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  1. LarsP

    Schiit Owners Unite

    Both (+ a Wyrd for good measure). I haven't had much time to compare the default tubes with the LISSTs, but as far as I can tell they both are the Schiit!   Now I only wait for my Ether-C to be delivered.
  2. LarsP

    Schiit Owners Unite

    Got my GungnirMB/Mjølnir2-combo yesterday. I can't wait to get back home and play with them. Initial impressions are OUTSTANDING!
  3. LarsP

    MrSpeakers ETHER C Review / Announcement - A New Closed-Back Planar Magnetic Flagship from MrSpeakers

    Just ordered one (together with a Gungnir Multibit and a Mjølnir 2). Looking forward to get a closed back headphone again. When it arrives I'll compare it to the good old LCD-2 (1. rev). :)
  4. LarsP

    MrSpeakers ETHER C Review / Announcement - A New Closed-Back Planar Magnetic Flagship from MrSpeakers

    Can anyone comment on the isolation the Ether C provides? I'm moving away from open headphones as I'm sharing the office with my girlfriend.
  5. LarsP

    Schiit Mjolnir 2 Listening Impressions

    +2    I'm especially interested in how the Ether C is going to perform with the Mjolnir/GungnirMB-combo.
  6. LarsP

    Schiit Gungnir DAC

      Thanks for the advice. :)   I'm probably going the closed headphone route some time in the future anyways, but you never know.
  7. LarsP

    Schiit Gungnir DAC

      I really like my LCD-2's, but I'm probably going to sell them in the future as I've grown tired of the fact they feel like a medieval torture device after a couple of hours. Just a heads up since you are going to use them while working.
  8. LarsP

    Schiit Mjolnir 2 Listening Impressions

    Looking at this amp besides the new Gungnir as an upgrade from my Meier Concerto/StageDAC-combo. Has anyone here done a similar upgrade?
  9. LarsP

    Headphones for metal music - ultimate solution

    TH-900 sounds like a nice alternative as I share the office with my girlfriend.   For amplification, I've been looking at the Audio-gd Master 11, the Sim Audio Moon 430HA and the big Schiit stack (Ygg+Rag). I do however feel that the biggest change in sound signature will come from a new pair...
  10. LarsP

    Headphones for metal music - ultimate solution

    I'm really bad with audiophile lingo, but the main thing I miss compared to my speaker setup is clarity/separation in the mids/highs and the distinct slam I get in the lows/bass (you know when a drummer hits a big tom-tom or bass drum with alot of force).    The rest of my rig consists of...
  11. LarsP

    Headphones for metal music - ultimate solution

    Thanks for the feedback guys. I'm looking to replace my awesome LCD-2s, but I'm not sure what direction I want to go. The only thing I know is that I'm not going to get a LCD-series headphone due to the horrible ergonomics of that series.
  12. LarsP

    Headphones for metal music - ultimate solution

    Have anyone of you metalheads tested the ETHER or the HE-1000 (the impression threads are mostly sentered around classical and so-called "critical listening"-music  )?
  13. LarsP

    MrSpeakers Ether Impressions Thread

    Anyone who has tested the ETHER against the good old LCD-2 (pre-fazor) and/or can give some comments on how the ETHER handles metal/rock music? Thanks in advance. :)
  14. LarsP

    ENIGMAcoustics Dharma

    I surely hope so as this is one of three headphones on my radar (the Ether and HE-1000 are the other two).
  15. LarsP

    CanJam SoCal 2015, March 28-29, 2015

    The Schiit-combo looks huge infront of Jude.    Right now I'm really smitten by the upgrade bug, but I can't decide if should get a new headphone or upgrade my DAC/AMP-combo so I'm more "ready" for a TOTL headphone some time in the future... 
  16. LarsP

    AURALiC owners unite!

      Not strange considering the pricing of the two models (at least here in Norway where the Taurus MKII is priced at $2000 while the 430HA is much more expensive at $4300 (with the included DAC chip)).   I've been looking at the Taurus as a nice upgrade for my Meier Audio Corda Classic, but...
  17. LarsP

    Unique Melody Miracle Review & Impressions Thread

    Any 1964 Ears Quad-owners (or similar) that want to chime in and give some comments on the Miracle's performance compared to the 1964 Ears product?   I really like my Quads, but the seal is "so-and-so" and one of the earpieces has got a loose part, thus making it impossible to use them for...
  18. LarsP

    FiiO E17 "ALPEN" - First Impression + Final Thought

    Will this be a good match with my 1964 Quads? The line out on my laptop at work is broken, so I'm looking for a cheap, but good fix.
  19. LarsP

    Lets Talk Metal

    Quote:   They are probably most famous for "selling out" and appearing on the Eurovision Song Contest.       The guys are really cool tho', met them a couple of times and they've allways been nice and humble.      
  20. LarsP

    Lets Talk Metal

    I've become more and more and fan of Animals as Leaders, an instrumental, progressive metal band from the US. I like the recording/production as well, really clean and good sounding metal.  
  21. LarsP

    Best Drummer's All Time, Past, Present: Let the Beat's Begin!

    I've seen Meshuggah three times live and I must say, Haake is probably the best drummer I've ever seen.
  22. LarsP

    Audeze LCD-2 Orthos

    Got my confirmation mail the 24. of january. Still no word from Audeze. :-\   Quote:  
  23. LarsP

    Headphone Sightings 2

    A female professor at my university is rocking the T1's while she's at the organic chemistry lab. Too bad I'm an analytical chemist.... oil and water. dammit.
  24. LarsP

    Lets Talk Metal

    In the meanwhile, you should check out the Norwegian band Shining.     youtube: Shining - The Madness and the Damage Done
  25. LarsP

    Just bought a pair of T1's. What part of my rig should I look at next?

    Looking at the Audio-gd, I can see two viable models (pure DACs);  NFB-2 NFB-3   Anyone own one of this and paired it with the T1's?