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  1. Rakooon

    Thanks a lot head-fi.....

    He ! Kinda remind me of myself !Was looking for the best way to spend around 60 or 80 bucks and end up knowing it was possible to spend more then 1k for headphones and stuff ! And believe me , its not over !
  2. Rakooon

    Headphones bulk cables

    Maybe my question was badly asked...... anyway.. Is anybody can confirm if its every kind of "Speaker Cable" with 2 cond. ?? There is too many of em !
  3. Rakooon

    Denon AD2000/5000 vs. JVC Victor DX1000, edit: or HFI-780

    Quote: Originally Posted by mrarroyo Both the Denon D2000/D5000 when modded "a la" MarkL become IMO world class headphones and easily beat the DX1000 and the Sony R10 for that matter. Yes I have compared them side by side. OOOOOOoooooooooh !! What a statement !! Its been a...
  4. Rakooon

    I think my Ultrasone Pro 900 might be faulty

    That's great ! Knowing they wont stay like that, enjoy the uber crazy bass they have while burning in!
  5. Rakooon

    NX03 or Little dot MKVII ??

    I know LDMKVII isn't sold yet but it got me thinking, i was currently saving for a Rudistor NX-03 and i've seen this new little dot amp. What do you guys think ? Personally i doubt MKVII would outperform NX03 (FWIR) but it offer balance output.I've read about balance , but i can't figure the...
  6. Rakooon

    Your first headphones?

    PRO900 ! Fell in love with em ! They're still my favorite though DT990 definitly suit better my favorite genre, trance.
  7. Rakooon

    Something very strange about Grados.

    What can't acces page 7 ?!??!? im a crazy ???
  8. Rakooon

    Something very strange about Grados.

    Quote: Originally Posted by ph0rk The brain's pleasure centers fire up more when the brain "knows" an item costs more. Personally i would agree.Its not all about that, but it has a certain influence.We'll always want to find an improvement in a more expensive phones.This is...
  9. Rakooon

    Does Anyone Like the Ultrasone Pro 900?

    Quote: Originally Posted by HeatFan12 On the money...laid back, but wide.....warm and mellow but with great sound... would compare them more to the D5000s which I love, but less lush....Now that's confusing.. It has its unique sound... IT IS confusing ! I often described them...
  10. Rakooon

    Sennheiser HD595 vs. Denon D1000 vs. Beyerdynamic DT770

    Personally i would forget about HD595.Even more if your looking for bass.IMO they're not very musical headphones.But this is my opinion. If you look some more around i think it would end up D1001 for you. Good luck finding one and welcome to Head-FI !
  11. Rakooon

    Ultrasone Pro 900 vs. Denon AH-D5000

    Quote: Originally Posted by somestranger26 I only own the Pro 900, so I didn't vote on the poll or anything. Just wanted to say that I modded mine and didn't like the mod after a while, they just seem so much more fun to listen to unmodded. If you're talking about Kee's mod, i...
  12. Rakooon

    Aesthetic Phones?

    Quote: Originally Posted by krmathis Lars, you sure have good taste! The SR-007MK2 sure looks nice, and so do the SR-007BL... They look sooo sturdy on the first picture !!Look very pretty that way. Quote: Originally Posted by trigg3rhappy Hmm... I haven't really...
  13. Rakooon

    Help choosing closed headphones.

    Quote: Originally Posted by Ceroth Can you elaborate on why you prefer the golden drivers of Ultrasones? Gold drivers handle high freq better. Better presentation , less fatiguing as it doesn't shrill like titanium's.And to me , differents cymbals and guitars altogether...
  14. Rakooon

    Deathmatch: Beyer880/990 vs. HD600 vs. Denon d2000

    Quote: Originally Posted by Jdmhood hmm.. How does this always happen?? I intended to buy something at this price point but I always head into the next price gap. I've looked at the beyer 880 600ohm. Do they provide a significant improvement over the 32 or 250ohm dt880? These 600 ohm...
  15. Rakooon

    HD800 vs. Koss Porta Pro

    Is there something i should know about koss ?????
  16. Rakooon

    Something very strange about Grados.

    Quote: Originally Posted by BigTony The 'SQ' vs 'Cost' argumemt can rage eternally - basically we buy what we like, and justify the expense. Question Settled !
  17. Rakooon

    My journeys at an end.. (or so I thought..)

    I dont know if i'll ever get to that point !! But that's great for you ! Happy for you !
  18. Rakooon

    Beats By Dre? Anything better for $350?

    Quote: Originally Posted by moonboy403 I regret missing out on aduditioning the Beats at Canjam... Dre Beats at CamJam ?? You're kidding right ?
  19. Rakooon

    Full-size woodies w/ biocellulose drivers from Fostex?!

    Oh men ... I've just notice that this whole story goes back to 2007 !!! I thought i was reading some crazy scoop !! Very interesting thread anyway. I'd too would like to know about this groupbuy ??
  20. Rakooon

    SkullCandy's Or WeSC's?

    Quote: Originally Posted by KONAKONA EDIT: Yeah watch the age discrimination bit, Ishcabible is 14 last I checked and he is more mature than some of the much older people around here (You know who you are). Oh, I'm 16 myself. this guy is 14 ?!?! Wow ! Would never guessed...
  21. Rakooon

    SkullCandy's Or WeSC's?

    Again, with musical preferences we could point you straight what would be a good selection for you to investigate ! And welcome to Head-Fi ! By the way, i kinda own a TI model from skullcandy , and all i can say is, if its for something else then rock/punk and related , just FORGET IT ! IMO...
  22. Rakooon

    Introducing Lawton Audio-- Denon Mods, Re-Cables, Woodies & More.

    Really ?? Euh ... If you've clearly been trying to reply to and it didn't work, then try (yeah im serious !) Thx !!
  23. Rakooon

    Introducing Lawton Audio-- Denon Mods, Re-Cables, Woodies & More.

    Sorry to bust in ... I just want to know if my 2 mails have reach you Mark ?! Never had any answer. In name of A.Robert. You wanted some more info since my first demand. Thx !
  24. Rakooon

    ultrasone hfi-780 or denon d2000?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Oggranak I'm sure either one will work for you. Of course ! I think you should'n worry too much about making the wrong choice. Dont expect to find THE review or THE opinion that will settle the decision. As long as you read , as long as you'll get...
  25. Rakooon

    Best options for DJing Trance/Electronic music in a club environment?

    RP-DH1200 are knowed to be heavy on head. Dont know if its an issue. ..... And Tiesto's using Stanton 2000 Pro. I had these for a long time , listening only trance and used em a couple of time for DJing and even in loud environnement they isolate pretty well.Never had probleme this way.