1. sid12345678910

    $600 good sub bass Custom/Universal iems recommendations

    Hay guys   So recently i have lost my beloved atrios mg7 with the custom sleeve on them and i am now searching for replacements. I have increased my budget allot since when I was buying my atrios witch was $250. My new budget is now $600. I am looking for mostly costume iems since they seem...
  2. n3wdisea5e

    flex tip on custom in ears?

    any other monitor company offer these i swore i saw them before but cant find any good pics that arent stock photos of completed monitors .i ordered them on my alien ears g8s that should be here by tomorrow is there any real change in isolation or comfort?
  3. Ivabign

    1964 Ears A12 & A10 - ADEL Equipped 12BA & 10BA Driver Custom - Anticipation and Appreciation Thread

    As a backer of the 1964 Ears Kickstarter campaign in the form of the 12BA driver A12, I thought it might be nice to start a thread for anyone else who has a custom A12 or A10 on order.   A couple salient points -    We will be the first to receive product from the campaign - estimated...
  4. daanh

    iem recommendation

    Hi, I have a RSA Intruder balanced amp, which I use with a Fostex TH600. It sounds amazing, but I'd like to have IEM's also. What would be a good complimentation to the TH600? I want impactful bass, warm mids and silky highs. Some options: Hifiman re 400 Dunu dn1000 1964 quad Vsonic gr07...
  5. gearjunkie101

    Alien Ears - Simply the best

    Got my Quad Driver in ears from Alien Ears a few months ago.   After using them on multiple gigs weekly I can say...THEY ARE THE BEST QUALITY I HAVE EVER OWNED!  I give it up for Andre' and the team in Clearwater, FL.  I'll keep using for every in ear I ever need. 
  6. mordicai

    1964 Ears customer service.....None

    So what is it with 1964 Ears. I've sent them two e-mails from their web-site over the past month trying to audition stage 6 and v8 CIEMS but receive no response. I love my Fitears but would like to try a custom. Anyone have experience with them. I'm getting a bad taste about this company.
  7. ajcourtney

    1964 Quads Just Failed

    Just lost both bass drivers in my right monitor after only 18 months of relatively minor use - weekly Sunday AM performances at church and corporate video soundtrack on-site mixing.  Wondering if anyone else has experienced any problems like this or if my experience is a total fluke.
  8. slash

    1964 DeafEars near complete lack of customer service...

    Well, where to start.   1964 Ears is laughable, that is my experience, let me explain before I shut the door today.  This thread will hopefully prevent someone from having a similar experience.   I attempted to contact them for a demo Mid December by phone and eMail, (tomorrow is...
  9. darkwasim786

    Do i need a portable amp???

    Hi guys,    was contemplating weather to buy a portable amp for my 1964 q's and denon d2000's as of current i am powering these using my htc one. I was wondering if getting an amp would make the sound and all the notes better.   not looking for fiio, something more high end, if you guys...
  10. KeyvanM

    1964 Ears: Should I buy V3 or Q?

    After some deliberation, I have narrowed my choice for my first Custom IEM to 1964 Ears: I just have one question, V3's or Q's? Well, I guess a few questions. -Is it worth the money at all to get quads over the triple?   -The quads have dual low driver setup. But I want my new IEM's to...
  11. jtack

    Monster Miles Davis to 1964 Quad

    I currently have Monster Miles Davis Tributes and am thinking of going to 1964 Ears Quad. I am using a Cowon I Audio 9. Is the price justified in switching out my Monster's? I guess what I am wanting to know is if the 1964 Ears Quad is a big step up from the Monster's. Thanks!
  12. KwyjiboVenneri

    Thoughts on the new 1964 Ears V8

    I was just on the 1964 Ears website and saw that they released the new V8's. An eight driver IEM! https://1964ears.com/stores/product/27 What do you guys think?
  13. MattDGD


    I want a pair of Custom IEM's and i really need help with what brand to choose, is 1964any good  my price range is 600 and under, i would like 3 or 4 armature drivers! Help please:)
  14. flegendre

    Broken pins inside a custom IEM : any idea to fix it ?

    hi.   I have a 1964Q custom headphones and i have broken my cable on one side.   does anybody get this problem allready ?   I did not find a solution on head-fi.   I'm french so, maybe i did not use the right words for my research.   thanks
  15. S

    Looking for a custom IEM <$850 for my needs

    Hello Head-Fi community,   I'm looking for custom IEMs <$350 <$850 that fit my requirements. Here's a little more about what I am looking for in my IEMS-   -Build Quality: I want these in ears to last as long as possible, forever maybe, as I won’t be changing IEMs for a long time. I take...
  16. Waiteyus

    Full size vs iem vs custom

    Hi guys, I was hoping somebody which a bit of insight could give a basic list of pros and cons to the differences between the above. I have recently started getting into higher end headphones, I have purchased used and sold a few pairs of full size headphones including beats studios (I know...
  17. SennHI808

    Looking for first custom IEM, Heir Audio 4A or....?

    I am really looking into getting a pair of custom IEM's and seeing how I like them. I have come across countless reviews and impressions and have found myself at wanting the Heir Audio 4A's. I enjoy all kinds of music and am really looking for accuracy, clarity, and clean/tight bass. I have also...
  18. PChoon

    Custom IEM for Bassheads

    As the topic says,   i have been hunting around for a Custom for quite sometime to replace my Superfi EBs...   but i'm having a hard time in finding the correct replacement(upgrade)...   Could anyone point me in the right direction?   As i really love my EBs, the sub bass rumble...
  19. mayanez

    Custom IEM or Closed On Ear

    Hi everyone,   As of late my home rig, a LD MKIII with Sennheiser HD650's has been getting little use as I find myself doing work at the office and the library. I've been putting a lot of use into my IE7's. They are great but I've had them for the last 3 years and I think it's now time for...
  20. bashbro1216

    Best custom IEM for me

    I would like to keep my there price under $500 but will go a little over to get what I need.  I recently decided i need secure in-ear's for exercising and everyday use.  I am a bass head, so I need something with good bass but the mid and highs cant crap out either.  I have been looking at the...
  21. bl42ed0

    Best IEMs for electronic music under $450USD

    Looking for a pair of IEMs that are absolutely perfect for electronic music and maybe the occasional rock track. Some examples would be: Infected Mushroom, Shpongle, Purity Ring, Pink Floyd, and A Perfect Circle.
  22. Triggerfish

    Advice on final decision for custom IEMs

    Hey all, I'm trying to make my final decision as to which customs to go for.  It is down to the Dream Earz aud-5x, 1964-Q, or wondering if I should keep saving and go for the UM merlin.   As you can guess, I like a more fun and colorful sound with quite a bit of bass though not...
  23. l8ishop

    Help out with some custom IEM

    Greetings everyone! I was hoping someone could recommend some custom IEM's. I've read a lot of the posts about them but most people are looking for recommendations for the high end IEM's. As much as I'd love a pair of JH13's for example, I just can't bring myself to spend over $1k. I was looking...
  24. doublea71

    Any head-fiers using custom cables with their 1964 Quads? Would love to hear some feedback, if any. Cheers!

    Any head-fiers using custom cables with their 1964 Quads? Would love to hear some feedback, if any. Cheers!   Mine are being re-shelled and I want to find out how their sound changes after replacing the stock cables with something nicer, like Chris-Himself -built cables or others...
  25. AudioDwebe

    I'm going to try some customs...

    I've been curious about CIEMs for a while now and have decided to finally give them a try.  I've decided to go with 1964 Ears for several reasons.  First, price.  Second, I've read nothing but good things about them.  And finally, their location is just south of me by about 2 hours.  I figure...