  23. Pioneer SE-A1000 Lightweight Audiophile AV Over-Ear Headphones

    Pioneer SE-A1000 Lightweight Audiophile AV Over-Ear Headphones

    SE-A1000, blackLightweight, Audiophile AV Headphone 50mm Drive Unit Maximum Input 1,500mW Sensitivity 102dB/mW Lightweight design Comfortable Cloth Ear Cushions 6.0m (18’) Fabric Jacketed cord 3.5mm mini, 6.3mm adapter Cord strap and Plush carrying pouch