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Fiio amp for HD 595s or Goldring DR150s?

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by lemon2, Aug 12, 2011.
  1. lemon2
    Following other discussions on these forums I am getting the Senn HD 595s and the Goldring DR150s.
    (I'm only keeping one of them long-term)
    I will mostly use these big cans with my PC, but if I were to use them with my Galaxy S2 would a Fiio amp improve SQ?
    I really like the look of the Fiio e5.
  2. Digital-Pride
    Yes, a quality amp will take that signal from that source(Galaxy S2) and strengthen it to better drive whatever headphone or earphone you're plugging in to it.  If you like the E5's form factor then I suggest waiting for the E6.  It's about the same size and price, but it's more refined and drives full-size headphones better.
  3. Mad Max
    That's right, a quality amp.  That excludes the E5.
    Edit: and E6 which ClieOS confirms to be nearly the same but with an extra bass-boost setting and gain function
  4. lemon2


    Could you suggest a portable amp that you think is of sufficient quality?
    I'm really looking at the lower end of the market as this is my first amp and I want it to be very portable.
    As said before I like the E5's form factor. Is there anything of similar size/cost that would suffice for these particular cans?
  5. ClieOS Contributor

    I don't remember I ever confirm E6 is the same as E5.

    You should try those cans with your S2 first and come back if you can't get enough volume out of them.
  6. Mad Max
    Alrighty, reworded my post.

    Not of similar cost. While portable amps generaly do not make a big difference in sound other than to allow your headphone to go louder, if you go too cheap on the amp then you get almost no improvement in sound. Also, depending on the quality of your soundcard, it may even degrade sound quality.
  7. lemon2


    What if I were to try to use these cans with my Galaxy S2 phone? I'm thinking that making these headphones louder when using them with my phone could be a big bonus, and even the Fiio E5 could achieve this, right?
  8. Mad Max

    If you want to go deaf very early.
    Louder isn't better, unless they are only as loud as a whisper with the volume maxed out.
    How high are you turning up the volume?
    They appear to be sensitive enough judging from their specs (110SPL, 32ohm).
  9. Digital-Pride


    Okay, I'd like to know the portable amps you've tried in order to come to that conclusion.  Not trying to be confrontational, I'm just curious.
  10. lemon2


    When I am in a silent place, I use them at a volume quite close to 0.
    However in very noisy places, I have them maxed.
  11. ClieOS Contributor
    If you asked me, both of these headphones are poor choice for noisy environment.

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