1. K

    Headbands interchangeable on K240, SR850, HD681?

    Do any of you guys know whether or not the headbands from an AKG K240 and all of the design "clones" fit each other? I'm thinking: AKG K240(MkII)/K271, Samson SR850/SR950, Superlux HD681/HD662, PreSonus HD7 and Knox Gear TX-100/TX-200 (and others?). Would you possibly help me investigate? I'm...
  2. S

    Anything better than the Samson SR850

    Im a newbie to headphones, barely know anything, but im looking for budget headphones that have good sound quality and soundstage, since i will be using them for gaming and some music. And the Samson SR850 fits all i need, but i have some questions about them Are there any other headphones...
  3. Aakash

    A Review of F&D H50 Portable Headphones- Only $25!!

    F&D Discovery H50 ~$25 Hi everyone! I'm a student from India, mostly interested in portable value for money stuff. I'm not an audiophile, i just like listening to enthusiast maybe. This is my second review!       So i was trying to find the Samson Sr850 (Superlux HD668B) online...
  4. iPiggi

    New Gaming Headset

    Hey, I'm looking for a new gaming headset for playing various games on my PC. I want it to be 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound and cost between £40 and £60, no more. What is the best option? So far I've found the Genius Cavmanus (£50) and the Roccat Kave (£60), but it looks like I won't be able to use...
  5. Trevonn

    Cheap gaming headphones (50-80$)

    Hello, I was planning on getting a Sennheiser HD 202 II or a Samson SR850, are they worth or or are there better options? 80% gaming, 20% music. Also srry for bad english   
  6. Robeto

    Headphones for Grandfather under $50 dollars?

    Hi guys It's been awhile since I was last here (I didn't want to get jelly and star buying an assload of cans after my ATH-M50s). But I digress, I am here because my grand parents have asked me to get them a pair of headphones to use with their iPad as they are a little hard of hearing.   So...
  7. weirddub

    What headphones are you wearing right now?

    Im using my Grado SR60 and listening to The Zombies - Time of the Season
  8. tannerbnd

    My wife thinks I have a problem! Lol

  9. lossfizzle

    Stellar Labs 50mm phones from MCM (probable Superlux rebadge) - anyone tried 'em?

    I've had my eye on these Stellar Labs (MCM house brand) phones since I first spotted them a couple months ago. They're running a promo-code-required sale on 'em for $20 right now, although shipping is extra. I would be shocked if these weren't yet another Superlux rebadge, but they'd be the...
  10. mystvearn

    Are there headphones that allow in ambient noise? (for office use)

    I work in an office, but I want to listen to music, without disturbing people. I also need to be able to know when someone is knocking at the door. So far the only method I found is using cheap Sony MDR earbuds/earphones which came with my mp3 player (or was it cassette walkman). I tried my Sony...
  11. ChocolateFinger

    Sub $100 cans with best design/build quality?

    So I am basically looking for cans that have good sound stage and are very well built. The last few sets I've tried had problems with noise from cheap plastic design/hinges and the cord making ticking noises when moved. At this point I am now willing to sacrifice sound quality and comfort for...
  12. LukaTCE


    What is good Headphone/headset for gaming ? PC 360  astro i think is just marketing or it rly have good sound ? Or are still good old AD-700 and mic mod but still for gaming are best closed right  i currently have HD 598 Edit: beyerdynamic still good ? which one that 300 ohm or 60ohm ...
  13. drizzt5

    Possibly low end but best sound headphone suggestions.

    Hello,   I'm looking for some headphones that are comfortable and provide the best sound relative to their cheapness.    Can anyone suggest anything better than these?  ...
  14. Xioros

    Headphones and new MP3

    Hello, I'm a big goa & psychedelic trance listener. I currently have a samson sr850 (which is good), but I'd like to make an upgrade :-) I have a budget of $175 for new headphones. I'm also thinking of buying a new mp3 player, because I think my sgs2 is a bottleneck for the sound quality...
  15. retrophonic

    JVC HA-SR85 & HA-SR75 ESNY

    I could'nt find any info on these, so I though I would start a thread on the JVC HA-SR85 and HA-SR75. They can be purchased at                       JVC HA-SR85 JVC HA-SR85
  16. wes1099

    AKGs with good soundstage?

    I have a tight budget of $70 and I was wondering if anyone knew of any AKGs with good soundstage, because i really like AKG for their durability and warranties, but i need something with good soundstage and a solid bass would be nice too. I listen to many electronic genres such as dubstep, and i...
  17. trufunk

    Audio Technica AD900X or Samson SR850

    I currently own a pair of the Samson Sr850(samsons busted) and Cad headphones that are similar to the superlux 669 I believe. I am considering purchasing the audio technica ad900x. I know the latter is quite a jump in price. Has any one owned both? Any thoughts on the gains of going with the...
  18. untranslated

    Recable a Samson SR850 / Superlux 668B

    Hi, Im looking to recable my Samson SR850s since i finally found a thing called ebay and can now actually get cable into this wonderful country of mine ( South Africa ) :D. I just want to know which cable to get.    This...
  19. Audiaunce

    Quick Samson SR850 vs SR950 vs Sony XB500 vs Sennheiser HD555

    The sr950 has deeper sub bass to please people looking for a clearer, less bassy xb500 but the sr850 has far more details in the mids and a better soundstage. The xb500s are better for bass music and rock when you EQ them, but the sr850 sound more realistic, spacious and work for every type of...
  20. JoeDoe

    Cans for Teaching Music Lessons

    Alright full-sized budget junkies, here are my needs:   1. Isolation - I'll be using these for drum lessons so they need to block out a good bit of extraneous noise AND keep sound leakage to a minimum.   2. Comfort - Circumaural is preferred. May be wearing these for hour-long sessions at a...
  21. aural bliss

    Headphones for $50 or less

    Hello all,   Need some recommendations for headphones around $50 or less.  General usage - media, music, movies, gaming   I'm looking at the JVC HA-S600 ($40).  Any others
  22. doveman

    Any cheap soundcards that do Dolby Headphone/CMSS-3D and Dolby Digital Live?

    I need to get a soundcard for Virtual Surround in headphones, as my motherboard's ALC892 with THX ProStudio Pro Virtual Surround just doesn't work and I can't hear anything other than a slight reverb/flanging effect when playing games with it. When I test it with the Realtek Sound Manager...
  23. Grandagony

    Samson SR850 comfort issues.

    I picked up a pair of Samson SR850's the other day from Sam Ash. Mine came with velour pads instead the pleather pads I had read about in the reviews. The SQ is nice, and they are great for gaming but man do they hurt after a while... Are there any mods I can do to these to drastically change...
  24. Belial88

    Pioneer SE-A1000 vs Takstar 2050 vs Superlux 668B/681/EVO/SR850?

    Just curious how these 3 compare. 3 open, $50 or less headphones that seem to dominate the sub-$100 category (if open is okay for you, plenty of good closed ones out there I'm not going into, but sound leakage is fine with me). The Superluxes are usually around $30-40, so even cheaper...
  25. Belial88

    SR850 vs 668B vs 681 EVO

    Direct comparisons between these 3 would be greatly appreciated, especially by those who's used 2 or 3 of these. They're all basically the same price (sr850 $50, 668b $45, 681 evo $38).   I'm not sure if the SR850 or 668B would be more comfortable, with those 'wings' on the 668b. I hear...