1. DougofTheAbaci

    Denon AH-D2000 repair or replace

    So my Denon AH-D2000 have started acting up. Basically, there appears to be a loose wire in the headphone plug that causes audio to cut out for the right channel. The headphones are less than a year old (coming up in December) but I'm having a hell of a time finding out if I'm covered under the...
  2. aslives

    Suggested replacement cable for JH16s

    Have my JH16s on order - replacing a lost pair of UE10s.  I was thinking of going for the Silver Dragon IEM cable but can't find so much about them.  Anyone like them more than the standard cable?  Any other suggestions within the 100-$300 range?
  3. ucrags84

    Deciding between JH5 & 1964T, ready to buy

    I am ready to pull the trigger on a custom: The JH5 or the 1964 T, universals are out of the picture at this point because my right ear canal has a very odd shape and I will get a better seal w/customs.  From what I have read on appreciation threads and forums both these IEMs have a touch of...
  4. JackRabbitSlims

    Would you BackPack RTW for 12months with your Custom IEM's and Portable Amp??

    I'm spending 2012 "On the Road" - mainly in South East Asia, India, The Middle East, Africa and the Western Europe.   I have traveled with iPod and over head Phones before in the past, but am considering taking my UERM's and the W4''s as a back up, along with 160GB iPod and Amp (yet to be...
  5. regicide

    good customs for rock/electronic/classical for <$350USD

    Recently I decided I needed a good pair of IEMs, I had always thought customs were far too expensive to be a viable option for me, after starting a thread seeking a good pair of (universal) IEMs I came across mentions of both 1964 ears and livewires.   Now that I have found out customs are...
  6. edba2000

    Custom IEMs in Europe

    What could be the best option for a custom IEM made in Europe? And what about the best "value for the money"? For the people living in Europe, ordering from US can make the shipping very expensive.
  7. crammit442

    Customs and exercise

    Anyone have customs and use them for exercise? The reason I ask is that I've found that with(UM-2/Westone 3) universals I can sweat heavily and retain a good seal as long as I use foam of one sort or another. The silicone tips sound better to me, but the seal is eventually compromised by sweat...
  8. improvised

    How To Create An Ultra Custom JH Audio IEM Cable

      First off this guide is not for everyone; as a matter of fact it was more or less an experiment on my part. I’ve never attempted a two part mould so I wanted to tackle the project for a pair of JH Audio IEM’s. The question for me is how you keep those little pins at the perfect distance...
  9. ityk212

    Need recommendations for budget customs

    Hi everyone, as you can see from the title I'm looking to buy a pair of custom iems. Some customs have caught my interest, namely the 1964-T, JH5 pro and livewires trips. I'd like something which doesnt have harsh/sibilant treble and fun-sounding if possible with a large soundstage for an iem...
  10. ucrags84

    Looking to upgrade to JH5 Pro from SM3, sonic differences?

    There have been scattered discussions of the Earsonics SM3 vs. JH5 pro, but I need some advice since I am looking to jump into my first custom and want to know anybody else's experience with the JH5.  My right ear canal is slightly smaller than my left one, sensorcom tips fit but not...
  11. intoflatlines

    Headphone amps in Hong Kong

    My girlfriend is traveling to Hong Kong for business. She has suggested that I find something for her to buy from there. I have been out of the headphone market for a couple years now, so I have no idea what's good out there.   My current headphones are a UE TF10 (molded into a custom IEM)...
  12. NinjaSquirt

    Lisa III and SE535 for portable audio setup

    I've read lots of good things about Lisa III as a portable amp but I've rarely read anything on the specific combination of Lisa III and SE535s. I would like to know from someone that has experience with either or both if there would be a noticeable improvement for SE535s using the Lisa III. I'm...
  13. Stay808


    I was wondering is it even worth buying custom IEMS if I am going to be running them unamped? I am asking this because I just hate lugging around a huge brick when trying to listen to some decent music on the go.
  14. NobleSix

    UERM, are they really THAT good? (vs JH products)

    hi guys, im looking to purchase my first custom iem.. so far ive narrowed down my choices to the UERM, JH13 n the JH16.. I am leaning towards the UERM right now even though its got 3 drivers 'only' (my fave rite now is also a 3 driver, the SM3), since its got rave reviews..    so far my...
  15. Tronz

    Pelican 1010 Micro Case: The Knight With Shining Armor For Custom IEM's?

    I think so! Here's how I've been storing my ES5's for 1 year now with zero problems:         This case is Watertight, Crushproof and Dustproof.
  16. kissmevn

    UM Miracle or JH13

    Hi I'm using a pk1 and I want to upgrade my listening experience higher. And now I'm stuck between UM Miracle and Jh13. I love vocal, pop and classical, btw   Thanks
  17. crinacle

    Custom IEM? Merlin? Need recommendations.

    Hi guys,   To cut it short, I'm getting the urge to go custom for my portable rig, but the choices stump me. Currently I'm contemplating the Unique Melody Merlin for its hybrid design (I do love the sound of dynamics) but after hearing stuff about its big bass, I'm a little hesistant. I...
  18. Acesi7

    Advice: UM Merlin vs. JH16

    Hey Guys, Has anyone heard both the UM Merlin and the JH16 full custom (not demo units). There's been some problems with the UM demo units that's currently being looked into, so I don't put much weight into the demo units and was wanting to know if anyone can really tell me the strengths and...
  19. Boond

    First custom IEMs.

    Hi, I want to buy a pair of custom IEMs for around $250 - $300.  I've heard good reviews about the Kozee X1, would the X2 be a good choice?  I listen to music such as Iron Maiden, Led Zeppelin and Russian Circles.   Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  20. ZarakiSan

    Broken UE-11's in the Netherlands - repairing options?

    So I had a very bad, rather gut-wretching accident with my UE-11's today... They fell on a tile floor and one of the shells shattered. The drivers seem to be fine and the cabling even looks to be intact.   Obviously I want to repair (which I guess means reshell) them...   Cutting to the...
  21. riddlezildjian

    SE535 vs JH5 (Had Westone 4's)

      Hey guys, so to cut it short I lost my Westone 4's at the airport and have finally given up looking for them in lost and found. I've looked through both SE535 and JH5 Impression threads (and the ones in between them), and narrowed it down to the two of these earphones.    My question is...
  22. riddlezildjian

    Mail Response from Jerry Harvey (JH5 vs JH10x3 vs JH16)

    Hey guys, so I emailed Brittany from JH Audio and Jerry replied the e-mail personally. I'm still on the fence to which customs I should get etc. and found real live responses to be of great help / reassurance so I'm sharing it.    My question:  So after ploughing through Headfi forums...
  23. tkalee

    Questions for iPod Touch users

      Hi, iTouch users. After my wife got an iPhone with her new job, I've been wanting one for myself, but the monthly contracts for a smartphone here are ridiculous, and that’s put me right off the iPhone. However, the idea of getting an iPod Touch for music and apps and keeping my mobile for...
  24. Megamorter

    LiveWires Warrenty

    I'm seriously considering getting livewires but i wanted to ask if they have a warrenty policy first. not trying to down the company, i just want to know because you never know if the headphone will stop functioning or you break it. will they fix it if it stops working (without my breaking it)...
  25. Pianist

    So what exactly is the point of BA IEMs with more than 2-3 drivers?

    I understand that one BA driver cannot cover the full audible frequency spectrum, so you need more BA drivers for that. Shouldn't 2 be enough though? Or 3 at most? Ok, maybe 4 MAX. lol But why squeeze even more drivers in there? I heard that doing so makes each driver do less work and so allows...