1964 Ears: Should I buy V3 or Q?
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Aug 16, 2012
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Aug 16, 2012
After some deliberation, I have narrowed my choice for my first Custom IEM to 1964 Ears: I just have one question, V3's or Q's?

Well, I guess a few questions.

-Is it worth the money at all to get quads over the triple?

-The quads have dual low driver setup. But I want my new IEM's to deliver more crisp, sparkly highs than my last UIEM's, the Westone Um3X RC's. Would the fact that the Quads are low end optimized, make them less awesome in the area of highs or possibly mids, as opposed to the V3's? 

Quads: "Our quad driver is the flagship model that was developed with bass lovers in mind. It reaches to the lowest of lows while still keeping the mids and the highs crisp and clear.  With four balanced armature drivers per ear, their sound signature is sure to please drummers, bass players and the like. http://www.1964ears.com/products_quads.html

V3: "The V3  triple driver was designed for a full spectrum sound with a slight emphasis on the bass region. Its the most natural sounding IEM without being sterile and boring. This model is recommended for stage use, studio and portable music listening.

I do my listening at not the most high end setup, but still try to keep things bearable; almost all my music is converted to 320 kbps; I have neither the "golden ear" nor the hard drive space to do active listening to FLAC. (I've read about the controversy whether people can ever hear sonic differences in audio clips between FLAC quality and 320 MP3, so I try not to waste my time haha). I am mostly a listen to Metal, and progressive, tight metal outfits at that. i.e, tesseract, periphery, veil of maya; all those "djent" bands and whatnot. I listen to all genre's though, anything thats not country music is my jam lol. 
I'm looking to move on from my current Universal IEM's, The Westone UM3X RC's, to a custom 1964 Ears model.
-I think what i'm looking for isn't picky, I think I just perhaps crave a more tweaked sound. I'm looking for more Mids and Highs: more crisp and "glass-shattering". The lows and bass: The UM3X are on point here, if not slightly, and I mean only very slightly, excessive. I still want that skull shaker, but not at the cost of clarity and in frequency/instrument separation. Recommendation?
Thanks for the help!
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