1. kiteki

    Custom IEM DYNAMIC driver reshelling service ≤ Ø14mm - $220

        I've been investigating the possibility of dynamic driver reshelling and contacting the various custom IEM companies on this planet.   Very few are willing to do it due to the nature of the proceedure, it's more complicated and they say it can take 5 to 6 times longer than a balanced...
  2. jigawatts

    Klipsch Custom 3 used for $75

    Not sure if this is allowed or not.  If not, feel free to close or delete this thread.  I just put my Klipsch Custom 3 up for sale on Amazon for $75 in case anyone is interested.  All original packaging and accessories included.  The only problem with them is that I cut away a small portion of...
  3. kiteki

    The diary entries of a little girl! ~ | ~ Latest memoir: oıpnɐ ןɐuıɟ

    Dear Diary!   ~ kiteki's adventures in audioland ~ __________________________________________________   ~ puɐןoıpnɐ uı sǝɹnʇuǝʌpɐ s,ıʞǝʇıʞ ~ ¡ʎɹɐıp ɹɐǝp           This thread is my diary, I'm just here to write whatever I want.       Post #1 - This   Post #2 -...
  4. drhoooon

    iPhone 4 and custom iems without lod amp

    hi I'm interested in unique melody miracle, I was wondering if it was worth the money if I plan to use just straight out of my iPhone 4 jack without any Dac/amp. I don't feel like carrying around that big mass along with my phone...
  5. Alghazanth

    Custom IEMs most like the LCD-2?

    This is somewhat of a long shot, but I'd greatly appreciate the opinions of anyone who has heard both.   The LCD-2 rev2 effectively ended my headphone quest, and I am looking for custom IEMs that come the closest to replicating its sound. These will be for strictly portable use, directly to...
  6. kiteki

    CK10 + ER-4 = UE700 custom IEM project + drivers.

      Hi, I'm thinking about combining the CK10 and ER-4 into a single custom IEM, the CK-4.     In other words, the Knowles TWFK along with the ED-29689.   I have two alternatives in mind, and then sub-alternatives.   a) TWFK + sub-bass driver + super-tweeter.   b) TWFK +...
  7. Katun

    Expensive IEMs and Traveling...

    Okay, so here's the problem.   I've always loved listening to music anywhere but at my desk. Unfortunately, I would always pool my money into a desktop system instead of a portable system because I knew my home rig would always be safe. But even to this day, I probably use my portable rig...
  8. shigzeo

    ACS T1 Custom Review and impressions thread!

    My ACS T1 review and all pictures can be found here I'll agree with those who don't like the appreciation threads even though I started one or two! So, as more and more people get their T1 customs, please put your pics 'n impressions here for all of us to get happy about. I'll be updating...
  9. ExpatinJapan

    Want new IEMS, thinking Westone 4

    I am after new IEMs (I thought of buying a new source at first).   Currently I am using Triple Fi 10s w/custom Audio Null cables, I am wanting a more fuller soundstage and a `wow` effect of further forward everything.   Will be using with a iPod touch 4G. LOD. Portable amp.  ...
  10. seaskimmer

    Ear impression cost?

    How much dis you guys pay for ear impressions? I read around and the average price seems to be $60 total, but all of the local audiologists are charging $60-100 per ear. How reasonable is this cost? I live in a small-ish city so many things are more expensive but is this a reasonable price?
  11. FullCircle

    Some Pictures of my Woodies by the "Wizard" AKA "The Grand Master"

    A while back, on a DYI thread, a fellow poster dubbed me the "Wizard" so I figured I'd post some pictures of my collection:
  12. eug

    Bose QC3 vs QC15, on top of custom IEMs

    What?? A question about which Bose headphone to get, on head-fi? OK once you guys have put your torches down, maybe someone can help me.   I'm going on a trip soon that involves lots of plane flights. I've always used my custom IEMs on flights, but find that they don't really block out the...
  13. dfkt

    Where to get UE custom IEM cables in Europe on the cheap?

    The cable on my UE11 is getting a bit long in the tooth, I'd like to get a fresh one.   Seeing as they are usually quite a bit overpriced - does anyone know a store in Europe that sells them for a reasonable price? Or are there clones/fakes of UE cables? I don't care as long as it lasts...
  14. dqnizer

    JH5 or Reshell TF10

    It seem to me that both are equally tempting.   Should i get the Reshell TF10 or JH5? I quite enjoy the TF10 but I heard wonders about the JH5... So was just thinking which is a better one?
  15. A

    Custom IEM socket issues

    Hey guys,   I got my UM customs (with additional drivers) from a warranty repair back today. The problem was that one of the units (right) had a loose socket which caused it to fall off the cable and crack. They've fixed it.   It took a long time, mostly because of postal issues on their...
  16. CharliyuAndCo

    A couple questions from a newbie... Custom cables, PA2V2, Kozee X1 Executive vs. Ultimate Ears 700, etc.

    Hey guys, I have been on these forums many times and now I have a couple questions that I have not seen answered here before. I f they have been asked before, please post a link. Questions: 1. Are making custom LODs, and IC's out of silver/copper really worth it?? Or can I just buy a Fiio L3...
  17. flamerz

    My earphones broke, and now I don't know any current models. Please help me find a new set.

    I'm looking to pay around $100, but the price is flexible. I like detailed lows, but other than that I'm open to a variety of sound signatures. A detailed or wide sound stage is a pro, but not a major concern. I'll mostly be using these on plane or bus rides, so comfort is a plus. I prefer stems...
  18. educatedkid

    IEM help

    hello im trying to buy my first pair of in ear monitors and i do not know which ones to get. I will mostly be listining to rap hip hop and techno. My price range is 175$ and under. I would rather get custom but universal are ok if they are comfertable
  19. jt7757

    Improved sound for jazz pianist for small gigs - discrete headphones / earphones?

    Hello there, first time post. I play piano in small jazz bands. Normally just used a small stereo PA.   I have always found that when I practise at home the piano sounds amazing through my Grado (or indeed any other) headphones.   When live my Yamaha Stagepas 300 PA doesn't sound as...
  20. bucknekked

    custom iem in Quebec city

    i live in quebec city and I was just wondering if anybody knew where I'd be able to get etymotic earbuds or get fitted for custom in-ear monitors?   I'd be willing to go up to montreal and even toronto if anybody knows of anyplace that will do it.   thanks in advance  
  21. dr__red

    Which extreme insulation in-ears in London?

    I am looking into the best sound insulation in-ear monitors one can get in London. I need to use the workstation for some heavy math  research in my study whilst the cretin on the other side of a brick wall is on bass-rich drunken rampage (complaining is not an option due to neighbour dispute...
  22. project86

    REVIEW: Unique Melody Merlin - hybrid dynamic/balanced armature custom IEM

              INTRO   In November of last year, I did a review of the Unique Melody Miracle custom in ear monitors. They set a new benchmark for me, surpassing my prior favorites of Westone ES3X and JH13pro. I was intent on making them my next purchase until I learned of a new...
  23. BurritoJimmy

    Audio-Technica ATH-M50 worth getting?

    Well i already have a pair of senn ie8s and i love them, but at school i listened to a friends full size headphones (not sure what they were though ) and I loved the feel and vibration of the bass all around my ears instead off just inside them. Now just looking around and I've seen a lot of...
  24. Spyro

    JH5 + Ibasso T3 = JH14.5 Type Sound!

    I've been missing the boat here for a while....and need to shed some (hopefully) useful information to other audiophile fans.   The whole point of this thread is to say "LISTENING HABITS AND SYNERGY WITH EQ AND PLAYERS IS HUGE" determinent in quality of the sound you wish for.   I just...