1. NonApplicable

    Purely SQ: Fullsized vs IEMs

    I've been debating with myself lately if to let go of my SR325is(let me know what you think of my price btw) and go with top tier universal IEMs. I searched for a consensus on these forums to no avail. My belief is that Fullsize headphones have more bang for their buck, is this true? When you...
  2. rachaelzlzl

    My equipment on the plane

    My equipment on the plane JH13+ALO DOCK+ALO SXC+RSA P51+IP4 Thank for view
  3. Manic Music

    1964 IEM and the Replacement Cable for TripleFi 10vi

    Does anyone know if I can use the Replacement Cable for TripleFi 10vi to turn some 1964 Ears into iPhone friendly IEM?   Is the connector the same? On the UE website it states "46" Replacement Cable with integrated microphone and on-cord control for TripleFi 10vi – NOT COMPATIBLE with Custom...
  4. inkerbelle

    Help with IEMs for sleep for someone with chronic pain

    Hello - I first want to start with an apology for starting yet another thread on this subject. I have been searching your archives for information related to this issue, as well as reading the very wonderful comprehensive IEM review page listed here. I have been trying to do my due diligence in...
  5. metreonfuture

    US made er4s or chinese made hf5? or something else?

    I was wanting to do full custom for less that $200, but i don't know of a way to do that and buy a US made product. should i just stop feeling guilty for not supporting US workers, or is there something out there that fits what i'm looking for?
  6. melomaniac

    custom IEM owners - what is your cable?

    hello all - please tell us what cable you use on your custom IEMs. no discussion of whether or not cables are this or that, please.
  7. metreonfuture

    ety the cheapest custom tipped full range IEM?

    Are there any other manufacturers out there that can offer custom tipped IEMs that are full range (this counts out 1967 ears) for less than $300 total with tips (that's what i can get the ety's er4 for with out or warranty program)?
  8. shigzeo

    Earsonics EM3Pro Impressions and Review thread

      I've just completed a review of the great Earsonics SM3, a professional universal monitor and would like to opine briefly about their well-fed, expensive brother, the EM3Pro. I have a preview of the EM3Pro here with pictures (I hate to give Huddler asset rights to my flickr account).  ...
  9. kelthalas

    Westone ES5 vs JH13 vs JH16 vs UERM?

    Hi guys!   I recently lost my SM3 and I figured , hey, its fate asking me to upgrade my IEMs. I have owned the UM1 and SM3 and I found the SM3 extremely satisfying to my ears. Been lurking around this forums for quite some time and decided to go into customs. Researched for quite a while and...
  10. kaixax555

    Stage 93 custom monitors   Singapore-based custom monitor company Anyone tried this before?   Searched around here but could not find any reviews about them
  11. CCh1uK

    (Noob need advise) Choice Between ES-5 and JH 13 Pro.

    Hi Guys, This is my first thread in Head-Fi, I'd like to ask few questions about ES-5 and JH 13 Pro.   Already spend some time to read those thread about those two Custom IEM but still hope you guys can give me advise on choosing one of them.   For Now I'm using HM-601 to drive my...
  12. wifebeater

    Ulitmate Ears and JH Audio $1,300 scam?

    Hello, I want to spend more than $1,000 on an item I can't return and have never tested before. Before I do I'd like to know if what JHaudio and Ultimate Ears claim is true? Do they really produce the best sound quality IEMs in the world. Their marketing is great "more is better" and the "famous...
  13. Manyak

    JH16's, with or without JH-3A?

    I'm interested in buying JH-16 IEMs, but I'm wondering about the DSP. The thing is that when I'm at home I'm going to be using them to listen to a lot of vinyl, and I'm worried that the DSP might ruin that analog sound. Does anyone know if it will or not? And is it really worth getting in the...
  14. bbrunskill

    Hi! Please recommend some custom IEM's for this newbie . . . .

    Hi, guys and girls!   I'm looking for some new IEM's. Right now, I have some universal UE's, I can't remember the model, but they are dual driver.   And I hate them.    I'm a worship pastor, and in my job, I'm playing live music at least 4 times a week, often more. I'm very active...
  15. Techno

    Sony MDR-XB40EX vs Sennheiser CX-300 II Precision

    Howdy guys! New to Head-Fi... Just need your advice on a rather difficult question>>>>   WHICH ONE TO BUY FROM THESE TWO: Sony MDR-XB40EX or the Sennheiser CX-300 II Precision   I love Hip-Hop, Rock, Reggage( love to hear those awesome - super low-frequency BASSes), but that dosen't...
  16. average_joe

    M-Fidelity (formerly Starkey Norway) SA-43 Custom IEM Review: Expansive Space + Options

    Starkey M-Fidelity SA-43: Expansive Space + Options   Starkey M-Fidelity is located in Norway and makes a full line of custom IEMs from single drivers through their flagship 3-way 4-driver SA-43.  Starkey designs the SA line of products including hearing aids, custom IEMs, hearing...
  17. Jcaudio

    Only had my Sennheiser Hd-800's for 3 hours and wife is yelling at me:( help!- Need advice before I sell them

    Struggling trying to find perfect headphones. Owned the Audeze LCD-2's which I liked but did not like the weight. So I order a brand new pair of Sennheiser HD-800's which I got today, brought them home tonight to listen through my new Woo Audio W6 SE and was promptly told by my wife she can hear...
  18. DavidMahler

    A poll about headphone model differences

    Sometimes when headphone companies add a variation to their pre-existing model they don't always change the model name.  Most recently, the Audeze LCD-2 (one of my favorite headphones) which has a few variations in cosmetics and most recently in sound signature.   How do you feel about this...
  19. haibane

    earplug/iem custom

    Does anyone offer one custom mold that can work with both IEMs and ear plugs?
  20. maguire

    UM MIRACLE : I was gob smacked!!!!!!!

    Made some enquires re custom IEM's not too long ago here, and at the time had JH16 and Miracles on my radar, also Westones ES5's. Well Matt from UM Australia got in touch with me and we arranged to meet up. He came around to my place Brought along The Merlin Demo as i have the IE8 , which have...
  21. DanielofDenmark

    What customs are right for me?

    Hey guys,   After some consideration the last few weeks I've been seriously considering selling most of my head-fi gear and purchase a pair of custom IEM's. I don't really have a budget, all I'll say is the JH3A is out of my budget.   I thoroughly enjoy the sound coming from my Westone...
  22. Starsky5000

    Whats the Best Dual Driver Earphones on the Market?

    I am looking for the BEST dual driver earphones on the market? I would like to give you an idea of exactly what type of earphone i am looking for: I am looking for an earphone with a neutral\balanced and showing no noticeable leaning towards neither bass, mids nor highs & certainly no...
  23. Lazerborg

    Possible to repair or sell damaged Klipsch Custom 3s?

    I have had a pair of Klipsch custom-3 IEMs for the past few years, and they recently fell victim to a friend's dog; he chewed up one of the foam earbuds (not a big loss) and managed to open the back of one of the earpieces and did some damage to the inside. They still work, with the damaged...
  24. Sn4chm0

    Spent the day demoing the JH Audio lineup vs my TF10s. Thoughts.

    Lost my TF10s a few weeks ago, need to replace 'em. Spent the day at 32 ohm (Portland audiophiles must go!) checking out the JH offerings (and all the other goodies). Was using foam tips of course, but I held them in place to ensure depth/angle, best I could do. Source was my iPhone 4. JH 5...
  25. maguire

    HELP WHICH IEM'S...JH16 or UM Miracle????

    As the title says....Anyone out there can give some advise please. I like to have some deep bass where appropriate, but not over the top ....if you know what i mean. Also like my high end........ok  not veiled. I Listen to all kinds of Genres. Any advise would be well appreciated guys.