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  1. doping panda

    The Beyerdynamic DT48 Arrives...

    My DT-48S came in today. It's a 5 ohm version, but I don't think it's a Nagra DT-48S though. The cups are entirely silver colored, but the pads and headband are black. It's possible that the pads and the headband may have been replaced though. Does anyone else have a DT-48S similar to mine?  ...
  2. doping panda

    What Speakers Do You Own?

    Dynaudio BM5a is my only pair. I use them as a computer system.
  3. doping panda

    A good year in rock music: 1991....pick your favorite album

    I was really split between Laughing Stock and Loveless. I voted for Laughing Stock because I find myself listening to Talk Talk more than My Bloody Valentine though.
  4. doping panda

    How important is room interaction for speakers?

    This is a simple diagram of my room. There's no actual measurements yet since I don't have a tape measure right now, but I can provide them on Monday or so. I can move my desk back a few feet from the wall so there wouldn't be a problem with having enough room behind the speakers. The speakers...
  5. doping panda

    How important is room interaction for speakers?

    Okay, thanks for the replies everyone. I think I will invest in a pair of speakers after all. Now, I just need to figure out what speakers to get.
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    How important is room interaction for speakers?

    I have been considering buying some nearfield monitors for a few months now. My room has been the single thing preventing me from purchasing a set. My listening environment would be a small, untreated bedroom shared by two people. I don't have measuring tape so I can't provide a precise...
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    The Grado HF-2 Review/Comparison Thread

    I got my HF2s yesterday. Here are my first impressions. The comfort is better than I expected and I have no problems with wearing the HF2s for extended listening sessions. The tonal balance is almost perfect for me. I think if the HF2 was just a bit brighter, then the tonal balance would be...
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    Official HF-2 Serial Number List

    I got number #482 yesterday. I actually forgot that the HF2 didn't come with an 1/4" to 1/8" adapter so I had to rush over to Radioshack to buy one.
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    SRH840 impression

    Quote: Originally Posted by Mink I find them a bit tame and dark and this is coming from someone who is pretty sensitive to bright sounds. The overall sound is comparable to my own (2.5 times cheaper) Audio Technica ATH M40fs's, but darker. Flat response? To my ears the upper...
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    Official HF-2 Serial Number List

    Quote: Originally Posted by Drumonron Any shipping notices since Friday, 9/18/09? As I understood from a Todd announcement, this was the date penciled in for the final shipment. I called Todd earlier last week. He said that if the HF2s didn't ship on Friday, then they would ship...
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    I got the email yesterday as well. I never thought I would ever be so happy about someone charging my debit card. I also called to change the shipping address on my order since I won't be at my apartment for a week and a half. Hopefully, that's sorted out so I just enjoy my HF2s as soon as they...
  12. doping panda

    Any anime series that you've been enjoying?

    That's because Cross Game is good stuff. I stopped watching the anime since I read the manga, but I would definitely be eagerly waiting for each episode if this wasn't the case.
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    My DAC/Amp is underwhelming - Why?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Bmac I don't think my argument is flawed. They previously stated that unless a player or DAC is defective (ie. not enough current, high distortion) they will sound exactly the same, which by their logic means they will measure the same. In their words a...
  14. doping panda

    My DAC/Amp is underwhelming - Why?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Bmac To all those people touting the "measurements" as though they were gospel, can you please show me 5 or 6 examples of DAC's or CD players that all "measure exactly the same" as you claim they do? Preferably spanning a broad range of prices from $100 to...
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    Learning to like AKG and Audio Technica (okay fine i found 3 pairs i kinda like)

    Quote: Originally Posted by daniele_g Sextett: if they don't sound like an open AKG, which I know (guess you're talking about K501÷701), what do they sound like ? ciao daniele The mid production Sextetts have a strong midbass, noticeably more than the HD580. The lower...
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    The Sennheiser HD-600 thread

    Your source and amp probably aren't good enough for the HD600 to shine. The Grados are easier to drive and have a more obvious coloration. The HD600 is a fairly transparent and hard to drive headphone. Its sound will reflect your source more than the Grados will. The HD600 also needs to be...
  17. doping panda

    amp/dac for the denon d7000

    The Pico DAC is an great DAC choice under $400. There's some other great choices in this price range, but most of them are vintage DACs. I haven't heard the D7000 so I'm not going to recommend any amps for them.
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    Review: Jerry Harvey Audio JH13 Pro

    I would like to thank you for writing a wonderful review, Audiofiler. Once I have the money, I'll surely be ordering the JH13 Pros after all.
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    SRH840 impression

    Quote: Originally Posted by AmanGeorge Meh, based on my memory I wouldn't call it totally unfair. I prefer the forwardness of the Shure mids, as well as the fact that it's a little quicker and cleaner with transients. I really doubt that the SRH840 is quicker than a well-amped...
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    Hotaudio DACs - how warm do they sound?

    Quote: Originally Posted by gaplessophile Many posts on this forum seem to indicate that Hotaudio's USB DACs are very warm-sounding. If any owners could further elaborate on this, I'd really appreciate it, since a warm sound is exactly what I'm looking for. What Hotaudio DAC have...
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    Any anime series that you've been enjoying?

    Quote: Originally Posted by 3X0 Monster blew me away. For me, it's by far the best series I've ever watched (and I've watched many very popular ones like Bebop, Trigun, Geass [& R2], Evangelion, Stand Alone Complex [& 2nd GiG], et cetera). I just really dug the pacing, story, and...
  22. doping panda

    Compass vs EF2 vs Pico for Denon AH D2000/D5000

    I can't comment of the ibasso or the EF2 as I have not heard them, but I used to own a Compass and now own a Pico. Now, this is going off from memory so take this for what it's worth. I feel the DAC of the Pico is significantly better than the Compass DAC. Which is the better of the two amps...
  23. doping panda

    Amp/DAC/Both for HD600s

    Quote: Originally Posted by koven I'd go w/ a Pico + EF2.. which cost me about $500. I have no doubts that the Pico destroys the STX. I use my HD580's with this combo and it's simply amazing. I love my Pico as well, but unless you have heard the STX you should probably reserve...
  24. doping panda

    SRH840 impression

    I've been listening to my Shures for a bit the last two days. The sound isolation is actually better than I originally thought it was; once music comes on, most of the traffic noise is actually blocked out, at least at night when there is less traffic. The bass has tightened up a bit to me, but...