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Questions for iPod Touch users

  1. tkalee
    Hi, iTouch users. After my wife got an iPhone with her new job, I've been wanting one for myself, but the monthly contracts for a smartphone here are ridiculous, and that’s put me right off the iPhone. However, the idea of getting an iPod Touch for music and apps and keeping my mobile for calls is appealing.
    However, that means I’ll likely never use the iPod Touch’s wireless functions, so I had a few questions for iTouch users:
    1. Is it possible to use apps that periodically need a net connection (e.g. an offline RSS reader, or a language learning app) without having wireless at home? My hope is that I would be able to plug the iPod Touch into my computer’s USB port and transfer files, data etc that way.
    2. What’s the SQ like? Will it be ok unamped with my 1964 Quads? I know some people reckon it sounds dry.
    Any answers or insights welcome!
  2. tkalee
    Oops, wrong thread. Please post replies here.

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