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Woo Audio Amp Owner Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by dannie01, Jun 9, 2009.
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  1. kartikey
    Hi Guys, need some help with getting tubes for my new WA22. I recently purchased the TS5998 and found them increasing the bass. Super cool. For the driver tubes, I got advice to buy ECC35 but they are too expensive on eBay. I am looking for the next best alternative to give deeper bass if possible. I have considered psvane CV 181 T-2. Read in some other threads Shuguang doesn't resolve well. Any other options or psvane is my only upgrade option within the budget of not spending 300+ on a pair of drivers?
  2. attmci
    Nope. You need upgraded tubes. Probably the driver and rectifier tubes first.
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  3. pippen99
    Agreed. Although I would put upgrading power tubes ahead of rectifiers.
  4. ahossam
    Is sophia mesh plate tubes good enough for a start?
  5. pippen99
    Yes to the 274b rectifiers. I would hold out for the Royal Princess 300B if you were set on Sophia.
  6. ahossam
    What do you mean? should I get Royal Princess 300B instead of 300B Sophia Mesh Plate?

    Sorry english is not my native language.
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2019
  7. JLoud
    The Emission Labs 300B tubes are nice. I am running them and Emission 5U4G mesh rectifiers. Sound very nice.
  8. ahossam
    Yes, they are on my list too, how do you compare them to Sophia tubes?
  9. JLoud
    I've only listened briefly to the Sophia tubes at a Head-Fi meet. But compared to the Brimar and Treasure tubes the Emissions seemed to have a bigger sound stage and more natural timbre. I've used them on a couple of Woo amps and have been very happy. If you shop around they can be found for about $700 a pair. I think I had $1500 total in a pair of 300B and 5U4G with shipping.
  10. pippen99
    The Princess 300B was what I had in my WA5 while I had it. I was very satisfied with their performance.
  11. reeltime
    I'm not a huge fan of the Sophia sound. I wouldn't bother with the regular princess, I'd opt for the EMLs as an entry level tube and step up from there. The EMLs will last a long time, I ran mine for years and I still sold them for a reasonable price.

    The Takatsuki is still the top tube for this amp (both rectifier and power), pending the arrival of the new Western Electric 300B sometime this year or next. It's the only tube on the horizon that could potentially give the Taks a run for their money.

    I was a huge fan of the Elrog sound, just as good as the Taks to my ears, but one of my version 1 300Bs blew at 13 months (like many others), one month out of warranty and Elrog didn't honor it, so when the redesign came out (presumably a model that wouldn't blow up after a year) I passed on them. Fool me once. I replaced the Elrogs with the Tak 300B.

    I'm still running 1957 GZ34 matched pair for rectifiers. I love the richness they provide. They aren't flashy or pretty, but the sound is top-grade, better than the EML, in my opinion.

    I will someday try Taks for 274 rectifiers, but I'm happy with where the sound is and feel no need to upgrade.

    Driver tubes-- I've tried a bunch. I've been on Tung Sol round plate 6SN7s for a long time. A bad pair of drivers is instantly recognizable and harsh. A good pair of any brand will do the job well and you'll know when you've got a decent pair.

    Hope that helps.
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  12. attmci
    The price of WE422A are very reasonable now.
  13. isquirrel
    Thought I would give everyone an update on the Elrog new production Tubes.

    I am running the 300B and 274B. I have gone back and forth trying out different combinations and come to the conclusion that the Elrog's are the best tube IMHO. The reliability issues have been fixed and mine have well over 2,000 hours on them and they still sound as strong as the day they went in. The new Elrog 274B rectifier is faster and more transparent than the Takatsuki and has excellent bass response. The build quality is superb. I find the combination better than any other, I spend 50% of my time listening to the Stax 009S and 50% listening to the new Abyss TC which is totally different to previous versions.

    I have hundreds of NOS valves all of them in great condition, if anyone needs 6SN7's I think I have just about every variety. Tung Sol Black Bases, Sylvannia Bad Boys and metal bases. I also have some Matched pairs of Mulard metal base GZ34 1956 & 1957 production. I also have some original WE 300B's and 274B's
  14. reeltime
    I'm glad you're having luck with them. I refuse to support a company that sends out an $1100 dollar product that they know has a design flaw, only to tell its users, "Sorry about that, the new ones are much better, we promise, now if you'll just hand over that credit card info again..."

    Nope. No thanks.
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  15. isquirrel
    Well call me silly then, however the SQ makes them special enough to warranty giving them another go.

    In fact to be particular, its not even the same company it was bought by Thomas Mayer who redesigned the production process.
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2019
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