1. average_joe

    Unique Melody Platform Pure 6 (PP6) - review (1st post), discussion, appreciation, & tour thread

    Unique Melody Platform Pure | PP6: Active euphoria       Unique Melody is no stranger to making high quality custom IEM products as they have been a favorite in the audiophile world and on head-fi for years.  The Miracle and Merlin are very well reviewed, however I have only heard poor...
  2. what?

    $168 Customs Fisher/in ears.

    My first 'custom' arrived today, from fisher/in ears., had em in about 60 minutes so far, im VERY impressed, fit and comfort is excellent ( i made my own impressions) i had them use a pair of MEElectronics A151 as i wasnt ready to drop a lot of money into my first customs, just in case.   i...
  3. leothurpv

    I want to have a baby! Anyone help? (Reps please read)

    Helloha, yes, I am looking for a someone to have a baby with.   Fed up am I, with forced choices between charactoristics and specs.  I want to remold my 1964-T quads but add in all the drivers from my 6 driver Miracles! Yes I appreciate this sounds sort of Frankenstein-esque and the size may...
  4. MinMay

    Lost my Westone 3 IEM, now looking for recommendation on something new

    Hello,   I lost my Westone 3 over the weekend.  :(  It has been such a sad week for me.  I never knew how precious until it's gone :(   I'm looking to buy something different or better than the Westone 3.   Do you have any recommendation?  I listen to all type of music such as...
  5. MC LeBron 23

    Questions on Reshelling IEMs.

    Hello, Its been a while since I last visited the forum.   Anyway, I've been luking around the forums seeing what people suggeest for a good IEM for rap/hip hop. I pretty much picked the UE TF10. It seemed to be the best for my needs (bass) without disorting the clarity of the vocals. They...
  6. AyeVeeN

    Custom or Universal at ~$200~$400?

    I've been using headphones for awhile (HD25-ii for on-the-go, FA-011 at home w/ E9 whenever I feel like using it though usually just use my M200mkii's. More recently been using MP8320s though just because they're more convenient than using HD25-ii's), and would like to switch because they're...
  7. blazer78

    how to protect your ear mold impressions during shipping

    So I received my ear mold impressions in their neat little box. Is it safe to just "surround" the molds with soft cotton balls, then close the box and surround that with bubble wrap?
  8. EZPZ

    CIEM(s) with CK10-Type Sound Signature?

    Hey fellow head-fiers,   I'm looking for a CIEM that has excellent imaging, great extension on both sides of the spectrum, controlled bass, neutral or slightly forward mids, and a nice sparkly treble. Also, an airy presentation and a well rounded 3D soundstage would be ideal.  ...
  9. tomo3014

    Rooth Custom IEM 8driver IEM LS8, $830 Dollar SALE!!!!

    Imagine being able to hear things you never heard before. Imagine that your favorite song had much more to offer you.  Now you can feel this indescribable experience with the Rooth LS8.  LS8 is a 8 Drive Balanced Armature Custom IEM from Rooth.  Rooth was one of the first companies working...
  10. average_joe

    Hidition NT-6 Custom IEM Review: The Ultimate Reference?

    Hidition NT-6 Custom IEM Review: The Ultimate Reference?     Hidition, located in Korea, has been making custom IEMs for quite some time but recently just revamped their lineup and website.  Their products are primarily sold through stores in Korea, but they are now selling...
  11. average_joe

    Dream Earz aud-5X Custom IEM Review: Pure Value @ $565 - Also the appreciation thread!

    Dream Earz aud-5X Custom IEM Review: Pure Value     I found DRM Earz while scouring the internet for custom IEM companies for my manufacturer resource and was surprised no one on head-fi had found them yet.  I decided to shoot them an email and find out more.  Mitch Marcum, a performing...
  12. tomllm

    Customs on customs!

    I have made the decision to take the plunge on a pair of customs now that my sister has just about stolen my pair of Westone 3s, although it's going to take a while to gather the funds for the whole process.  From what I have read, I believe the Heir Audio 8.A fits what I'm looking for the best...
  13. LemanRuss9

    Fit Ear Custom in ear monitor and Universal in ear monitor

    Hello head-fi has anyone try this brand? i know this from jude's video in youtube.Really Interested with this.maybe another replacement to my shure SE535.
  14. ljokerl

    Review: Spiral Ear SE 3-way Reference – Powerful Sound, Immense Isolation

    Operating out of Poland, Spiral Ear is a custom IEM company offering a variety of silicone-shelled earphones designed for music professionals. The 3-way Reference is positioned in the middle of the range and offered in both fixed-cable and detachable cable variants, priced at €575 (est. $740)...
  15. amilopowers

    Upgrade or not

    Hi Folks,   i am kind of audiophile, but about what am i talking, i think every body here is.    Actually i am using my iPhone 4 with a Shure SE315 (i didn't found it in your ranking...). My files are most in 256kbit/s AAC compression.    Is it worth to upgrade to a Sennheiser IE8 or...
  16. rmappita

    Video - Inserting your custom IEM

    I made this video to show people thats getting into customs IEM,  how to insert them. I recommend watch in HD                Thank  You,      Rodrigo Pita
  17. wh85

    Custom IEM Isolation/Seal Question

    Hi, i recently got a custom IEM, JH13s. I came from a Westone 4 and being new to custom iems, i'm not sure about the fit, seal and isolation my jh13s provide.   I used my westone 4 with olives, so usually i can barely hear ambient noises and people talking around me, even without music...
  18. Audiophile_Apprentice

    Etymotic Er-4 Custom Tips: Which ones?

    I am considering custom tips for my Etymotic ER-4P's, and am trying to decide which ones to get. The two options seem to be:   1) Etymotic Custom-Fit - Made by Microsonic in the US   2) Sensaphonics Custom Tips     Can anyone tell me which of these are the best? Most importantly...
  19. williammm91

    How should custom IEM perfect fit feel like in the ears?

    I just recently got my Quads 1964 Ears and they sound wonderful! But the feel in the two ears are different and I would like to know which fit is closer to the perfect fit.   Description of feeling: When i place the left earphone it in my ears and its fully secure the pressure exerted on...
  20. bubsdaddy

    Explain to me how customs provide a seal

    I have never experienced customs but I am intrigued by the thought of re-shelling my TF10. I guess what I don't understand is how a hard acrylic or plastic shell, even one that is molded for my ear, can seal better than a rubber or foam tip. Rubber and foam both expand to form a gasket like...
  21. danpong

    Customs IEM and how long it last??

    Hi I've been reading up about custom IEM to this point and I have try and use many universal IEMs and Headphones.  Some gets here and some get retail.  Now I'm really consider the custom IEM path.    I've talk with some people at westone at CES las vegas and ask them why only 1 year...
  22. samsquanch

    Shure SE535 or 1964 T?

    Since it's almost tax return time, and because the ibasso player costs too much for my tastes, I've decided to get some nice in ears.  At the moment I've got it narrowed down to either the Shure SE535 or 1964 T.    I listen mostly to 70's prog/psych/heavy rock, thrash metal, and early heavy...
  23. LostMySelf

    Time for customs! ES5 vs. JH13 vs. Miracle

    I've decided to go customs this year, coming from a pair of Shure SE535's I've owned for a couple of months and am very satisfied with. I would like to get ALOT of input on the three I put in the title as I would start crying making the wrong decision.   I like the sound signature of the...
  24. CurseTheSky

    Looking for IEM Recommendations - $150-250, Rock / Metal

    Hi guys,   I've been reading up on various Head-Fi reviews and impressions for a while now, but I just can't decide what to drop my money on.   I'm using a set of Klipsch S4's right now. They fit well and they're overall so-so, but I want something with better clarity. I prefer something...
  25. PacoP

    A young audio enthusiast looking for advise on how to make a career out of it

    Since I placed my order about a month ago for some JH16's alot of things have happened in my life that make me want to do what I love to do more than ever and that is mixing sound and making music. I have no one locally that I know of to ask for advice so I decided to make a thread hoping in...