1. dogears

    UE sf5v2 in Custom Shell

    by Stage93 Singapore:
  2. tiesto141141

    Amp for my 1964 Quads with macbook pro : FiiO E10 Vs Hi-Fi Man EF2A ?

      Hello everybody !   I own Quads 1964 ears IEM since a year, they sound fantastic, but I'd like to buy a USB AMP, i heard good things on the Hi-Fi Man EF2A and FiiO E10, which one would you recommend to me ? and if there is another amp better in the same price range as the Hifi man ?   ...
  3. elecsheep9

    Customs / Import Duty on a Little Dot MK IV into the US

    To all who have purchased the Little Dot MK IV SE into the USA, how much was the Import Duty?  How does the process work?  Is it held in customs for a long time or is a quick process?   Thanks.
  4. AuralHygiene

    Aurisonics Impressions and Reviews

    Aurisonics is now a Featured Sponsor of, Congrats!!   History of Aurisonic News annoucements   Note: Due to the thread exploding in the past few weeks, Please utilize the following threads for relevant topics:   Customer service experience with SpringTree   Discussion...
  5. KimChee

    Is It Possible to Have a Custom IEM Forum?

    Like title states wonder if this would be possible or overkill?  What do you guys think?
  6. calipilot227

    Venturing into customs. Reshelled TF10 vs 1964-T

    Hey guys,   I decided I've fooled around long enough with universals. I've tried almost every style of IEM (shallow vs. deep insert) and can't seem to find one that fits my ears, particularly the right one. So I've decided the only logical route would be customs.   However, I do realize...
  7. vii_haven

    To add or not to add a driver - for custom reshell.

    I'm planning to reshell my triple.fis and am wondering whether its worth shelling out the extra cash to add a driver to make it a quad driver per side CIEM.   Anyone that has added drivers would care to share the sonic differences before and after the addition of the driver?
  8. Ulti

    DIY Impressions or recommended London impressions taker?

    Well being a student, I'd like to save some money wherever possible. I'm now planning to get Heir Audio's 3.A and was wondering between making my own impressions versus going to an audiologist in London. Things in the city are never cheap so obviously I'd want to make my own impressions.   I...
  9. odiofile

    tf10 vs sm3...head to head direct comparison

    Used teclast t51>headstage arrow 3g>sony hybrid tips   first thing is first.....tf10 or sm3....I think both are amazing product.....if you think sm3 is an upgrade from are is a matter of taste when you get to this point.   The first time I listened to tf10 I was...
  10. Hellbike

    custom vs universal fit

    What is the difference between custom and universal fit in-ear headphones?
  11. ljokerl

    Review: Clear Tune Monitors CTM-200 dual-driver custom

      Clear Tune Monitors operates out of Orlando, Florida, with a half dozen auxiliary offices open throughout Europe and South America. Compared to some of the other customs manufacturers discussed on Head-Fi, CTM is a fairly large outfit with professional clients all over the world. The company...
  12. alexll

    Custom Ear Piece for Apple In Ear Headphones ?!

    Hi   I recently got the apple in ear headphones and none of the ear pieces really fits and I was wondering if you I can get custom made ear pieces for them.   I'm new to IEM and the whole custom thing and googleing that stuff confused me a bit - I don't think I need $500+ IEMs (yet)...
  13. sirpaul896

    Custom IEM users, I need some advice!

    Hello everyone,   I have been using the UE TF10 vi for about a year now - sound quality is best I've heard in IEMs, and I couldn't be happier with them. One thing I've always wanted though, is a set of good customs. Being way out of the price range I could afford, this desire has mostly...
  14. fusionramjet

    Custom IEMs compared to Universals?

    Hi, I'm thinking about upgrading from my Ultimate Ears 10 (I use an Apple iPod Nano --> Sendstation Pocketdock line out --> NuForce Icon --> UE TF10). I like the TF10 A LOT better than my previous Shure SE115, which sounded comparatively VERY muddy and bass-heavy. My preference in...
  15. chef8489

    Lets see your customs.

    There was a thread like this a long time ago but could not find it. SO here it is . Lets see your custom iems.
  16. jubilee2184

    1964 T or Unique melody Miracle

    OK I'm not sure which one  to get i need help guys and gals I'M a performing musician in gospel music, would use them on stage and in church Sunday morning. I play pretty big venues so equipment it would be connected to would be pretty good so I need your opinions on what I should do?    
  17. Laptopia

    Comparison of Customer Service for Ultimate Ears and Westone Custom IEMs

    I am a recent purchaser of two custom IEMs, the UE11 and ES2, made by Ultimate Ears and Westone, respectively. Both have some fit issues: One of the Westone earpieces extends too far from my ear, and one of the UE11 earpieces does not allow a good seal. The finish on the UE11s was sub-par as...
  18. PedroH

    Best portable DAC / AMP integrated combo?

    My portable source is a MacBookAir 11inch 2011 playing ALAC via Decibel. My portable headphones are Earsonics SM3. I listen most to Rock, Hardrock, Progressive, Pop, HipHop and Jazz (relevance descending order)   What should I put between the source and the headphones to improve sq and...
  19. tominated

    Re-shell Klipsch Custom 2 or get new phones?

    Hey Guys,   My pair of Klipsch Custom 2s is starting to fall apart (it's had a pretty good run compared to most other stories I have heard) and I am not sure if I should get a custom re-shell or a whole new pair. I usually use them with my 5th gen iPod on the bus (although i'll probably use...
  20. ibkurtbrown

    Inexpensive custom in-ear suggestions?

      I have spent hours and hours reading postings and reviews and am just looking for suggestions on the best, economical custom in-ear monitor. I am thinking probably duals would be good? I currently have a pair of Shure E3s that I like.   I play in an acoustic duo (guitar and ukulele) and...
  21. average_joe

    Jerry Harvey Audio JH16 Review: 8 drivers of fun

    Jerry Harvey Audio JH16 Review: 8 drivers of fun     Jerry Harvey Audio is one of the most popular custom IEM brands on head-fi, if not the most popular.  They are also very popular outside of head-fi with the professional musician crowd, more than likely because the company was founded...
  22. Evilcalyptic

    Getting Some Custom IEMs, will do a Site Review

    Within the next cupple weeks ill be shelling out a cupple pretty pennies for 3 sets of customs from custom-iem   I plan on upgrading my Sennheiser IE8 to the x3 driver upgrade (Dynamic Low and BA mid, BA High)   Upgrading and reshelling my shure SE535 CLs to the x8 Driver upgrade (2BA...
  23. mvw2

    The earphone collection - The fact that we can never really settle on just one - Comment on your favorites

    Anyone else notice this?   As much as a try to find the "best," "most fitting," or otherwise "ideal" earphone out there, I keep finding myself wanting a range of products.  It's not so much that I prefer different products for different genres.  It's simply that no one product offers the...
  24. Hente

    Problem with ears itching & tri-flange tips.

    Hiya, i'm using the Thinksound TS02s with the tri-flange tips that came with my MEElectronics M6. As soon as I put these things in my ears they start to itch like crazy. I can stand it for around 10 - 20 mins before I go and scratch them, I look like an idiot whenever I do this and it feels so...
  25. Methos1979

    Your experiences: 1964 vs. LiveWires vs. Kozee

    I'm jumping into the custom monitor pond after a long wait.  I've narrowed it down to the above three companies as all three have similar products at similar prices.  Right kinda leaning towards the 1964's with the LiveWires as a close second.    I'm looking for actual experiences with these...