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  1. Gothamm

    Magni 3 Impressions

    Completely understandable response. I have double and triple checked that my Mac's volume was at max. I also tried other sources such as my ipad (again, with max volume) and iphone and the issue still persists. This magni 3 is actually a second replacement as the first magni was also...
  2. Gothamm

    Magni 3 Impressions

    Guys, I just got my magni 3 and pairing it with my HD6xx I am very underwhelmed to the point I think there may be an issue with the amp. I am running it straight out of my macbook pro (no dac) with rca adaptor plugs. On high gain I have to crank it all the way to 3 o clock before i get decently...
  3. Gothamm

    LZ-A4 Impressions and Discussion Thread

    Was in the exact same situation as you (got in on those crazy $99 black friday deals a few years back). I still have the and I can say with confidence that these are an upgrade in just about all frequencies, regardless of filter choice.
  4. Gothamm

    LZ-A4 Impressions and Discussion Thread

    Been listening to mine for about 2 weeks now. Judging from the posts, I have to say that the red fronts are criminally underrated. To me they sound so creamy and lush without any harshness while still retaining imaging and resolution. Perfect for an all day listening session. From all the filter...
  5. Gothamm

    Brainwavz Audio B400 4-Way Quad Driver 3D Printed IEM

    Tried these out at CanJam yesterday. I was particularly impressed by the accuracy and quickness of the B400. I will be keeping an eye on these. 
  6. Gothamm

    Ultimate ears 700 vs Triple fi 10 vs Monster Turbine gold pro

    triple.fis are the most technically far.
  7. Gothamm

    Klipsch Image X10 Appreciation Thread

    Quote: its amazing how drastically opinions differ. I find that these are quite the opposite of bright and CERTAINLY not brighter than the's. did you mean to that they weren't bright?
  8. Gothamm

    Shure se530 vs se545...sound quality

    Maybe slightly. And even that is up for debate.
  9. Gothamm

    Confessions of a failing audiophile

    Yeah, don't worry. You are probably in the majority here. Head-fi'ers are a strange bunch. We like to think that a $300 IEM will sound far better than a $30 one, but that is simply not how it works. We are also an extremely gullible audience, with too much money on our hands. We will believe...
  10. Gothamm

    How big of an upgrade over S4s? ~$120-150

    Where did you get the S4's for under $20?   Or did you mean to say the S2s?
  11. Gothamm

    Klipsch Image X10i vs Monster Turbine Pro Copper ( which should I get or trade for)

    If it is an even trade, I personally would not. I feel the MTPC are over rated.      
  12. Gothamm

    Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10 Thread

    Correct. That coupled with the factthat the vi cable is oos everywhere and there's a couple on eBay for $50. Anyone know where I can get vi cables for $20-$30?Ultimate ears official site is oos
  13. Gothamm

    Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10 Thread

    Is it possible to recable the's with the cables of my stock iphone earphones with mic/volume control?
  14. Gothamm

    Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10 Thread

    Ok so my cable has split. Anyone have any luck with UE/logitech sending a replacement cable for a 6 months out of warranty triple fi (brought from the legendary 2009 amazon deal).
  15. Gothamm

    Sennheiser IE7 worth $120? Or go for IE8?

    Quote: Monster is selling the turbines for $39 refurb =/.   New ones go for 60ish? You must be international.
  16. Gothamm

    IE8i's, not so smart remote

    Older gen iPods do not have the hardware support for the remote. You can blame apple for that one.
  17. Gothamm

    Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10 Thread

    Quote:   I agree with everything in this post  
  18. Gothamm

    To the girl I saved from Bose QC3s last night at Best Buy in London!

    imagine if she actually DID visit head-fi and saw this...
  19. Gothamm

    Fake Monster Turbine Pro Copper: Comparing REAL vs FAKE

    one of the most helpful posts i have ever come across. Kudos.
  20. Gothamm

    In your opinion, at which price point do headphones provide the greatest value?

    Quote: I think its a great question. you know, there is such a thing as diminishing returns.
  21. Gothamm

    monster turbine coppers an upgrade over triplefi's?

    Quote: I disagree. To me, the coppers were a clear downgrade. Usually, "sidesteps" are for equal IEMS with a different sound sig.
  22. Gothamm

    Some quick Impressions of the D2000's from a basshead

    for head thumping bass, you can not go wrong with the Beats by Dr. Dre.
  23. Gothamm

    IEM between $40-$75 - basshead

    if you up your budget a little, i can recommend the JH audio JH16. the bass is pretty good.