1. WwOliveros

    IEM Review - 1964Q's Remolded and Modified by InEarz

    Hey guys!  I’ve had my remolds from InEarz for about a week now, and I figured I’d write a review, since alot of people on this forum would like to hear some more info about this smaller in-ear company remolding an established brand like 1964 Ears, and I’d also like to give them some more...
  2. aamefford

    Reconfiguring my rig - Random updates on the journey

    *** EDIT *** This started out as a Q and A post, apparently either poorly written or lame...  It is now an occasional chronicle of my reconfiguring.   My concerns with Portable gear: I listen at low volume levels, and have trouble with the likes of the Headstage Arrow (too much gain.  Rob...
  3. lauraar90

    Help, 1964-Q vs Merlin as first custom IEM??

    Heya,   anyone have first hand experience or can direct me to a link which has a comparison between the two. They have apparently very similar drivers, except 4 vs 5, but there is a considerable price difference between the two, and I have also heard 1964 ears has very fast service.  ...
  4. ericeng91

    Looking for IEMs in the $500 range

    Hi all, it's been a while since I posted on here. Last time I was here, you guys helped me find my Head Direct RE0s.  These are great, but I think I'm ready for an upgrade.  I've chosen a budget range of $450-$550.  Of course I can go lower, but that is the ball park I'm looking for.  To give...
  5. twistedheaven

    CmoyBB amp enough to drive 1964-V6 or Q?

    Hi guys! Just some advice for a newb, soon to be completely poor after remembering I had an account here :) At current I have a jds labs cmoyBB portable amp with monster pro turbine golds which sound pretty good but I'm looking to get some custom iems from 1964 ears. I've been looking at...
  6. UpWaiting

    Whats the best Balanced Armature iem you have ever tried?

    Whats the best Balanced Armature iem you have ever tried? Mine is the Westone um3x
  7. HwangMiHee

    Help me find custom in-ear monitors

    Hello guys I am having serious issues about the neighbor's dog. Additionally my Dad has decided to give me a set of custom in-ear monitors for christmas. This will help me listen to music while isolating me from the noise outside. This thread is about the earphones, not how to send a...
  8. 1964 Ears 1964-Q Quad Driver Custom IEM

    1964 Ears 1964-Q Quad Driver Custom IEM

    Our quad driver is the flagship model that was developed with bass lovers in mind. It reaches to the lowest of lows while still keeping the mids and the highs crisp and clear. With four balanced armature drivers per ear, their sound signature is sure to please drummers, bass players and the like.