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Sub $100 cans with best design/build quality?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by chocolatefinger, Apr 6, 2013.
  1. ChocolateFinger
    So I am basically looking for cans that have good sound stage and are very well built. The last few sets I've tried had problems with noise from cheap plastic design/hinges and the cord making ticking noises when moved. At this point I am now willing to sacrifice sound quality and comfort for phones that don't have a crappy generic cord and noisy plastic frames. I want no external noise from my headphone, not even the slightest creeks or ticks. I'd like something that will last for years if possible in my price range. Here a review of what I have tried so far and what problems I have encountered.
    Samsung SR850 - Headband started cracking and broke after a few months, plastic caps pop off with any light pressure as the screws were too small.
    Superlux HD668B - Basically the same as the SR850, but had a much better headband that caused no problems. Unfortunately both the SR850 and the Superlux share the same style pads that if stretched (when using sock mod) they become flimsy and fall off all the time.
    ATH-M50S - Sounded great but after returning two sets the problem was clear that it had poor build quality. Both sets would make a ticking noise in the left headphone whenever the cord was moved around. The hinges were also cheap and made creaking noises, I tried lubing them with oil to fix this but it was too much of a problem to keep them.
    SteelSeries Siberia - The headband made them ultra light but at a cost of creaking noises anytime you moved your head. As with the M50S the cord would make a light ticking noise when moved.
    I am considering either the CAL or the AD700 but I don't want to buy them if problems like this might exist. Any recommendations for high build quality cans? Thanks!!!!!
  2. MrViolin
    mdr-v6. Pads will need replacements every now and then (have heard of people saying 6 months, but it really depends on your sweating chemistry and other factors). You might hear a little crackling when you stretch them to put them on, but it's normal. They've been recorded to go for 15+ years
  3. ChocolateFinger

    Yeah see that I can't do, the cracking. If it's just when put them on that's OK, but if I move my head around or the cord, will it make any noise? Do you own them?
  4. MrViolin
    No it won't crack when you're moving around and the cord isn't microphonic. Yes, I do own them.
  5. ChocolateFinger

    Tempting but so many reviews claim of static and buzzing problems with the cord/jack.
  6. obobskivich
    Koss PRO4/AA, PRO4/AAT, and MV1 are put together like tanks.
  7. scootaloo
    I'm new to the audiophile stage, as well quality headphones. I don't exactly know about the soundstage but if you were looking to stay around the $100 range, I'd have to say the Sol Republic HD's.
    I just bought them from Amazon and right now they are at $109, if you were looking for anything along that line.
    Although these probably aren't audiophile worthy, I love them.
  8. ChocolateFinger
    Nice suggestions, but I want to clarify that I only want headphones that make no creaking noise when you chew, move your head, move the cord. I wish I had a store near by where I could try some on..
  9. ThinkAwesome
    Sony MDR-V6. Built like a tank, and some people here have pairs that are 15+ years old and working fine. 
    No noise when moving your head around. Yes, I own a pair. I actually use (and abuse) them daily. 

    Mine doesn't. That's all I know. 
  10. cel4145
    I'll second the Sony MDR-V6 recommendation. They are built very solid. Very good sound for the money. Order 'em off Amazon. If you don't like them, you could always return them for a few dollars in shipping.

    Or if you want to buy locally, the Sony MDR7506 are very similar. I think I remember my Guitar Center carrying them.
  11. scootaloo
    Is there a F.Y.E. anywhere around you? They may have SOL's on display.
    If you want, you could chew the Tracks HD in two :D, and get a replacement cable. I really like the modular design of these.
    The audio quality is just amazing, IMHO they can't be beat at the price they are.
    The headband is almost indestructible, and if for some reason a can goes bad, you can just slide it off, buy a new one. Problem solved.
  12. ChocolateFinger
    Gah, you guys have convinced me. Just ordered the V6, let's see how they do..
  13. laon
    DBI Pro 700, they pop up for less than $100 from time to time.
  14. bogi
    I had more < $100 headphones at home one week ago, also including Sony MDR-V6.
    I found the best build quality on Takstar HI 2050. They look like DT serie Beyers, but have oval caps.
  15. obobskivich

    I have Koss 4/As that are 40+ years old and working fine; does that count? :p

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