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  1. caprimulgus
    The Deals Thread was closed because people couldn't follow the rules!

    1. Affiliate links, eg: Links to Amazon or other sites with your affiliate ID inserted are not permitted. It is a ban-able offence (as is spam advertising).

    2. Links from deal sites like slickdeals.net and dealnews.com will be removed. Please link directly to the deal itself.

    3. Group buy/mass buy sites are also not permitted.
    4. Please keep all discussion related to the deals that are posted. Discussions about gear pairings and comparisons belong in their respective gear threads.

    5. When posting deals found online, please remove any referral tags. For example, in the following URLS, everything in pink should be removed when posting it:
    Deal links that are not properly formatted may be edited or removed by the moderation team.
  2. Vain III
    It's actually supposed to snow later today and all day tomorrow so I think I'll go recheck my Ross today instead of tomorrow because they called and told me they had put out some new headphones.
  3. RoMee Contributor
    I posted a deal on the WS55 a few days ago and I was wondering if the people who ordered got a WS55 or a Philips Earhook Earphone?
  4. Vain III

    Is that deal still running?
  5. mvrk10256
    This is a good idea. Although the general amount of "sorting" that goes on this site is strange. 
  6. RoMee Contributor
    No, it sold out pretty quickly. 
  7. Peeble
    A few people posted about the Q701 and I got excited but they just posted the same price it's been for the last month. 
    And now I'm sad.
  8. TechPanzer
    GR07s for $130 from Lend Me Ur Ears. Is this site trustworthy? How is the shipping?
  9. Vain III

    LMUE is very trustworthy. I bought a pair of VSD1's off of the site and they got lost somewhere in transit and the store sent me out another pair. The second pair arrived in something like five days.
    squallkiercosa and TechPanzer like this.
  10. TechPanzer
    Tnx for the reply! Think I'll buy it then... Hope i'ts good as they say it is :D
  11. SamHeadFi
    Anyone expct any deals on Audio Cables/HDMI cables/av+surge protectors? Any recommendations on good 50-100 dollar options if not?
    Also, recommendations on Shure/IEM's? At around 100-200
  12. Ivabign
    I tried to purchase the UE900's yesterday from NCIX and they took my paypal money - now they sent me an email saying they are backordered - anyone else get that message? When I processed the purchase, they stated they had it in stock - damn.
  13. TechPanzer
    Damn... That sucks... Maybe someone bought the last one before you
    Well, BTG Audio sells some pretty nice cables,some of them are in your price range... I don't know if they're going on sale tho
  14. caprimulgus
    was a good deal, i should have grabbed one myself (there was 2 left when i saw it).
    i'd imagine the 8 from amazon would have been WS55, but the other sellers would have sent out the philips earhooks if anyone ordered them.
  15. TechPanzer
    People say very good things about the VSonic GR07 and the TDK BA200... The Westone UM2 is $170 at Amazon right now,heard it's quite good too...
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