1. Triggerfish

    Advice on final decision for custom IEMs

    Hey all, I'm trying to make my final decision as to which customs to go for.  It is down to the Dream Earz aud-5x, 1964-Q, or wondering if I should keep saving and go for the UM merlin.   As you can guess, I like a more fun and colorful sound with quite a bit of bass though not...
  2. l8ishop

    Help out with some custom IEM

    Greetings everyone! I was hoping someone could recommend some custom IEM's. I've read a lot of the posts about them but most people are looking for recommendations for the high end IEM's. As much as I'd love a pair of JH13's for example, I just can't bring myself to spend over $1k. I was looking...
  3. doublea71

    Any head-fiers using custom cables with their 1964 Quads? Would love to hear some feedback, if any. Cheers!

    Any head-fiers using custom cables with their 1964 Quads? Would love to hear some feedback, if any. Cheers!   Mine are being re-shelled and I want to find out how their sound changes after replacing the stock cables with something nicer, like Chris-Himself -built cables or others...
  4. AudioDwebe

    I'm going to try some customs...

    I've been curious about CIEMs for a while now and have decided to finally give them a try.  I've decided to go with 1964 Ears for several reasons.  First, price.  Second, I've read nothing but good things about them.  And finally, their location is just south of me by about 2 hours.  I figure...
  5. Wobble

    JH 11Pro vs 1964-Q IEM

    ok im kinda new at this and I'm looking for a good IEM for drumming, I'm looking at the 11Pro's and the Quads and haven't found anything good really as far as comparisons go. So with price not being an issue which ones would best suit me? Im a big fan of the low end but don't want to sacrifice...
  6. leothurpv

    I want to have a baby! Anyone help? (Reps please read)

    Helloha, yes, I am looking for a someone to have a baby with.   Fed up am I, with forced choices between charactoristics and specs.  I want to remold my 1964-T quads but add in all the drivers from my 6 driver Miracles! Yes I appreciate this sounds sort of Frankenstein-esque and the size may...
  7. AyeVeeN

    Custom or Universal at ~$200~$400?

    I've been using headphones for awhile (HD25-ii for on-the-go, FA-011 at home w/ E9 whenever I feel like using it though usually just use my M200mkii's. More recently been using MP8320s though just because they're more convenient than using HD25-ii's), and would like to switch because they're...
  8. JazzDeath

    IEM choices for metal drummers (Price Range - 200 to 500$)

    Hello everyone!   My band has been playing lately with in-ear monitors, and my guitarists and singer all bought themselves some Shure Se535s. I had been using a low-end pair of Klipsch s4i's plugged directly into the console's headphone input so that I could monitor not only all of the...
  9. tiesto141141

    Amp for my 1964 Quads with macbook pro : FiiO E10 Vs Hi-Fi Man EF2A ?

      Hello everybody !   I own Quads 1964 ears IEM since a year, they sound fantastic, but I'd like to buy a USB AMP, i heard good things on the Hi-Fi Man EF2A and FiiO E10, which one would you recommend to me ? and if there is another amp better in the same price range as the Hifi man ?   ...
  10. ibkurtbrown

    Inexpensive custom in-ear suggestions?

      I have spent hours and hours reading postings and reviews and am just looking for suggestions on the best, economical custom in-ear monitor. I am thinking probably duals would be good? I currently have a pair of Shure E3s that I like.   I play in an acoustic duo (guitar and ukulele) and...
  11. Davienr

    Custom In-Ear Monitors (First Time Buyer)

    Hey guys,   Im interested in buying some custom in ear monitors and was wondering if you could offer some reccomendations.   My budget is around $700 or so.   I have been looking at the 1964-Q's and they look pretty decent, but any feedback/advice is appreciated.   Thanks.
  12. Samehada

    500€ Budget: Custom or Universals ?

    Hello people,   iam checkin various reviews and equal topics for quite some time now and cant really decide on my next step. As the title says iam kinda lookin forward to buy some new IEMs while having a budget of 500€(+100max)   Products that caught my interest are Customs from...
  13. PJ11

    Best entry-level amp for 1964Qs and an iphone?

    I'm looking for a portable amp to drive my 1964Qs preferably for under $100 to use with an iphone and ipod touch. I'm obviously new to this world but I've escalated up from a couple of universal iems (Shure SE215s to UE 700s) and now diving head-first into customs with ALAC conversion, an amp...
  14. Methos1979

    Your experiences: 1964 vs. LiveWires vs. Kozee

    I'm jumping into the custom monitor pond after a long wait.  I've narrowed it down to the above three companies as all three have similar products at similar prices.  Right kinda leaning towards the 1964's with the LiveWires as a close second.    I'm looking for actual experiences with these...
  15. VictorHalgaard

    Tube Amps with D7000 - No go?

    Hi, after lurking the forums i found it to be the general consensus that Tube amps and Denon D7000 won't go together...Why? I just tried out the gorgeous Argon HA 2 (The only tube amp my local retailer had) with them, and it sounded pretty darn amazing to me... It was my first experience with...
  16. greenmac

    Need advice on new customs

    have a pair of um3x remolded already Looking at what else might provide another step up Considering the following : Um18 Jh13 Jh16 1964 quads I listen to modern rock stuff, acoustics and like bass Use iPod nano and pico slim with twag v2 micro lod Would welcome your views
  17. zerocoool

    Customs for up to 600$

    Hello everyone   I want to buy a custom IEM to upgrade the listening experience, and i would like to hear what do you recommend for my first custom? and fot up to 600$ what do you think is the best choice   my first choice is Unique Melody Aero   but if there are another alternative ...
  18. VolcomStone

    Headphones with Similar Sound to MTPGs?

    Guys, I was just wondering if there were any headphones out there that had a similar sound signature to Monster Turbine Pro Golds. I love my Golds a ton, I just feel like over-ear my benefit me more, since I have weird shaped ears. I guess the other option is to go for customs (which I would...
  19. tkalee

    Questions for iPod Touch users

      Hi, iTouch users. After my wife got an iPhone with her new job, I've been wanting one for myself, but the monthly contracts for a smartphone here are ridiculous, and that’s put me right off the iPhone. However, the idea of getting an iPod Touch for music and apps and keeping my mobile for...
  20. Wraist

    UE 4 Pro or 1964 Ears Quad (1964-Q), Please help ... A poor noobie tread :(

    Hi guys, I am currently looking to buy out some custom In-Ear monitors and I was wondering wich of theses two models were the best choice I could make, I know for sure that UE has alredy a great reputation where 1964 Ears is a starting company. I read the review of both theses ears and the UE 4...
  21. inkerbelle

    Help with IEMs for sleep for someone with chronic pain

    Hello - I first want to start with an apology for starting yet another thread on this subject. I have been searching your archives for information related to this issue, as well as reading the very wonderful comprehensive IEM review page listed here. I have been trying to do my due diligence in...
  22. DanielofDenmark

    What customs are right for me?

    Hey guys,   After some consideration the last few weeks I've been seriously considering selling most of my head-fi gear and purchase a pair of custom IEM's. I don't really have a budget, all I'll say is the JH3A is out of my budget.   I thoroughly enjoy the sound coming from my Westone...
  23. hayzai

    any advice as for whether i should get the 1964q custom iems?

    Hi, i have owned my ultimate ears trple fis for a while now. I love the sound signature of it but i am now considering an upgrade. I wonder if how the 1964 q compares to the triple fi??thanks!
  24. lance-duncannon

    1964-T Ears vs. EarSonics SM3

    I am thinking about buying 1964-T customs but i'm wondering if I should just get universal fits for that price that sound better, like the EarSonics SM3. Is the sound quality for customs different than universals?   I have about $400 max to spend, and if universals in that price range do...