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iem recommendation

  1. daanh
    Hi, I have a RSA Intruder balanced amp, which I use with a Fostex TH600. It sounds amazing, but I'd like to have IEM's also.

    What would be a good complimentation to the TH600?

    I want impactful bass, warm mids and silky highs. Some options:

    Hifiman re 400
    Dunu dn1000
    1964 quad
    Vsonic gr07

    Which of these will get me what i want?

    Thanks, Daan
  2. daanh
  3. OMGLadyGaga
    Have the vsonics gr07 bass edition and had re-400 til they died on me RIP, neither have impactful bass at all and are more neutral. With the Hifiman being too midrange focused and Vsonics being more treble oriented, ymmv but i like my bass. So RHA-750 and Yamaha-EPH-100 would be better choices than those two. No idea on the 1964, and i have read a lot of good things about the Dunu but never tried them.
  4. daanh
    Thanks OMG. I think I will try out the DUNU DN1000.
  5. OMGLadyGaga
    Please let me know what you think, as I'm really curious about them myself and reading about them is tough because it's hard getting through all the typical head fi hype for EVERYTHING
  6. Denzelwng4
    I will recommend 1964 ear V8, if budget is an issue and not into CIEM, JVC FX850 is best also...great soundstage and woody-warm tone. clarity is superb.

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