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Goldring DR150 or Sennheiser HD428

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by ddashk, Oct 4, 2011.
  1. ddashk
    i have had some audio techica ath-sj5s for years now and never had the money to upgrade. i got a voucher for amazon.co.uk and the goldring and senn. are both about £40 (voucher amount).
    is there a clear winner?
    i know they are open and closed cans but that wont matter.
    i also noticed that my current  headphones are more then £50 on amazon but im sure price is meaningless especially on that site.
    thanks for any advice.
  2. SLaRe
    I prefer the Goldring over the Sennheiser, but it's a matter of preferences. I didn't like the HD428 when I tried a pair.
  3. cordylidae
    second vote for the dr150 im listening to them now.  what do you listen to another phone thats in your budget is the samson sr850 which i see gets reccomended however ive never listened to them personally so cant compare to the dr150
  4. ddashk
    thanks for the reccomendations.
    i listen to all sorts but for example today it was
    frightened rabbit
    johnny flynn
    nina simone
    andres landero
    van morrison
    greens keepers
    ernest ranglin
    robert johnson
    bon iver
    i looked at the samson and superlux because the akg k271 is the phone i have always really wanted but the ear pad looks horrible.
    so it 2-0 for the dr 150

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