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    Drumming, Composing Music, playing guitar/bass, Cooking, Working out.
    Drumming, Composing Music, playing guitar/bass, Cooking, Working out. ... didn't you ask this question already?
    Headphone Inventory:

    Vsonic Gr07 MkII: My in ear-monitors for drumming - will be replacing them with custom IEMS when I can afford them, very uncomfortable for me. Had the MkI before, very sibilant at first (without burn-in) and the right earpiece stopped working. Was replaced free of charge by lendmeurears for the MKII. Great service on their part.

    MKII definitely has better cabling, and less sibilance off the bat. Still just as uncomfortable though, and any non-standard tips will stay in my ears and require removal by plyers.

    Also, included Foam tips disintegrated inside my ear and I had to get someone to remove pieces with plyers - beware.


    Shure Srh1440: Gifted to me - I definitely think there's better for the price, but considering how they're sturdy, comfortable, the cable is good quality, easily replaceable, and they look good, I find it hard to part with them/Trade them. Very reliable headphones. Harsh on the high-ends though at first. Unsure if you get used to it or it tapers off with burn-in.

    My opinion is to be taken with a grain of salt considering I have no dedicated amp or DAC to test them in, so theyh might have much more potential, and paired properly, it might remove the slight harshness in the high range. Very airy headphones though. Definitely better suited for Classical listening than Hard Rock/Metal.

    Superlux HD 668 b

    Complete Garbage. I only own them as a spare backup, and would not recommend them to anyone. Horrid peak in the mid/treble range.

    Not much currently... I'm low budget with expensive taste, so I prefer saving up to get something decent over owning 5 different pairs of crappy headphones =P. Next on my list is definitely a pair of Orthodynamics... he 400 or 500 =D.
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Computer sound card =*(
    Source Inventory:
    Computer sound card =(
    Cable Inventory:
    Power-Related Components:
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Professional musicians gear, too much to list.
    Music Preferences:
    Extreme, Progressive, Technical, Experimental Metal.
    Jazz Fusion
    Classical, in particular Piano Sonatas and modern Russian composers.
    Instrumental Music.
    Prog Rock
    Dark Psytrance/Goa

    My Levetron Mech5 keyboard, Aiva Ghost mouse.
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